Microsoft Employee Attacks 7 Year Old Nintendo Switch Player
A developer of Microsoft has been sentenced to one year of community service with the requirement to meet 100 hours of work without monetary compensation after having declared guilty to assaulting his seven-year-old son who was only playing in his * Nintendo Switch. *

Nicholas Lester, 41-year-old, attacked the son of him in his house the past February 6 . According to The Herald Sun, The boy ran down the stairs asking for help from his mother while Nicholas shouted that “he would make him stop breathing,” which caught attention From the neighbors of him.

Lester Folded Charges last Monday, where the sentence of him was carried out. Lester pleaded guilty of having attacked the son of him without any apparent reason. Previously, Lester already had a history of family fights with the couple of him on the way they were educating his son, who refused to give any kind of statement to the authorities. The magistrate in charge of the case explained that the reason why Lester did not face older charges is due to the mental health state of him, besides that it was his first time that he is accused about this. Of course, there is a possibility that Microsoft decides to dismiss it after this incident.