A few days ago, Sony updated your official blog with the incorporation of the PS VR page 2. According to the information shared by the manufacturer, This new version will be greatly improved and will offer players * Greater comfort, eye tracking, a 4K HDR screen and headphones feedback * (a bit like the haptic feedback from the DualSense controller).

However, to manufacture a device of this type, many components are needed and that is the problem because you have to find suppliers, and not any provider. At present, and according to a report of Tobii AB , Sony continues in negotiations with this “world leader” in ocular follow-up technology .

Sony continues in negotiations with Tobii AB

Tobii AB is a well-known Swedish high-tech company that develops and sells products for ocular control and monitoring, also called “ocular monitoring”. Sony would like to take advantage of his knowledge and is why he is currently in full negotiation with the company to become the provider of this new Helmet of PS VR 2 .

At the time of writing this report No information has been given about the economic impact of this Agreement , but the Swedish company currently sells trail cameras with a PVP of $ 230, or approximately 200 euros.

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If Sony has not yet given a release date for PS VR 2, it is probably still looking for other components. Therefore, this means that we still have a great month to wait before its launch, even if the manufacturer has already communicated the details of the new machine.