Returnal was released last year exclusively for PlayStation 5 and was met with a wide criticism. Sophisticated gameplay made a game of fun, and sometimes disappointing. Now, after almost a year after the initial release of the game, it will receive a free update, known as Returnal Ascension. That’s all we know about it.

Return Free Update for Returnal Announced on PlayStation State of Play in March 2022, which adds more content to the game. The most important thing is added with the update, it’s new survival mode . In this mode, you will go to an endless tower, known as the Sisif Tower, in which you fight the waves of enemies, climbing higher and higher. The update gets its name in this mode when you try to break up the tower and strive for ascension.

Another important feature added with the update is Joint Campaign . Now players can connect with another player To try to survive the enemies of Atropos. This cooperative mode will be limited to the online mode, so the local cooperative via the divided screen will be unavailable. In the Sisif Tower, added in this update, can not be played in the cooperative.

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You can check the RETURNAL ASCENSION update trailer shown on the PlayStation State of Play for March 2022 below:

Players interested in testing a new update can do it for free when the update will be released on March 22, 2022.

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