The Zelda Reverse Engineering Team has published a PC port for nearly 25-year-old Zelda: Ocarina of Time, as PC Gamer reports. Your version is called “Ship of Harkinian” and is located in a legal gray z1. For the Zelda brand of course belongs Nintendo and there is usually not enthusiastic when fans convert the brands and therefore proceeded legally against such projects in the past. Therefore, the developers do not publish their port as a complete package, but ask the players to organize certain basic data themselves. Subsequently, these assets are combined with the PC port. As a result, the makers hope to avoid problems with Nintendo.

The Legend of Zelda - Ocarina of Time has been FULLY decompiled | MVG

The possibility to play old N64 games on the PC is in principle not new and works with emulators for years. However, Ship of Harkinian stands out with its variety of features and continuous support. Thus, HD graphics and a widescreen option are already implemented, but also keyboard and controller support the port already offers. Even the vibration function and the gyroscope of the controller are used. Exciting can also be the implemented mod support here, but the developers are far from finished. In the future, the port is to offer 60 fps, text-to-speech, HD models, as well as Linux and Mac support to name only a few of the planned features. In a YouTube video, the Zelda Reverse Engineering Team presented the project and towards the end also shown first shots from the port.