Destiny 2: Queen Witch is almost here. Bungie ensures that it is the beginning of the end of the light saga and darkness.

There are a lot of news to wait, including a new destination, changes to subclasses, a new incursion, legendary difficulty for the campaign and more.

However, part of the content will also disappear, at least for a while. The renegade campaign and most of the season content of the year 4, for example.

On this page you will find:

  • When does Destiny 2 maintenance begin?
  • Destiny launch time 2: The queen witch

When does Destiny 2 maintenance begin?

The maintenance of Destiny 2 will start about 15 hours before the launch of Queen Witch, which will fall on Monday, February 21 if you live in America or early Tuesday, February 22, if you live in Europe.

The maintenance of Destiny 2 will begin at this time:

  • Spain Peninsular and Europe: 3:45 AM (CET, Tuesday)
  • Canary Islands and UK: 2:45 am (GMT, Tuesday)
  • Costa this USA: 9.45pm (EST, Monday)
  • West coast USA: 6:45 pm (PST, Monday)

Destiny 2 will be available again when the Expansion The Witch Queen is launched (we indicate when in the next section).

Meanwhile, the Update The Witch Queen will be launched, which will allow you to start the download before the launch. Keep in mind that if you play on PS4 you will have to re-download Destiny 2 entire. Again, if you play in Google Stadia you will not have to download anything, as is usual.

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen - Launch Trailer

Launch time of Destiny 2: The Queen Witch

The Destiny Launch Date: Queen Bruja is on Tuesday, February 22 and will be available at the usual restart time:

  • Peninsular Spain and Europe: 6pm (CET)
  • Canary Islands and UK: 5pm (GMT)
  • Costa East USA: 12pm (EST)
  • West coast USA: 9am (PST)

As has happened in previous expansions, you will probably enter a queue as soon as you try to enter and you will possibly find connection problems during the first hours.

If this happens, wait on Wednesday, that things will surely have already calmed down.