Far from taking by (bad) his community in full Blizzcon as with Diablo Immortal, Blizzard had announced the color for a while: a Warcraft game was going to be revealed on mobile. And Warcraft Arclight Rumble looks like what everyone could have imagined without forcing their imagination too much, namely a cartoon strategy game which comes to horn in front of the Supercell garden by making big gestures a little annoying.

Expected this year on iOS and Android, Warcraft Arclight Rumble therefore relies on the popular universe of Warcraft and invites us to lift armies made up of heroes and badly recognizable deductibles to make them compete in the form in the form Collecting figurines. More than 65 characters will be represented as part of a solo campaign comprising more than 70 missions. You will have to start by raising resources to fill up with gold and capturing strategic points to bring your troops closer to the lens. The multiplayer is obviously the game with cooperation missions (such as raids), a competitive player against player and a guild system.

Embodied by characters like Gromash Hurlenfer and Jaina Portvaillant, the chiefs of the armies are distinguished by special capacities. Each mission of the campaign presents a strategic challenge to be resolved and the experience won after a battle will make it possible to raise its figurines in terms of level and to unlock new talents. Once experienced to mechanics, players will be able to embark on dungeons offering a variety of consecutive challenges.

Without even bothering to mention the economic model as the answer seems obvious, Blizzard promises a not too stingy game whose users will regularly receive currency in play. “ More information on the shop in play, such as content and Prices will be available later “, as often with mobile games.

Warcraft Arclight Rumble offers the kind of experience that we always strive to design at Blizzard. The game is fun up from the start, and remains rich and gratifying over time. We are particularly proud to offer an authentic and unprecedented version of Warcraft On mobile and we can’t wait for the players and players to get into this happy chaos “, rejoices Mike Ybarra, president of Blizzard.

The most curious can go to the official game website to learn more but also join the future beta.



WARCRAFT ARCLIGHT Rumble – Cinematic trailer