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Eldest Souls offers a generous free extension

Proposedly received when it was released last July, the Action-RPG Eldest Souls celebrates this week the launch of a large free update coming to expand the content of the first game of Falg Studio.

Entitled Depths of the Forgotten, this free extension adds 30% more content to this 2D Souls-like developed by a small team. In fact, players can face three new bosses, unlock four new weapons, meet a new character, explore four new regions and get their hands on a powerful shine necessary to access new options for improving the arsenal. We are also talking about new information on the game universe and its history. A small presentation of all these new features, including the three bosses, was published on the PlayStation Blog. Currently on promotion on certain platforms, Eldest Souls is available on PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PC.

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Eldest Souls – Launch of the Depths of the Forgotten Extension

After Ashen, Studio A44 Games unveils Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn

A little over three years after the exit of the friendly Ashen, the studio A44 Games is back with the announcement of its second game, a new Open World Action-RPG titled FLINTLOCK: The Siege of Dawn.

This kinematic trailer and the few captures shared by the studio do not say if Flintlock will also work on the footsoftware in terms of mechanics, but we already promise a “combat and rewarding combat system”. combining magic and conventional weapons (ax in one hand, firearm in the other). The game puts us at the orders of Nor Vanek, a protagonist accompanied by a magic creature named Enki. A tandem decided to fight with the gods and which one discovers a taste of the capacities here, knowing that the beast will be managed by artificial intelligence.

Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn - Official Announcement Trailer

“_Explore a dangerous open world. Hover over the desert sands, advent yourself in labyrinthic ruins and drill the secrets of the gigantic cited of dawn while recruiting allies to support you when the ultimate seat against the gods. “, tells us the official website of the game. FLINTLOCK: The Siege of Dawn will be released in 2022 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, Steam and Epic Games Store. Just like ASHEN , the game will be available in the Game Pass subscription as soon as it exit.

Elden Ring: Employees wars what all gamers want to release

The release of Elden Ring is a real bauble beat. Many gamers are released extra to enjoy the Open World Epic of From Software in peace. Employees of a Japanese developer studio do not have to vacate holidays for this because they have an extremely cool executive day.

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free to gamble elden ring

Who does not know: A big release of a hot expected game is standing and you take extra holiday to celebrate this important event and enjoy full trains.

According to what the ratings to Elden Ring reveal, a real masterpiece on you rolls with the new Open-World trial of From Software. Lest everything in our test:

The fact that the release of Elden Ring seems to be an important event has recognized a Japanese developer studio early and introduced the best holiday for gamers: the Elden holiday!

Behind the relevant developer studio stuck the makers from the Wilder Open World Mix Craftopia , which has mixed various genres and success concepts of familiar titles such as Zelda, Pokémon and Co.:

In a message on Twitter, the studio named Pocket Pair announced that the employees on Friday to release and Monday after the weekend do not have to appear at work. You can play in peace and extensively in Elden Ring. (Source: Twitter)

As a developer studio of video games, many die-hard gamers can be found in the ranks of employees who are looking forward to these days off.

According to the studio, the staff will not be able to focus on the work due to the joyful event anyway, as a precautionary and cultivation is traded. We call that good employee tour!

It is not the first case ** in which a company releases its employees to gamble. In the release of Monster Hunter Rise, a Japanese company for VR content was also allowed to enjoy a gamer’s day:

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