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A stupid medieval manuscript battle INKULINATI to early access distribution this winter. Strategic battle with the animals drawn, the trumpet blowing on the buttocks groan

Publisher Daedalic Entertainment announced on August 18 that it will launch Inkulinati early in 2022. Early access is scheduled to be distributed for Steam and Xbox, and the compatible platform after the official release is PC (Steam/ and Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S/Nintendo Switch. It will also be offered on Xbox Game Pass. According to the Steam store page and the official website, it will also support Japanese display.

Inkulinati is a strategy game set in a medieval book. The player draws various animals on the book page, summons, and fights. It is said that the animals full of humor are drawn, and they use the actual medieval book picture as the motif. In addition to single play campaigns, there are also interpersonal modes.

In the single play campaign, popular motifs such as the Reaper and Dante Aligieri appeared in the Middle Ages. It is said that he will fight against the so-called popular character at the time. The title Inkulinati is a coined word that combines Illuminati and ink, which is a secret society. In the campaign, there is a story approaching the mystery over Inkulinati.

Players and opponents are summoned by drawing various animals on the page of medieval books. Operate the animals that have begun to move by magic ink and fight. In addition to attacks, animals can use skills such as status rise. In addition to the operations of animals, it seems that they can draw obstacles in the stage to create barriers and blast objects like gunpowder vases.

It is also possible to attack the enemy unit directly with the player’s hand. On the other hand, opponents can also take such tactics. A chaotic battlefield is likely to be drawn. It is said that sentences will be automatically generated in the page to convey the battle to the future.

There are a wide variety of animals that can be drawn. It is said that rabbits that shake their swords, cats fighting a heretical, and donkeys blowing trumpet with their ass. Each has strengths, weaknesses, and unique skills. Players seem to be able to unlock new animals by proceeding with the game.

This work is Yaza Games, which is based in Poland. On the official website, one of the works inspired by this work includes Bréviaire de Renaud de Bar, a manuscript of France around the 12th century. In addition to animals with swords, humor, such as fart and buttocks, seems to be based on medieval manuscripts. The people at that time seemed to love the stupid Mome like us. The official website reports that Bonnacon wants to search for Bonnacon as an example.

Inkulinati will be distributed early this winter for PC (Steam) and Xbox. The compatible platform after the official release is expected to be PC (Steam/ and Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S/Nintendo Switch.

STEAM DECK is a culmination for 10 years! We asked the Valve headquarters about development secret stories, future developments, and recommended settings to use comfortably.

The all-in-one portable gaming PC Steam Deck by Valve Corporation. It was released only in Europe and the United States, but reservations for Japan will finally start.

This time, the GAME*Spark editorial department was invited to Valve Corporation headquarters in Belvue, Washington, USA, and interviewed Steam Deck developers.

In this article, we will provide you with recommended settings for actually playing from Steam Deck’s secret story, and interviews that have jumped out to future developments. There, Valve’s extraordinary confidence was visible and hidden.

The interviews this time were engineers Pierre-Loup Griffais (right photo) and designer Jay Shaw (left photo). Both of them answered this question very seriously.

-First, please let us know the concept of Steam Deck.

Griffais: Steam Deck’s concept itself has been considered for 10 years. The goal of Steam Deck is to expand the PC platform. For this reason, Valve has been developed in Valve, etc., etc., which have been developed, such as SteamOS, Steam controller, Steam machine, etc., and the STEAM DECK is made as a culmination.

Ten years ago, the PC hardware side was still immature, so I created a Steam controller and Steam machine, but since the PC hardware production has matured, we will develop a portable hardware in-house. I aimed. It has been about four years ago to start the development of Stream Deck itself.

ー ー Development started four years ago, but in the meantime, I think that there was a major problem worldwide, such as the effects of corona and the lack of semiconductor supply. Did that affect development?

Griffais: There were some delays. The initial plan was to start selling in December 2021, but it has been released at this time. However, I think that it was almost as planned.

JAY: It’s true that the number of units I was trying to prepare at the time of launch. However, now the production pace has risen, and it has been catching up with the planned production of the original production.

Why did STEAM DECK adopt AMD APU?

Griffais: In the first stage, we considered various chips as prototypes. As a result, I adopted the AMD APU that the performance and power were balanced.

ー ー Steam Deck’s OS Steamos is based on Linux, but please tell us in detail how you run a game for Windows and its mechanism.

Griffais: I’m not emulation, but I add a layer called Proton on the Steam Deck OS. Proton is a wine derivative app and is a software that allows you to start Windows apps natively on other OS. By sandwiching it between Steamos and the game app, the game is moved without any problems on Steam Deck.

ー ー ー Comfortable operation with DECK The standards of the title and what kind of exchange with game developers for optimization?

Jay: First of all, Ideally, it is ideal that the developer can operate comfortably with Steam Deck without any particular work.

The criterion for working comfortably is that the control of the Steam Deck controller can be performed smoothly and whether the Steam Deck has a firm performance.

In addition, it can be one of the standards whether the game’s unique launcher can be launched correctly or the textbooks can be read well. Although there are other minimum examination standards, the major standard guidelines are that developers do not need to take special measures. If you have cleared that point, we will leave it to the developer itself.

The screening has an examination tool for Steam Deck, and the screening is performed using it. If a problem occurs, we will interact with the developer and Valve to solve the problem.

GRIFFAIS: Solving the problem is not required for Steam Deck only. Basically, there is no problem with software, so I hope that all PC game players will be modified in a better experience. Also, one of the criteria is that more than 30 FPS appears.

-The Steam controller reminiscent of VALVE’s hard development is how the Steam controller know-how is used in Steam Deck? And if you summarize the Steam controller at this point, what kind of evaluation will Valve be evaluated?

Griffais: The experience of producing the hardware called Steam controller is the cornerstone of Steam Deck. With this experience, it has become possible to develop hardware that can run high-performance PC games on mobile devices.

In the past, games that use mouse needed to play in front of a PC and monitor, but I think that it was one point that such games could be played on TV.

ー ー Steam controller eliminates analog sticks, but Steam Deck uses analog sticks. Did the User of the Steam controller want to have an analog stick?

Griffais: There was no such request from the user using the Steam controller. Steam Deck is developed as a concept that combines both a console machine that can play all PC games and a PC game machine, so it is equipped with an analog stick.

ー ー Steam Deck has a lineup of three kinds of storage versions. Among them, the more users who bought a 64GB thing, the purchase of a microSD card will be required. What kind of microSD card is the best Steam Deck?

Griffais: Although the loading speed of the SD card itself is limited, we have tested whether all the SD cards currently available on the market can be used on Steam Deck, so we have confirmed that none of them can be used without any problems.

ー ー ー Steam Deck has already been released in the United States and other countries, but what kind of evaluation has you received from the purchased users?

Griffais: Currently, I have a lot of good opinions. However, Steam Deck is not completed, and will continue to improve with more feedback.

Jay: Currently, there is no problem (such as Asia). If such a problem is discovered, I would like to respond. Anyway, we will continue to improve, so I would like to receive feedback from users.

ー ー How many wins do you have in Japan Deck in Japan? Also, what kind of user do you want to buy?

Griffais: There are not many people playing PC games in Japan. I want people who are interested in such PC games but have never played. I think Steam Deck thinks that such a person is very matched, so I believe that incorporating inexperienced PC games will lead to success.

ー ー Steam Deck in the future, will he have a hardware update like an iPhone? Or are you thinking about a business like a Nintendo Switch that has been fighting for many years with a single hardware that doesn’t depend on machine specs, deepening the construction of software and collaboration with game developers?

Jay: I can’t give a clear answer today, but I would like to find out various possibilities.

ー ー Are there any plans to develop console hardware other than Steam Deck in the future?

Griffais: We plan to continue developing console hardware that allows you to play various games.

Is there a plan to support AMD technology such as FSR in the future?

Griffais: FSR has already begun to respond. We plan to support other technologies systematically.

ー ー I actually used Steam Deck, but the battery consumption was very fast, and I had a hard time playing for a long time. Please let me know if there is a setting that will improve the battery.

Jay: The decrease in batteries varies depending on the game title, but it is shared between users to improve the battery life by adjusting the refresh rate. As an example, both refresh rate and FPS are 40.

-Is it effective to reduce the lightness of the monitor?

Griffais: Valid. There is a difference of about 1W for power consumption between the maximum lightness and the smallest lightness.

The scheduled time for the two is over here. The remaining questions were asked to another person in charge.

Steam Deck wants all functions of Steam

The following interviews were the programmer Tom Bui (left photo) and designer Lawrence Yang (right photo).

The two of us answered the interviews in a friendly manner, and proceeded in a friendly atmosphere from beginning to end.

ー ー ー ー ー ー ー 早 早 早 早 など など など など など など など など など など など など など など など など など など など など など など など など など など など など など など など

TOM: First, we plan to sell dogs as additional attachments. In addition, replacement parts for each button are also available as repair parts. We have heard that third-party attachments are currently under development.

The release date of U-Dog was advertised as this spring, but when will the actual sales start?

TOM: It will be sold when it is not far away and will be released at least this year. In Japan, there is a possibility that the United States will be out of sale, but we plan to sell it through Komodo, which supports STEAM DECK sales in Japan.

Are there any plans for game software specializing in Steam Deck or dedicated title in the future?

TOM: I don’t think about such a title because it won’t be the benefit of the user. Steam Deck is a PC, so I would like to make it so that users playing PC games can enjoy it. I don’t think the dedicated title will be produced because it deprives the strength of PC games.

ー ー I actually touched it and thought that Steam Deck was close to the console machine, but it means that Valve is just thinking as a gaming PC.

TOM: That’s not always the case. It’s a balance problem. Like a console machine, it is designed so that the user can play the game immediately without setting something, and at the same time, it can be used like a PC.

ー ー Currently in Japan, products such as the iPhone have been significantly increased due to the depreciation of the yen.

TOM: I’m consulting with Komodo, but I would like to offer it at a price range that is close to the selling price in the United States as much as possible.

-If you have any titles you want this game to experience this game with Steam Deck.

Tom: I’m still Elden Ring.

Yang: I connect Steam Deck to TV and play with the children with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revision. You can play with 5 people or a large number of people. Steam has more than 30,000 titles, so please play with your favorite title.

Is there a title that changes the experience when playing with Steam Deck with a title made by Valve?

TOM: We have confirmed that any title works to some extent, but there are few things that work perfectly. However, CS: GO and DOTA2 are adjusted over time.


TOM: I can’t give a numerical example, but I just want to meet the demand of users. STEAM DECK is what we are confident about, so we hope that Japanese people will be pleased.

Also, this is not the last, and there is no final goal because both software and hardware will continue to improve. However, the function of Steam implemented in the PC version will be updated so that it can be used at any time with Steam Deck. As an example, the mods introduced in Workshop can be operated with Steam Deck.

I see. I look forward to the future development of Steam Deck. Thank you for today.

This time, we interviewed four developers, but what everyone had said in common was that Steam Deck was the culmination of Valve for many years. And reliable confidence has been transmitted from many words. I actually touched Steam Deck, but I feel that it is a revolutionary hardware for those who have never played PC games.

Such STEAM DECK will be accepted in Japan as well. If you want to feel the wisdom of Valve for 10 years, of course, if you are interested in PC games but have no gaming PCs, please make a reservation and take a new game experience. What do you think.

The official page of Activision appeared on Steam

One of the leading publishers and developers of the Activision video game will soon become part of Microsoft. In anticipation of the completion of the largest transaction in the game industry, fans discovered the appearance of the official page of the publisher in Steam.

In recent years, Activision has provided the opportunity to buy all its large releases through the service, but, as we see, this will change in the near future. It is still unclear whether the company will add the latest PC games released on Steam or not. However, SteamDB found the alleged page of the Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s ABOUT TIME, which has received several updates from the beginning of July. Perhaps the publisher is preparing a game for the appearance in the Valve service.

In addition, we already know that this year this year will return Call of Duty with its new main part of Modern Warfare 2, which will be released on October 28.

Heavy steam is handing out huge survival

Vapor is presently handing out ARK: Survival Evolved-a real long-running fave in the survival category. The considerable RPG offers a big video game world, large crafting dishes and a selection of different primitive pets that you can battle or tame you. The free campaign only runs for a short time-so it is better to hurry!

Steam: Survival-Knaller Ark momentarily absolutely free

The most important information first: Steam gamers can now dust off totally free from June 19, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. ARK: Survival Evolved (consider Steam). As soon as you have added the game of your library, you can download and install and also play it totally free any time.

However not just the major video game is supplied absolutely free. You can also download and install some added DLCs for free. Below is the full list of the additional web content offered at no cost:

  • Fjordur-Ark growth map
  • Crystal Isles-Ark Development Map
  • The Center-Ark Development MAP
  • Primitive+ Ark Total Conversion
  • Ragnarok-Ark expansion map

  • Valguero-Ark expansion map
  • Lost Island-Ark development map


ARK: Survival Evolved dirt up for totally free

_ The Tame Dinos and other animals is a crucial part of ARK.

In the video clip:ARK Survival Evolved dinos and various other creatures tame us on Youtube ## for whom is Ark: Survival Evolved?

However that is likewise the greatest strength of the video game: The huge extent . If you have not a problem with constantly having the wiki or our guides open on the 2nd display or your cellular phone, you will certainly be awarded with a survival RPG experience that is definitely unique. You can spend thousands of hrs in ARK: Survival Evolved as well as still uncover new video game systems, construction choices or creatures that you have not yet tamed.

ARK: Survival Evolved will certainly be provided totally free of cost at Steam by June 19, 2022.

If you have no issue with constantly having the wiki or our guides open up on the 2nd screen or your cell phone, you will certainly be awarded with a survival RPG experience that is definitely special. You can invest hundreds of hrs in ARK: Survival Evolved and still uncover brand-new video game systems, building and construction alternatives or creatures that you have actually not yet tamed.

Don’t you wish to miss out on information about technology, video games and popular culture? No present tests and also overviews? Then follow us on Facebook (Survival Tech, Survival Gamings) or Twitter (Survival Technology, Survival Games).

Steam is currently giving away ARK: Survival Evolved-a real long-running favorite in the survival genre. ## for whom is Ark: Survival Evolved?

ARK: Survival Evolved dust up for cost-free ARK: Survival Evolved will be provided cost free at Steam by June 19, 2022. Then the complimentary project ends.

In addition, you can play the game together with your friends in the multiplayer either on an official server-or you develop your private server, on which you set your own regulations that either make the video game a little simpler or additionally difficult.

ARK is not for newbies of the survival category. The game bombies you directly at the begin with an amazing selection of building alternatives, activation as well as different auto mechanics, however discusses the really few of them completely.

Dinosaur Survival ARK: Survival Evolved Steam version is being distributed for free for a limited time

ARK: Survival Evolved is being distributed for free on Steam. The distribution period is until 2:00 on June 20th. If you access the STEAM store page of the same work and add the game to the library, you can play the game after the distribution period. If you get the game in this free distribution, the trading card will not drop, so be careful. The game is compatible with Japanese. The price of the game is 3090 yen.

ARK: Survival Evolved is an open world survival action game. Players begin a survival life on an island where dinosaurs and other ancient creatures stroll around. You can go on an adventure, set up a castle, or to give a ferocious beast. In a world where death, such as hunger, predation, and accidents, is always imminent, you can draw your own freedom. In the first place, why is there an ancient creature on the island? I will solve the mystery of the world’s core, such as what the island itself exists.

ARK: Survival Evolved has been developed after officially released. Today, a large free DLC FJORDUR is released. The sequel ARK II is currently under development and is scheduled to be released in 2023. The main story of the growing dinosaur survival is distributed for free. Previously, the EPIC GAMES store version was distributed for free, but this is the first distribution of the Steam version. Let’s get it.


ARK: SURVIVAL EVOLVED Steam version (store page) is being distributed for free until 2:00 on June 20.

Tower defense CO-OP compatible 2D Survival ACT is officially distributed-freshly collected! Todays STEAM Features 4 Selections [May 23, 2022]

Steam has many new titles every day. Many people want to check new works with high attention, but they can’t follow the release flow?

Therefore, the GAMESpark editorial department is “within 3 days after early access and official release” “The number of reviews has exceeded 100 (regardless of popularity or unpopular)” *. Introducing a new title! Check out what titles are attracting attention in Steam now.

Children of Morta - Official Online Co-op Launch Trailer

Mists of Noyah (early access graduation)

This work is a survival action RPG with CO-OP element. During the day, we collect resources such as trees, ore, and food, and protect the base from the devils that come in at night. Devils become stronger on the full moon and are difficult to defend. In such a case, let’s cooperate with online players and learn new skills and spells. There are also elements such as creating equipment and accessories, cooking and growing plants.


Beauty breeding, collection, protection is the theme beekeeping simulation game “APICO” has started distribution. In this work, you can experience a beekeeping culture mixed with real worlds and fantasy through the collection of resources, biology, and beekeeping mini -games in a lush world. While traveling, we will rediscover the extinct species, cross them to create new species, and help regain the liveliness of the island. It also supports up to 4 people.

Jack Move: I.C.E Breaker

This work is a cyberpunk JRPG featuring a modern pixel art. The player is a member of the young vigilante and becomes a hacker “Noah” and struggles to regain his father, who has been kidnapped by a huge company. The battle uses a turn -based system, and the key to victory is to customize the cyber deck software and balance attack, defense and buff. In addition, this work is compatible with Japanese and can be played for free.

Prognostic (early access graduation)

This work is a first -person horror game that uses psychology to reveal the secrets of the past. Players visit the cursed town, read the fate of the residents, search for murderers and criminals, and reveal the secrets of the town. Also, not only your own power, but also the power of paranormal phenomena is also the key to solving the case. Use the tools of a fortune teller’s house to release the power of evil and solve the problem. The official version reveals the hero’s past, and the last day has been added to the story.

Open World Vampire Survival “V Rising” Achieved 500,000 sales. The number of simultaneous connection players is 100,000

Developer Stunlock Studios announced on May 21 that “ v Rising ” has exceeded 500,000. It is a speed record in just 4 days from the start of early access distribution.

V Rising is an open world survival game that started early access distribution on May 17. The stage is the fantasy medieval world. The player is a vampire that wakes up from sleep for centuries. It is necessary to act to avoid the sunshine during the day, and it is possible to suck blood from the enemy. The blood you suck is your own power. You can also make minions and increase your friends more and more.

In this work, materials can be obtained from various objects, and craft and architectural elements are substantial. Gather items through search and battle, and eventually build a large castle. In addition to solo play, multiplayer is also possible. In addition to PVE play, such as defeating strong enemies and bosses, PvP play with other vampires by betrayal is also possible.

V Rising - Open World Vampire Survival Action RPG

This work has been steadily expanded since the early access distribution started on May 17th. On May 21, the number of simultaneous connected players at the peak has reached 10,0136 (SteamDB). The game played on Steam is the fifth title, along with “APEX LEGENDS”. The distribution on Twitch was also exciting, and on May 17, the number of viewers was 43,000. The Steam Store page has more than 6,000 strokes, and the status has gained “very popular”. It seems that the graphics are beautiful, and the fact that the elements of games such as battle and architecture are firmly created is highly evaluated.

The development of V Rising is Swedish Developer Stunlock Studios. In the past, the studio is the arena competition game “Battlerite” and “Battlerite Royale”, which will be derived from the same work. “V RISING” was released, incorporating new elements such as architecture while utilizing the development know -how of the battle game in the aspects of PVP. It can be said that the results of these challenges have led to high evaluation.

In the future, it seems that the content will be expanded by repeated updates during early access distribution. As for the content to be added, more biome and dungeons. New weapons and spell kits, new enemies, and more castles and cosmetic. They are aiming to improve the overall experiences by improving more craft recipes, additional functions and performance. It is said that the early access distribution period is scheduled for one year.

“V Rising” is being distributed early on Steam for PCs. The price is 2050 yen.

Celebrated hardcore shooter returns-appears for the first time for console

With Arma Refork, developer Bohemia Interactive has practically presented a first sample of his upcoming military simulation Arma 4. What veterans of the series should surprise: For the first time, the hardcore shooter also appears for the console, but not for all platforms.

Arma Reforker published in the early access for Xbox & PC

The Arma military simulation series has been known for hardcore shooters for many years. And Survival players are likely to have heard this name-after all was originally a mod for ARMA 2 , which was later published as a standalone version on Steam.

The current part of the ARMA series, Arma 3, has now on the hump for over 8 years, is no longer completely baptized. Now Bohemia Interactive has published a kind of small multiplayer demo with Arma Reforker , which is also equipped with all kinds of developer tools, for Steams early access program. And according to the official description, the game is the first step towards ARMA 4 (source: Steam).

_Erste scenes from Arma Refork can be seen in the official trailer: _

Watch __arma refork on Steam

But not only PC players can take a look at Arma Reforker, also Xbox series players can find the military simulation in the game preview program from Microsoft . A novelty for the series. Even mods should be available on the console.

Watch the Arma Reform for Xbox Series in the Microsoft Store

However, Playstation players seem to go empty. At least there is no message that suggests the release of a PS4 or PS5 version.

Arma Refork is criticized


On Steam, the Early Access version of the military simulation gets its fat away. Only 61 percent of the players at the moment are positive . The biggest point of criticism: the price.

Because although Arma Refork is obviously a heavily slimmed down version of the actual main game, Bohemia Interactive requires an admission price of 29.99 euros from the PC and Xbox players .

In addition, many players also denounce the disastrous state of the game. Many bugs are supposed to have a negative impact on the game feeling, the weapon handling still seems to be too arcade-heavy and, on the whole, the game is supposedly only a glorified tech demo (source: steam reviews). The last point is particularly emphasized by some players, because that is exactly what, according to them, does not indicate the product description.

For die-hard Arma fans who have been waiting for a successor for a long time, a look at the new offshoot may still be worthwhile- But all other players should best wait for the Arma 4.

A steam-free shooter is the perfect code and battlefield

While a few years ago I was traveling almost every day in the multiplayer of Call of Duty and Battlefield, the two shooter classics have now been shrewring with me. Fortunately, there is an alternative on Steam that has still been enthusiastic about me for years – and is now even free of charge.

Counter-Strike instead of COD & BF: Less frustration, more fun

Missing weapon balance, massive bugs, hackers – in the past few years, Call of Duty and Battlefield have been bought with me. Again and again I gave both rows a chance, and again and again I was disappointed. Since Battlefield 3 and Call of Duty: Black Ops, the fun of the game has continued to flute for me .

  • Battlefield 2042 showed me how much I still love Battlefield 3

Although I jump again once again with a few friends about Rebirth Island in CoD: Warzone (to the colume on Spiel – but since switching to Caldera, Warzone has not been for me what it was.

On the other hand, I currently have really fun in shooters in one of Steam’s absolute burners: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive . Since the end of 2013 I have been making a detour to Dust 2 at irregular intervals, get lost in office or forget how the setup for the smoke grenade in Mirage looks again with hell, with which I cut the opponents the view of the CT spawn.

I like to admit it, I’m not a professional in CS – I now have more than 550 hours of play on the clock. And although I bump around in the ranking in the lower third, I still make CS: Go damn a lot of fun! Why? Quite simply: I always have the feeling that I am responsible for my failure myself. My opponent didn’t killed me because he exploited an exploit, was not recognized by the game or hid between two textures and was almost invisible. He was just better than me – or at least better prepared **.

CS: look at Steam

_ The history of Counter-Strike is full of fascinating stories: _

competitive, fair – and also free

Counter-Strike: Global offensive will probably not be the right replacement for every code and battlefield-tired shooter fan-not least because it is only available for the PC **. Getting started is quite hard because many mechanics work differently than with the competition, who plays alone, will most likely meet toxic team members and the graphic is not exactly one of the greatest strengths of the shooter classic.

But Counter-Strike can score: Global offensive in completely different areas:

Price: * CS: GO has been playable for free since the end of 2018. However, if you want, you can buy the “Prime Status Upgrade” for 12.75 euros, which offers some advantages in matchmaking and additional rewards.
Game numbers: Hundreds of thousands of players frolic on the servers at any time of the day (source: Steam Charts). It is therefore never difficult to find a suitable match.
reasonable update policy: If the community discovers a mistake in the game, the developers usually deliver a hotfix update within a few days.

Own server + modding: If you don’t feel like the classic game modes from Counter-Strike, you can also have fun on dedicated community servers. These support all sorts of mods and also offer the option of increasing the update rate to 128 ticks per second, which has a positive effect on the hit recognition.

_Counter-Strike is one of the most influential games of the shooter genre: _

Teamwork is the key to success: * While in other shooters everyone somehow plays for themselves, something rarely works without communication in CS. That is why it feels all the more rewarded when a plan is successfully implemented.
CS runs on every potato: CS: GO has never been a graphics board, but that is exactly what has its advantages. Because even on computers that are getting a bit old or do not offer much performance by house, the game often runs in passable frame rates.
No leveling up, no activation: * Each player gets access to all weapons and equipment of the entire game directly at the start. So you never have the feeling that you are at a disadvantage because you have not yet unlocked any essays for the corresponding weapon.

Hence my tip for you: If you are on the PC on the way, COD and Battlefield are no longer suitable and a little frustration tolerance calls your own, you should give a Counter-Strike: Global offensive in any case .

Grab a few friends (preferably one or two who can do the game and get a little under your arms at the beginning) and look for a ranked match on Dust 2, Mirage, Inferno or Nuke-** Then we stand

TOP 30 Free PC FPS Steam Games 2021
Maybe even opposite us! ** And until then always busy b with the P90.

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