Raven software prepares the large Mid Season Update for Call of Duty Warzone . The new patch is expected for the coming week. In the run-up to the update, the developers indicate a very important change that could be accompanied by the patch. In a current Twitter article, ask the community whether you should raise the health values ​​in classic Battle-Royale modes . Players can thus currently tune as to whether the HP values ​​are to rise from 100 to 150 . That would be a change of 50 percent, whereby your character could cause more damage than before.

“Should we raise the underlying?”

“Would you prefer to maintain or increase the current HP value in Battle Royale, matching Vanguard Royale?”, Ask developers on Twitter. In the integrated tweet, you can currently vote whether the health values ​​should rise or should stay as they are. “We want your feedback as we work on the ultimate battle-royal experience for the Season 2 Reloaded in Warzone,” complete the developers.

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It is believed that the result from the survey could be implemented directly with the upcoming update: Season 2 Reloaded should go live in the coming week. A look at the level of the survey shows: Currently more than 72 percent of the now almost 65,000 participants that the health is raised in Warzone-BR. Even until this evening is time to participate in voting. At the beginning of March, the makers already screwed on the basic health value at Vanguard Royale \ – also from 100 to 150.

From David Martin
17.03.2022 at 12:13