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Nintendo stops exports to Russia because of logistics problems, although it will market the existing stock

Nintendo signs up with the bulk of large companies in the industry such as PlayStation, Ubisoft, EA, Take-Two Interactive, Microsoft or Warner Bros. Games, which in the last days have introduced their retirement from the Russian market without using more details on their return. Outside the market, in addition, film manufacturers or technological titans have also discontinued their solutions in Russia as well as Belarus for the scenario in Ukraine.

Nintendo has actually confirmed a few hrs ago the paralysis of exports of all its items to Russia “for a most likely future”, justifying its decision on volatility around the logistics of shipping and circulation of physical properties that impacts these days the Russian market, extremely penalized by the sanctions of Europe as well as the United States before the intrusion of Ukraine began two weeks earlier by Russian troops.

Russia Ukraine Conflict - How War Affects The Stock Market

It is not the only activity taken these days by Nintendo due to the war in Ukraine. Hereof yesterday was delayed on the launch date of Advance Battles 1 + 2: Re-Boot Camp, where two armies influenced by the Cold Battle combat with each other. It happens that the initial releases of Video game Boy Advance already postponed its premiere twenty years earlier by an additional regretfully historic event.

In Affirmations to EFE accumulated by RTVE, a spokesperson for Nintendo has actually ensured that the stocks that are presently kept will certainly be marketed. On the various other hand, the Nintendo Eshop in Russia is presently in upkeep after suspension of deals in Russian rubles by the repayment carrier. It is unknown when it will be functional again, if it provides that action.

Ubisoft would consider at least acquisition offers

Ubisoft does not count on the possibility of an acquisition if the offer is good enough. At present, they do not actively seek to be redeemed. They do not really need it. Ubisoft continues to make the bank every year. Yet, if someone with a big portfolio wanted them and their IP addresses, they would not say immediately no.

Here is what CEO Yves Guillemot said when calling results:

_ Ubisoft’s assets have never been so strong at a time when the value of assets has never been as high. »_

It certainly seems true. Assassin’s Creed is a long-standing franchise, and it remains incredibly popular. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla reported more than $ 1 billion in revenue. It is clear that Ubisoft is not really short of money for the moment.

Despite this, Guillemot also had this to say:

“That said, if there was a purchase offer, the Board of Directors would of course consider it in the interest of all stakeholders. »_

It’s a pretty different tone from the one where Ubisoft was fighting to remain independent of Vivendi. There are also good reasons to consider accepting an acquisition offer.

Ubisoft Gifts NFTs To Devs Who Don't Want Them To

Ubisoft is similar to Activision in that they both have a bad reputation with players right now. Ubisoft covered sexual abusers for years, and many workers still have important concerns about working conditions out there.

Activision has faced a similar problem and fell into hot water. They decided that it was not worth burning alive and asked Microsoft to withdraw them by redeeing the company. It would be logical that Inbisoft considers at least to do the same.

What do you think is the future of Ubisoft? Do you think there will be an acquisition? Let us know in the comments below!

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