Since six games, Daniel Thiune is at Fortuna Düsseldorf in office, since six games have not lost the Rhine countries. But that the descent is still not banished, also has something to do with the late and annoying goals.

André Rieu - O Fortuna (Carmina Burana - Carl Orff)
So the Forten also changed past Saturday against the Hamburg SV on the winning road, marriage in the third minute of the exam time the evil awakening.

Until then, happiness seemed to be perfect for the Düsseldorf trailers. Her team had shown a good and passionate game against HSV. The Fortuna was late, but after all in good time by a gate of the long injured Adam Bodzek rewarded (85.).

Bodzek on record course

By the way: The Routinian met at the age of 36 and 193 days. Only two Fortunen were older at their last second division: Petr Rada was 36 years in May 1995 and 280 days, Frank Mill in the same month 36 years and 286 days old.

But the late balancing by Hamburg’s Robert Glatzel (90. + 3) looked like a hangover, who seems so familiar to the Düsseldors during this season.

Thiune: “That was not just bad luck”

“The late goals have cost us four points in the last two games,” Thiune said. Düsseldorf’s coach does not have a look at the time before his takeover, in which a variety of points had been awarded in the last minutes this season. It was the seventh game in which the Fortuna lost or just draw in the final phase games. “What was before my time, I can not judge,” Thiune said, “but that was not just bad luck.”

Above all, the successor of Christian Preußer made unnecessary fouls and ball losses that his team ultimately did not survive the printing phase of the hamburgers. Otherwise, the last corner that led to the 1: 1 would not have come about.

It lacks efficiency

However, the Düsseldorfers can not escape a reproach in another direction: Who leaves as many clear possibilities as in this game, may not be surprised by a late punishment – annoying. The efficiency must be worked so that such a passionate appearance of the forvas is rewarded accordingly.

Test match against Twente Enschede

The next chance to increase the current distance of four points on the relegation place, there is after the international space abroad in the Wildpark at Karlsruher SC (Sunday, April 3). Tomorrow, Thursday is practiced in a test match against Twente Enschede (1 pm).