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The new city in Tower of Fantasy has a dark tale for you

At Gamescom 2022 we meet the developers from the new anime MMORPTOWER of fantasy and figure out a few unique information. They disclose information on the material of the upcoming update , To name a few things, the dark lore to the new city.

The Vera update is to be the very first extension of Tower of Fantasy. You get in a desert landscape as well as can uncover brand-new material there. There will certainly additionally be a new city where the major tale proceeds.

brand-new details regarding Mirroria City

We also find out the history to the brand-new city of Mirroria City. Considering that the desert is not habitable, mostly all residents of the brand-new area live in the cyberpunk city.

The city hovers airborne as well as has the form of a pyramid. From the outdoors, Mirroria City is totally wrapped up by planetary systems that create inside streams. However, this makes it completely dark. Only the numerous neon indicators and also lanterns light up the timeless night.

Culture is separated right into 3 classes in Mirroria City. Rich, facility and also midtown. The abundant reside in Uptown, the poor in midtown. The look of the city is likewise adapted to the homeowners of the particular district. Means: Uptown goes over, modern as well as lovely, while downtown looks rather overlooked.

_ Hier you can see the trailer for the update: _

What is still brand-new? Furthermore, the programmers disclose previously unknown details regarding the upgrade:

  • A brand-new globe boss is a metal reindeer that births the name Rudolph. He fights with volt and also fire attacks.
  • There will certainly be a new character with the expansion that you can pull. So you get a benefit in the gacha system.

When is the release? Vera will be released this year. When specifically, the programmers do not expose us.

What do you say regarding the brand-new details? Are you expecting the Vera growth in Tower of Fantasy? Do you already play the MMORPG as well as perhaps even pulled amazing SSR numbers? Or are gacha video games not for you? Please write it in the comments right here on meinmmo!

Tower of Fantasy: 7 points you ought to do every day so as not to miss out on a reward

When is the launch? Vera will be launched this year.

At Gamescom 2022 we satisfy the programmers from the brand-new anime MMORPTOWER of fantasy and locate out a couple of special information. They disclose information on the material of the upcoming update , Amongst other things, the dark tradition to the new city.

BLOODSTAINED: ROTN The Kaze no Tabi Vito collaboration area will appear in the next update!

505 Games has announced that ARTPLAY’s Metroidvania’s Bloodstated: Ritual of the Night will have a collaboration update with Thatgamecompany’s Kaze no Tabito .

In this update, an underpass inspired by the world view and design of Kaze no Tabi Bit appeared. The player will use the abilities of the search and the Shard to pass through the labyrinth and challenge the final difficulty, the Guardian. If you can survive, you can receive special equipment related to Kaze no Tabi Bit.

Kaze no Tabi Bit (JOURNEY) Boss Area unlock

If you release the Gebel and unlock the giant beast district, you will find an entrance to the underpass. The place where the entrance is displayed is displayed on the map inside the castle (not in the giant beast district). When you head to the highlighted location on the map, there is an entrance inside.


  • Because it is a new hidden area, it does not affect the achievement rate or achievement of the map.

1.4 Notice of update

This update includes the following bug fixes and additional updates.

  • The new playable area explored by Miriam is produced based on the popular title Journey by Thatgamecompany, which has been well received, and has new items equipped with unique boss battles and Miriam. It is prepared.

  • If the option is not changed with a randomizer, modify the defect that the save room and warp room are randomized.

  • Fixed time display defects in the Nintendo Switch version

  • In the setting of the custom controller, modify the defect that the displayed command is not updated

  • Fix general defects

The collaboration update of Bloodstated: Ritual of the Night and Windno Tabi Bit will be distributed on August 23, local time.

Scarlet Nexus: Free companion and new difficulty added

Anyone who wants to enjoy the story of Scarlet Nexus and would like to face a few challenges, which can now try the new level of difficulty “very easy”, which has now been added to a new update.

In addition, Bandai Namco Entertainment with the update adds the lovable companion Hootle and other elements (Attachments and a sword) from the game Tales of Arise.

SCARLET NEXUS - Free Patch Update ver.1.08
The publisher finally announced that will soon publish a new demo of Scarlet Nexus.
With the new demo, the first chapters should be playable and the progress achieved in it can be taken over after the purchase in the main game.

Call of Duty Warzone: Health values should increase vigorously with update

Raven software prepares the large Mid Season Update for Call of Duty Warzone . The new patch is expected for the coming week. In the run-up to the update, the developers indicate a very important change that could be accompanied by the patch. In a current Twitter article, ask the community whether you should raise the health values ​​in classic Battle-Royale modes . Players can thus currently tune as to whether the HP values ​​are to rise from 100 to 150 . That would be a change of 50 percent, whereby your character could cause more damage than before.

“Should we raise the underlying?”

“Would you prefer to maintain or increase the current HP value in Battle Royale, matching Vanguard Royale?”, Ask developers on Twitter. In the integrated tweet, you can currently vote whether the health values ​​should rise or should stay as they are. “We want your feedback as we work on the ultimate battle-royal experience for the Season 2 Reloaded in Warzone,” complete the developers.

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New Call of Duty announced! But not, like her thinks…

Activision Blizzard has now indirectly announced a new game of Shooter Call of Duty’s Shooter Series. PC PS4 XBO 0

Call of Duty Warzone: New Update is there – patch fixes unfair Perk-Glitch

Raven Software releases a new update for Call of Duty Warzone as a download. Here you can learn what changes with the patch.

Players demand higher health value

WARZONE: Raven Reveals The NEW UPDATE! (New Changes, Vanguard Tuning Preview, & More)

It is believed that the result from the survey could be implemented directly with the upcoming update: Season 2 Reloaded should go live in the coming week. A look at the level of the survey shows: Currently more than 72 percent of the now almost 65,000 participants that the health is raised in Warzone-BR. Even until this evening is time to participate in voting. At the beginning of March, the makers already screwed on the basic health value at Vanguard Royale \ – also from 100 to 150.

From David Martin
17.03.2022 at 12:13

What is a refundable ascension and what does it include?

Returnal was released last year exclusively for PlayStation 5 and was met with a wide criticism. Sophisticated gameplay made a game of fun, and sometimes disappointing. Now, after almost a year after the initial release of the game, it will receive a free update, known as Returnal Ascension. That’s all we know about it.

Return Free Update for Returnal Announced on PlayStation State of Play in March 2022, which adds more content to the game. The most important thing is added with the update, it’s new survival mode . In this mode, you will go to an endless tower, known as the Sisif Tower, in which you fight the waves of enemies, climbing higher and higher. The update gets its name in this mode when you try to break up the tower and strive for ascension.

Another important feature added with the update is Joint Campaign . Now players can connect with another player To try to survive the enemies of Atropos. This cooperative mode will be limited to the online mode, so the local cooperative via the divided screen will be unavailable. In the Sisif Tower, added in this update, can not be played in the cooperative.

Ascension Review - with Tom Vasel

You can check the RETURNAL ASCENSION update trailer shown on the PlayStation State of Play for March 2022 below:

Players interested in testing a new update can do it for free when the update will be released on March 22, 2022.

To learn more about Returnal, check out Returnal | How many bosses right here in Pro Game Guides.

COD Vanguard brings disappointing Mid Season

The Mid-Season Update of Call of Duty: Vanguard was published without excellent announcements.

That’s the circumstance:

The Mid-Season Update of Call of Duty: Lead was published without great news. What does the update? Material there are quasi just for zombie mode. As discussed, there is no brand-new web content away from the new device pistol. @ Patrickwantsout on Twitter: I can not play.

Exactly how huge is the update? It sticks to limitations — you only need regarding the 5 GB of memory.

These were one of the most essential modifications in Lead to the Mid-Season. You will certainly discover them below (by means of if you want to take an appearance at the English patch notes.

Next, we show you the most crucial modifications of the patch notes in German:.

  • New Stalingrad Area.
  • By Listing’s Office — a new location.
  • New void mode.
  • The Map Shi No NUMA can be played as a survival mission.
  • Through a site in Checklist’s Office comes to your brand-new goal.
  • You need to survive 3 rounds with countless zombie hordes.
  • After the 3 laps all players obtain 5,000 perk essence.
  • Develops her 12 lap, your perks go on a fatality only on animal 2.
  • Load A-Punch maker in space readily available.
  • After 3 laps, gamers can get back to Stalingrad.
  • Tome of rituals.

For victim hearts, your artifacts can now be enhanced.
All artifacts have 4 steps with strong benefits.
Pack A-Punch.
From Level 3, the tools now have unique skins.
Insert check in zombie mode available.
Held secures the shield from damages from the front, on the back he secures from behind.
War machine and the fatality brewers are now available in Zombies.

There are occasionally voices for web content, however especially missing Nerfs in Shotguns and issues with the Camouflage challenges are frequently called.

  • M1 Grand — Aficionado .
  • Decrease minimized.
  • Kind 99 — Buff .
  • Cups (flinch) reduced when targeting.
  • Lower Angel Time.
  • One-shot eliminates with upper body stands also with smaller sized quality.
  • 3 line rifle — Enthusiast .
  • Lower Angel Time.
  • KAR98K — Aficionado .
  • One-shot eliminates with chest stands also with smaller sized quality.

There are additionally some players that grumble concerning missing strategies for their tools and lots of blog posts with screenshots that show that Vanguard does not begin after the update.

What players state to the update? Check out the very first responses to Twitter or Reddit, after that the reduced material thickness in multiplayer is not in the foreground for many gamers.

COD VANGUARD: UPDATE 1.10 — Spot Notes.

  • Stuns Grenada — Nerf .
  • Damage in hardcore mode lowered.

  • Time of the stunning impact minimized.
  • Fire greats — Nerf .
  • Damages was decreased.
  • Mörserfeuer — Nerf .
  • Period shortened.
  • Fewer grenades per insert.
  • Resolving issues with the placement.
  • Surprised — Nerf .
  • Little hold-up placed until you obtain the optical signal.
  • Resistance to fire of grenades.
  • Schultz even prior to brand ammunition and Flammnaut assaults.
  • strengthened — aficionado .
  • Inbound fire damage lowered by 30%.
  • More security against surge damage.

There were adjustments for equipment, advantages as well as kill streaks:.

Multiplayer: Mid-Season brings tool — or else Bug fixes & Equilibrium updates.

  • Begun activation .
  • Multiplayer: reach 15 times 10 wipes in a suit with maker weapons while using the target device.
  • Zombies: Land 5 rapid essential kills with Gatling gun in sequence in 50 different portal objectives.

Zombie mode: New survival goal brings popular technicians.

The initial impression is as necessary rather negative. We are additionally satisfied to learn more regarding your ideas on the update in the comments. Extra information concerning Lead is here: COD Vanguard perplexed fans with anime-crossover — just a second world war kind of cosplay plays.

  • Season components of Call of Duty usually can be found in 2 phases: a large momentum web content to the Season Start and also a second fee with web content to the mid-season.
  • Prior to the respective updates, we obtain info about brand-new content in the form of a blog including roadmap.
  • This time around there were not this pre-information and also now it appears clear why: Multiplayer setting goes to the MID Season 1 quasi totally empty.

  • @CodwarfareForum on Twitter: We have been awaiting the 1.5 update for 2 months, and also it’s the paralyzed mid-season update considering that the beginning of the Seasons..

  • AssumtionsQuare7400 on Reddit: No Nerf for Double barrel or Campus? Should be a joke..
  • @ Patrickwantsout on Twitter: I can not play. Game accidents after the update regularly. Might not remember that I was really looking ahead to the update..

What concerning War zone? The Mid-Season in complimentary Fight Royale makes a little wait a while, yet ought to come with the most up to date tomorrow, on January 13 (Via Twitter).

What alters in zombie mode? The coop mode of COD Vanguard comes a bit much better away, leads his story as well as gets new gameplay auto mechanics:.

When is the update? The Mid-Season Update is already online, and also you can download and install the spot at any moment.

Multiplayer fans are nearly empty. There is just one brand-new tool on brand-new material — the MP Begun. Or else, the modifications are limited to bug fixes and equilibrium changes.

Missing Nerfs in the multiplayer further an issue.

What does the update? Web content there are quasi only for zombie mode. The story is proceeded, and a new survival setting can be started by means of the head office in Stalingrad.

What is transforming in multiplayer? As stated, there is no new material away from the new machine pistol. You get the Begun:.

  • Stability .
  • Resources for Package Burst gotten rid of during the suits.
  • Several reasons for a video game collision removed in multiplayer.
  • Controller mistake for gamers with computer mouse & key-board taken care of.
  • spawns .
  • Revision of generate reasoning for small cards with several players.
  • Generate revised in control mode.
  • Domination spawns enhanced to dome.
  • Defense .
  • Different Camouflage difficulties fixed.
  • Katina activation repaired.
  • Three line gun is now refilled with ZF4 3.5 x visor.
  • Other difficulties as well as weapons construction strategies.
  • Maps .
  • Dealt with collision problems on various maps.
  • Destructible items on all maps extensively changed.

For this there were smaller changes as well as renovations in the food selection. Allow’s obtain to the balance modifications in the tools:.

Craftopia Update 1239 PatchNotizen Carlos Hurtado

The Pro-Evolution Football collection (typically understood just per EVE or PES), known in Japan as Winning Eleven, is a INAMI collection of football simulations that appear for several video game consoles and also the PC. It has actually existed considering that 1995 with the publication of Winning Eleven. Given that then, a new concern of the game shows up annually. The current variation (Football PES 2021 Season Update) has been released on 15 September 2020 for PC and also numerous gaming consoles. Pro Advancement Football, unlike the instant competitor of the FIFA series, has less licensing legal rights as well as therefore less initial names of the teams, players and stadiums, yet according to the objection of several journals represents the extra reasonable as well as tactically sophisticated football game.

Update 1239 has arrived for Creighton, and here is a list of all changes and fixes added to this patch. Creighton is what you would call a copy of Breath of the Wild at first glance, but many players found it differently. This open-world title mixes many mechanics and features that are found in other genres. Players can explore, hunt, collect food and even connect other players with their adventures. Everything is new with Creighton Update 1239.

Creighton Update 1239 Patchoteats

The error associated with Equipment Geisha Ball and Material Geisha Ball has been fixed.
An error has been fixed in which the position of the equipment was incorrectly positioned on your right hand while equipped with an armor of the Hakama series.
The error that the letters on Billboard did not appear in the input UI when they have accessed Billboard has been fixed.
The error has been fixed that some modules like Wall-Mounted Billboard were rotated by 180 degrees by default.
An error has been fixed in which the HATBOX was incorrect to retrieve short stone column when using Retrieving Rod.

An error has been fixed in which random visual effects were displayed when the skill VOR PAL dance was used.
The error has been fixed that you could not move properly if you wore the equipment of the Hakama series with the newly added body color.
The error that a player remained stuck under certain circumstances was reduced, and the bug fixed that you could climb on cliffs.
An error has been fixed in which a player character came slightly backwards when they started to go in the squat.
The error has been fixed that the BOSS background music was not played when she was near Worm.
The bug that you could not easily push a snowball has been fixed.
An error has been fixed in which the timeout for slip and trip trial was unexpectedly shorter on islands with a high level. The name of the study was also changed to Shooting Trial: Slipping.
The error has been fixed that the timer of Shooting Trial: SLIPPING did not stop if you ended the trial version.
The error has been fixed that the visual effect of skill Spring did not stop if it was broken or interrupted the craft.
An error has been fixed in which the keyboard inputs influenced the control of vehicles while driving on a vehicle.
An error has been fixed where you could not use the items and capabilities registered on hotkeys while using drones for shooting.
An error has been fixed in which the progress was calculated incorrectly when offering objects in other categories in the picture book.

This Creighton update brings many bug fixes into the game. The game earlier had errors in terms of visual effects, player movements, user interface and more. Luckily, this was fixed. Now the players can enjoy the game in full.

Creighton is now available for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series S / X. For more information about this update, visit the Official Creighton Steam page.

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