Basically, there was a time in my colorful life in which I fan from J.r.r. Tolkien’s Lord was the rings. That was about the time when Jackson films have come to the cinemas. I did not read much as a child, Scusi. This time in which I fan from the Lord of the Rings (yes, I have to explicitly say so), but took quite shortly compared to the time I fan from J.r.r. Tolkien’s Silmarillion was.

Because I’m still fan from the Silmarillion. In my eyes, it is the most interesting work of Tolkien, which combines several thousand years of middle-earth history on a few cool and gripping stories. No debowing spring meadow counts, but just the hard facts. Bem. I know that my opinion is just one of many, and I know that there are countless people who can do absolutely nothing with the Silmarillion. For me, the Silmarillion is my Bible and the Elves are my apostles.

Can I catch a story about the second age?

I was skeptical when I learned that someone wanted to make a Mr. der rings series over the second age. When I remember quite, I was just in the parking lot of a Korean restaurant in Busan and lamented relatively alike with Joseph Bradford from about our fears about what could be hired in a series with our imagination. Personally, I love the quasi-creation history with the Valar, I find the war between the Elves and the brother murder in Alqualonde unbearable, I’m torn with the history of Doriaths and Thingols.

A constant companion was a name: Galadriel. In addition to Elrond and Círdan, I had the elb lady most (and yes, I dente círdan ^^). In Galadriel’s footsteps, I experienced in my imagination the hike over the Helcaraxe, developed my undoubtedly racist-motivated dwarf dislike and learned that Celeborn (unlike in the Jackson presentation) has quite what has on the box.

In this respect, I’m really completely satisfied with the that Galadriel is presented in Lord of the Rings: rings of Morfydd Clark’s power. She has a certain similarity with galladriel actress Cate Blanchett and I worship. Officially, we were able to show the pictures of Lord of the Rings: Rings of power not yet show Because Amazon has made the story exclusively with Variety . But now there is the Superbowl trailer of the Mr. der-Rings series, whose sound in German for my ears unfortunately absolutely horrible sounds, but well… tastes. So on galladre, I’m clear, optically.

Whether I also get clear from the story, that will have to show. Galadriel can be a bitless bitch. Nevertheless, I hope that Galadriel’s story is not absolutely upside down. Please amazon, please, consider reasonably to the template and die because of acute wireless charactereerfinditis no bullshit.

We have to talk about Elrond… and his hair

What I can make friends, this is Elronds Fescher Shorthair section. Other fans, however, can not do that, especially because they are still Hugo Weaving in the back of the back, and sorry, nobody wears long hair with as much dignity and grandeur as Hugo Weaving. In Lord of the Rings: Rings of power Elrond is played by Robert Aramayo. Aramayo has also played strong in Game of Thrones the young Eddard, so why not the young Elrond Or younger Elrond. Elrond was the son of Earendil and Elwing to choose if he wants to live the life of the people or that of the Elves. At the end of the first age he decided, unlike his brother Elros, for life as Eldar. Accordingly, Elrond has been a few years on the hump in the second age.
ELHAIR… EH, Elrond with quite a short haircut. Not all elves have long hair have to have long hair. You can find okay. Or not. Source: Amazon Prime Video
As I said: I find Elrond’s short hair completely okay. How many a fan will also turn out to be meaningful is that short hair in the fight is much more practical than a long mane. The same one will hopefully think about the Tawarwaith character Arondir invented in the rings of power. I can understand purely objectively when fans had problems with him. I had already with Tauriel in the Hobbit films.

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