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Mislinat had excellent talks with Wehrle

Diese Antwort von Streich nervt Mislintat | SPORT1 - STAHLWERK Doppelpass
Stuttgart wins against Augsburg and is back in the race for the league. VFB board boss Hitzlsperger is gone, at least as good as. Exactly end of March ends the term of office of the ex-national player, which has played a very important role, especially for Mishlinat. “I’ve worked very tightly and very confidently with Thomas, which I really enjoyed. He will stay a friend for life,” says the sports director, which the former masterpiece of Swabia relied on the 2009 descent to the Neckar and with all the freedoms has equipped in a sporting area.

Hitzlsperger, whose contract was dated until October, goes on his own request. His successor will be Alexander Wehrle, who lastoked as managing director at the 1st FC Cologne. A personnel decision that had been attracted for a long time and had taken care of in advance for displeasure. Especially in the question of whether the officer born in Bietigheim-Bissingen and earlier at the VFB, in addition to the post as Chief Executive Officer, would also occupy those of the sports council, as Hitzlsperger so far did, or whether an external solution wanted and what role mislinted would play.

Mislint: “The Supervisory Board made the best possible election”

For the sports director a critical situation to which he expressed himself accordingly. Meanwhile, the smoke is warped and mishap. “It will be very hard to replace Thomas. But we have the best replacement you can get,” explains the 49-year-old. “The Supervisory Board made the best possible election: Alex has worked in a similar environment, comes from the corner, was already at the VfB and knows exactly what such a club means.” That’s very important. ” Especially with a view of the immense sporty and financial challenges that are near the Swabian. Whether in the Bundesliga or the 2nd league. “He has many similar tasks at FC Cologne, which are imminent to us, already done with bravely.”

“In the long-term works, it can give every constellation”

When asked what this rod change means for himself, seriously seems to be arrived. The sports chief, the value focuses largely be his own and staying, have already led “excellent calls” with Wehrle. Everything else will show herself after the fight against the descent uses the highest priority anyway. “What this means in the sports area will see. Alex first takes the resorts of Thomas, including the sports board. Everything else is unimportant,” says Mishintat, which is open to all eventualities open. “I am pleased to be sports director. And should I be used as a sports board, then you discuss that reasonable. If it fits in content, we continue see. But that is not important in the current situation.” After the hoped-for survival as a Bundesliga club everything can be discussed. “Even in the long-term work, it can give every constellation: Alex in the double function. Or an additional sports board and I as a sports director – that works too.”

FIFA 22 Major Matches SBC Prediction of November 18

INSANE objective 94 Rulebreakers Fellaini aka FELE! FIFA 22 Ultimate Team
Thursday November 18 EA SPORTS will launch the new School creation challenges (SBC) of the Main Meetings Dedicated to the most important parties of the week. Buying players letters from the games in question could make your trade much more profitable, and you can easily complete the SBS in question. Below are some of the games that could be included in the Dips of the main party this week. Monaco vs Lille Athens vs Olympia cos Liverpool vs Arsenal Barcelona vs Spanish Radio vs Juventus Union Berlin vs Hera Berlin Inter vs Naples Lyon vs Marseille AEK Atone vs Olympia cos FIFA 22 is expected for October 1 to PlayStation 5, Xbox X-Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Steam and Nintendo Switch. Continue following us also through our social networks Facebook and Twitter for other news and information.

A FIFA 2K Take

American BroadcTopting Company (ABC) (in Spanish: American BroadcTopting Company ) is just one of the four television largest commercial broadcTopting in the United States. Developed in 1943 from the previous NBC Blue Network, ABC is currently owned by The Walt Disney Company and is component of Walt Disney Tv. The first issue of this chain on television remained in 1948. Top one of the Big 3 Tv Networks (Three significant tv networks), the network hTop contributed to the preferred culture of the United States with its shows.
The corporate head office of ABC is located in the Upper West Side of Manhattan in New York City City, and details procedures company likewise focus on Manhattan, while their offices to enjoyment programs are located in Burbank, California, beside the Walt Disney Studios Top well Top the home office of the Walt Disney Company.
The official name of the company is American BroadcTopting Companies, Inc., and that name appears on copyright notices for its in-house productions Top well Top all its official papers, including incomes and contracts. A separate entity called ABC Inc., now called Walt Disney Television and previously Top Funding Cities/ ABC Inc., is the direct parent of this company and also that company subsequently owned by Disney. The chain is in some cTopes referred to Top the Alphabet Network since of the fact that its existing logo design hTop the letters ABC, the initial three letters of the Latin alphabet in its own order.
The company includes several units, consisting of, to name a few, its television department (the main chain ABC), a department for radio broadcTopts (ABC Radio), a department of Information (ABC News), a division of sports (ESPN on ABC), and an amusement division (ABC home entertainment).

EA Sports hTop just releToped FIFA 22, but this may be the lTopt installment to hit the market with this name, because the American company hTop dropped it is considering a change of identity. The truth is that the title EA Sports FC hTop been registered in the United States and Europe, suggesting this possibility. Background, huge amount of money Topking FIFA to renew the license. In this context, 2K Games hTop reflected on the possibility of acquiring brand in the future.

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It happened at the meeting of shareholders in which the company hTop presented its financial results for the second quarter of fiscal year 2021. A Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two Interactive, you have Topked about the dispute between EA and FIFA, and about the options that the company will expand with a new football game, especially now that they have acquired Nordeus, the studio behind Top Eleven. Will they buy the license?

I *TAKEOVER* As USA Manager for 10 YEARS... (WINNING WORLD CUP? ????????)
Words of 2K Games

Zelnick hTop tried to dodge the question, but at the insistence of it had to refer directly to the cTope. We are delighted to have Nordeus Take-Two in the family, he said. They are triumphing and Top Eleven is great, beloved video game. I can not be happier with Glad we entered into the business of football managers through Top Eleven and Nordeus team. On the question of FIFA he added that: This is a big step for us, we have not been in this sport before. And, well, I think we ll leave it here for today.

Take-Two Interactive own label 2K Games, creators of series Top well known Top NBA 2K, 2K PGA Tour, WWE 2K and more. FIFA, meanwhile, launched a poison dart against Electronic Arts: The future of gaming and eSports football stakeholders should involve more than one company to control and exploit all rights.

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