Elden Ring has a ridiculously large map for you to explore it with tons of beautiful views and terrifying enemies. If you want to be able to beat those enemies to get the most serene views, you will have to collect a lot of runes to level up. Here are the best places we have found to grind RUNAS in Elden Ring .

The best places to grind RUNAS in Elden Ring

First, it is important to mention that this is a work list. As it is discovered that more areas are good locations to grind, we will add them to this guide. The two things we consider are the number of runes that you get when killing enemies compared with the time it has to clean an area. It is also important how close a grace site of the grinding point is.

Trols in Limgrave

From now on, this is probably the best place to look for runes at the beginning of Elden Ring. If Margit is hitting you with her cane, then you will want to go to Warmaster ‘S Shack (see map above) in Limgrave to play the grace site closest to the milling place.

Just be careful when you approach Warmaster’s Shack. During the day, there will be a merchant named Caballero Bernahl who sells many physical warflowers. However, a strong boss known as Bell Bearing Hunter appears in the same place during the night. The attack patterns of him are quite simple, but it is better to avoid this boss while he tries to get runes. He only rests until morning if necessary.

After stopping at the grace site in the Lord of War cabin, go directly to the southeast and you will find an open field with five trolls. You should be able to face them one at a time if you do not get too close to one of the other Trolls while struggling. Its attacks are quite easy to dodge. He just runs between his feet for anything that is not a stomp. Each enemy will give you 1000 runes for a total of 5000 in just a few minutes. Rapid trip back to the cabin and repeat.

Like the Girl of the War Lord at night, the field with these Trolls welcomes another small boss at night. In that field, you will see a troll on the left side crouched next to ruins. If you go up to the ruins at night, the death bird may appear. There are also some bats that roam this area at night, so stay attentive.

Carts of flames and corpses on calls in Caelid

This runes grinding point is a bit away from the map of Elden Ring in Caelid. The place of grinding here is right next to the grace site of the ruins of Caelem (see above). Here you will find numerous ruined buildings full of corpses piras. Some of the corpses are reanimated and will begin to follow you if you approach too much. It flees once you begin to cross your arms, as this means that the burning corpse is about to explode.

Those enemies will give you some runes, but the main event here are the flame chariots. These enemies seem gigantic rusty copper heads with ballasts and flamethrowers installed in the mouth and ears. A note mentions attacking the chimney at the top of the head, but the easiest way to eliminate them is to dodge their attacks while traveling in Torrent. Then, put yourself behind the enemy and attaches the exposed fire monk that handles the car.

This place will give you a number of runes very similar to that of the Trolls in Limgrave. Each Chariot throws around 1600 runes and burning corps will complete the rest. This area may take a minute or more than the Trolls, but it is still a solid method if you do not want to spend a lot of time in Limgrave. Sometimes, a change of scenery can cause the routine to feel less monotonous.

Use of elements during runes grinding

It is also important to keep in mind that there are elements in the game that can increase the number of runes that you get by defeating heads and enemies. Bird’s foot on gilded pickle and golden beetle are elements that can improve your runes routine. The foot is a somewhat rare consumable item, and the Gold Scarab Talisman is a unique equipment talisman in its kind.

That’s all the best places to grind RUNAS in Elden Ring we know so far. To get more fantastic guides about this game, simply consult our wiki guide.

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