In the “Valkyria Chronicles 4”, there was a scene to break through force a winter of snow-covered mountains. Troops became were scattered in response to the Imperial Army of the raid, it will be forced to more than snow mountain in not Seiwa nor goods equipment. Winter natural for the military threat that must not underestimate the absolute, Napoleon troops invaded in severe winter of Russia was born the word “Old Man Winter” from the Russian campaign of 1812 was devastating. In Russian folklore have even a fierce cold wave from the old to the old man with a cane called “Jedomarosu”, has become a motif of the snowstorm of witch Cry Maria in the “war Val 4”.

Speaking of winter march in Japan, it will include Hakkoda distress incident of 1902 also became famous in the movie. Although this was also drills a pair against Russia, to the catastrophe that 199 people out of the participants 210 people are involved in white-out and frigid to death. As a lesson that shows how is forced in the snow danger, has been now also still handed down. Every year is what comes out is the topic of this hand if in winter, in fact what it is or will happen.


This is how the white-out, which was taken last year in Akita. Fine snow is wound up, which piled up along with the intense snowstorm, it is a phenomenon that took the view as fog. Even no longer visible object of a few meters away, not even such as know the worst hand of the former, it will become a state, such as those suddenly blindfolded. In 2019 there is also a case that has been discovered bodies were frozen to death outside the front door of the house, is very dangerous to lose sight of the current position if move around to the poor. To secure a place to carry us for the wind before being caught, if possible, it is better to wait patiently for the fit. There is also a way that surpasses making Kamakura-shaped hole in the snow emergency means.

To forcibly move through the white-out horribly best to get lost in more than exhaustion of body temperature, it is more likely to cause a panic. Humans sense of direction by sight, but has maintained a sense of balance, close their and lose the object that will be the reference by the white-out, from the contradiction that can not be obtained the information to have eyes open, a simple eye It attacked the strong anxiety over.

Here, is a big pitfall is to act thought I’d hit somewhere if straight go. Human beings can not walk straight in a state in which there is no vision, there is a habit that would turn always left or right. Then, a phenomenon that you would go back in a circle, but it should went straight to the first place “ring-shaped wandering (ring Van der ring)”, it is cornered in a more spiritual. Distress of Hakkoda also, it is said that one of the causes is ring-shaped wandering by the white-out.

# Hypothermia

It is often said the “die After sleeping in the snow-covered mountains,” but this alone will take also as “YES”, “NO”. If you strictly, in the correct answer is “sleep in hypothermia = die and lose consciousness”, if sufficient protection against the cold is ensured, it is effective as a means to take sleep for physical preservation.

Winter is or is insufficient, when the clothes are wet with water, it falls into can not maintaining body temperature, “hypothermia”. Since the speed to be deprived of its own calorific value of the heat exceeds, decrease of physical strength below the 36 degrees necessary to sustain life, clouding of consciousness, and reached a final death. Since a factor to lower the body temperature to directly opening the snow and retail when thirsty, you drink that warm in the sure fire.

When it first appears go cold than the trembling of the body, consciousness symptoms that it becomes sleepy thinner appears. It is often thought to be due to fatigue, but when would lose to sleepiness in this state, lowering of the body temperature will be further accelerated, after is a straight line up to cardiopulmonary arrest. “Die After sleeping” is not pointing to the fact of this situation, or take a hand to prevent as soon as possible decrease in body temperature, it is not only give up so that it does not become impossible if fall together.

In disturbance of consciousness The trouble is occurring in the hypothermia than die as sleep, also often can cause visual hallucinations and confusion. At that the conspicuously strange Among the “contradiction undressing”, there are cases where bodies are found in a state in which the shed all the clothes in spite of the frigid state.

The human body as a means of resisting against hypothermia, there is work to increase the urgency to calorific value. When you experience it in a state in which the function of the brain is weak, the is no longer help but take off the clothes and illusion as suddenly became hot. And this contradiction undressing has been confirmed in the former Soviet Union Diatorofu Pass distress incident, there is a scene to take off the clothes and confusion personnel even movie “Hakkoda”. Taking the case was dared actually in Hakkoda, I am surprised because say to have been prepared for the freeze to death also actors.

White-out anyway, always one of the danger to be careful in the hypothermia is climbing not only in the winter. Guests can suddenly chilly in the sudden change in the weather, if spend the night while clothes were wet in the river and rain that lose their lives even in midsummer is obtained there is plenty. In July 2009 Tomuraushi mountain distress accident, eight of the climbing group that wet the equipment in the heavy rain has died of hypothermia. As expressed even “Disaster Report 2”, Remember When is possible to prevent the wet and the wind is a priority than the forced break.

Although the matter how harsh survival ranger troops have passed through the training, in no satisfactory supply, it to break through without dropouts it will was not easy. Without a special that march environment, such as the bathroom of heat shock, lurking in the winter of danger to a familiar place. Please spend the winter be careful so that also personal belongings of the people not only their own not taken a life in the “Old Man Winter”.