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“PS5 defective,” PS4, continues in 2022

Due to lack of PS5 supply volume, Sony plans to produce PS4 in 2022.

12 days, according to the contents of overseas media Bloomberg through the Sony official, PS4 plans to produce more than 1 million in 2022. Sony has not officially announced on PS4’s discontinued, but it was originally planning to stop production in the end of 2021.

For reasons for Sony to take the strategy, the semiconductor tribe caused by corona 19 is considered the greatest cause. Original Sony introduced PS5 on November 20, 20, and took a next-generation console-based management strategy. However, due to the semiconductor tribal phenomenon, the supply is not supplied in Japan where the headquarters is located in Japan, and it is not easy to see the device unless it does not pay ‘smile’ in Korea. Therefore, Sony is a simple manufacturing process than PS5, and the margin rate is high, and the price of the price is planned to produce the low PS4.


The PS4 released in November 2013, based on September 30, 2022, the shipments of 170 million shipments. PS2 is the largest amount of console devices released by Sony after release. PS4 sold 5.3 million units in three months after launch, and sales volume increased by 1.8.5 million in January 2015 and sales volume increased rapidly.

Currently, after 9 years of release, PS5, which is a subsequent device, while shipments and sales volume are continuing, but in 2022, PS4 is still adhered to actively seats.

FC Schalke 04 announces new bond

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon is a tactical shooter computer game developed by Red Tornado Entertainment and released by FBI Soft in 2001 for Microsoft Windows. It was ported to macOS, PlayStation 2 and also Xbox in 2002 as well as to the Gamete in 2003. Ports for N-Gage and also Video Game Boy Advancement were prepared, however later on terminated. Unlike Clancy’s various other tactical shooter collection, Rainbow Six, Ghost Reconnaissance is not based upon any one of his books.
With Each Other with Rainbow Six, SWAT 3, as well as Operation Flash point, game industry professionals typically credit rating Ghost Recon with defining and improving the tactical shooter category. Ghost Recon’s success has actually spawned 2 expansion packs, Desert Siege and Island Thunder, in addition to various sequels for video game consoles and also the PC.

2 Millionen Ablöse: Besiktas will Bozdogan fest verpflichten! | S04 NEWS

Football second division Schalke 04 will spend a new million bonds in the spring of 2022. This was announced by the club on Tuesday.

With a volume of up to €34,107 million, it should serve at the same amount for the premature refinancing of the previous bond (2016/2023).

The creditors of this bond should receive a conversion offer, further details, timetables and the conditions are announced in the coming weeks.

At the heart, it is about the refinancing of the 2016/2023 bond, which is due in a good one and a half years, said Christina Rühl-Hamers, proceedings Finance, staff and law: The volume of 34.1 million euros is a big chunk, we want to tackle at an early stage and strategically.

FC Schalke 04: Do not attach

The restructuring of financial liabilities is a process, the step by step has to go out. Contributing to an increase in financial liabilities are not appropriate: As in the past, we will not exceed the brand of 50 million euros bond volume of a total of 50 million euros.

With exchange and recording offering, at least a low double-digit million amounts should be collected. We as board have announced that the members and fans transparently explain the steps in a better financial and economic future, said Rühl-Hamers: That’s why it’s important to us to inform about our decision for another bond early.

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