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Cottbus needs to ingest zero number in Lichtenberg

The BAK pressed its stamp from the kick away. In the 34th minute, Meyer brought a totally free kick precariously on objective, Gjasula was obviously still a little on it, a minimum of the umpire wrote the objective to the former Bundesliga professional. There was no question in the 41st minute that Gjasula was the marker, this moment he converted a penalty.

Halberstadt tried what was not the most lovely description in itself, however it was hardly ever produced. In the 73rd minute, Eilers concerned the shot from an appealing scenario, but the sphere put much over the ideal corner of the five-meter room. 3 mins before the last whistle, a Berliner conserved on the line after a corner, after which the lead and also the success was deservedly under the roofing system and subject.

In a long extremely low-level game, Hasse practically placed the FCE in the 44th minute, however only his long-range shot was obstructed, the 2nd effort scratched from the line. Cottbus was fortunate when Gawe hit the crossbar soon after the last quarter of a hr. 1596 viewers, of which many guest fans, had to go house without goals.

One of the most severe turn of this match day occurred on Sunday: The Berlin AK jumped to the top, many thanks to a 2-0 versus Germania Halberstadt, which was the third success in the 3rd organization video game for Benjamin Duda’s team.

Carl Zeiss Jena might likewise have leapt in initial area when it comes to a positive course. Dahlke scored the golden entrance in the added time of the first round after a beautiful plug-in pass from Petermann.

Erfurt has gotten here instantly

A little bit like acidic milk must have tennis borussia berlin the look at 1. FC Lok Leipzig. The violet with Eke Uzoma was a freshly required and also, as it were, prominent beginner was immediately in the beginning line-up, yet the locomotive steamed not impressed with the Bruno Plache Stadium at a speedy rate. When Tebe slowly came into play soon prior to the break, Pfeffer completed a sprint with a positioned reduced shot to 1-0 (45. +1).

We only compose the third matchday, however the season of advertised Rot-Weiß Erfurt can confidently be called a success tale. On Saturday at ZFC Meuselwitz, the spontaneous with the assistance of the opponent was likewise provided, Felix Müller falsified an edge into his very own objective in the 12th minute. Erfurt remained on the trigger, Mergel pressed the round over the line from a short distance in the 23rd minute after a quick rate.

Meuselwitz was noticeable, yet residents had the ability to put in minute 48 to the connecting goal. The ZFC now pushed, the visitors countered. After an additional edge kick, NKOa headed the 3-1 for the Thuringian Landesha were (74th). The cherry placed a straight free kick from Mergel in added time on Erfurt’s sporting lotion cake.

Atilagan opened up the second stage of the video game, which pushed a header extension from Ziane with the exact same part of the body right into the net (51. ). After half a hr, Uzoma saw yellow, a lot a lot more bitter for Berlin was that Heynke headed an Ogbidi flank to 3-0 quickly later on (67. ). Leipzig was now greedy for even more objectives, besides, Sirch was enabled to go into the objective scorer listing in the 88th minute, again a header. The raven-black period begins for Tebe.

el-Jindaoui: First goal as well as misfortune

At the Berlin city battle between Hertha BSC II and FC Viktoria Berlin, what was likely to make a few waves on social networks happened in the 38th minute. Instagram celebrity Nader El-Jindaoui scored his initial objective for the U 23 of the old woman. Of all, it was the turn of the third department relegation, Baca responded a corner kick in the 10th minute. 4 tip transforms later played a quick dual pass with Michelbrink as well as stabilized the ball right into the goal. El-Jindaoui remained quickly after that after a press strike, yet after a short break he was able to proceed. However, he had to see just how Seiffert was not to be stopped in the 28th minute and also shot the visitors once more ahead.

And also after that he came, the moment stated: Covic was trying to find and also found El-Jindaoui with a steep pass, the 25-year-old made a number of opponents look old as well as finished with a skilful reduced shot in the far edge. The video game was fired in the 42nd minute, and once more the new objective marker had his feet in the game. El-Jindaoui came by the wing, fit on the Rölke, which was positioned in the facility, whose storage shot Michelbrink right into the Viktoria situation with lots of tastes. At the break, however, El-Jindaoui had to commemorate his press strike from the very first fifty percent and remained in the cabin. His coworkers remained unsafe, for example with the Lattensknaller from Eitschberger in the 52nd minute. In the 75th minute was likewise the end of the day for the right-back, after a foul he saw yellow-red. The guests pushed for the equalization, the thickest chance had Mattmüller in the 81st minute, however Hertha keeper Kwasigroch saved the success with a great response.

goalkeeper Bätge strikes the final score

They benefited from an own objective of Ibraimo, that guided the ball over the line after a cross to 0: 1 (26th). Steinborn marched off and scored from the edge of the fine location to 1: 1 (47th), yet also in a row the residence team no much longer let the lively guests come to the train. Gladrow can also take care of the 2: 1 (63rd)-keeper Bätge was not cost-free of shame for this goal.

On Friday, SV Babelsberg 03 as well as VSG Altglienicke fulfilled for the leading video game of the Regionalliga Northeast Beide had actually previously gathered 6 points from 2 video games. For Babelsberg, it appeared like nine points from three games after 95 minutes, but after that Altglienicke-Keeper Bätge stepped forward in the last project of the game as well as achieved the deserved 2-2 equalization.

At the duel FSV Luckenwalde versus BSG Chemie Leipzig, there was a division of points, although it resembled a success for the residence team from Luckenwalde. A 2-0 lead was kept in mind on the scoreboard. Becker had actually shot his group from around 25 meters 1-0 (15th), awkward energetically set the 2-0 on top-a should have lead after a weak very first half of the guests. Yet the Leipziger showed determination in the second round: Eshele produced the 1-2 link for the drug stores (56th), the video game was after that significantly intensive, and also various cards were the result. So Bury saw the traffic control card around 15 minutes prior to the end of the routine having fun time, which was in charge of the 2-2 equalizer (63. ), as well as Flath had to go down with smooth red in included time at Luckenwalde. Ultimately it remained with the division of factors, both of them are still without triumph this season.

Because of the attract the leading video game, the Chemnitz FC was able to catch up with the duo on factors and also take over the lead over night. The CFC won narrowly but deservedly won 1-0 against Meister BFC Dynamo -Brügmann was a shooter of the gold hit.

In the 34th minute, Meyer brought a complimentary kick hazardously on objective, Gjasula was obviously still slightly on it, at the very least the referee wrote the objective to the previous Bundesliga professional. In a lengthy really low-level video game, Hasse almost put the FCE in the 44th minute, yet only his long-range shot was blocked, the second effort scratched from the line. On Saturday at ZFC Meuselwitz, the spontaneous with the aid of the challenger was likewise given, Felix Müller misstated an edge right into his own goal in the 12th minute. Leipzig was currently money grubbing for also more goals, after all, Sirch was permitted to enter the goal marker list in the 88th minute, once again a header. The game was fired in the 42nd minute, and once again the brand-new goal scorer had his feet in the video game.

Outriders WorldSlayer List of all legendary weapons

Modernized and strong weapons increases the players’ game experience and guarantees them reliability in adverse situations. Fortunately, the new part of Outriders Worldslayer added a total of 9 more weapons for their players, which they can choose and use to destroy some strong enemies. In this leadership, we will consider all this new legendary weapon added to the WorldSlayer supplement for Outriders, its features and reasons why you should choose it.

Outriders WorldSlayer List of all legendary weapons

Trying to survive in a deadly dark universe, players can use various types of powerful weapons to arm and use them in a collision with bosses and other threats. With the addition of 9 new legendary weapons, Outriders WorldSlayer provided its players with freedom of choice and game from various options. Below is a list of all the presented new weapons with their characteristics and modifications.


We start our list with a new weapon called Lumber Jack. If you belong to the class of technomants, this is for you. This is the only presented new legendary personal weapon, and it is best for you to believe that it copes well with its task. This weapon is supplied with Extractor of the Essence as well as legendary minefield fashion III.

Whenever the players strike a successful blow and amaze enemies with status effects, the essence extractor restores 5% of their maximum health. Moreover, each status effect that enemies receive is multiplying the amount of healing for players.


In addition, each critical shot causes an explosion around your enemies, inflicting significant damage to them. And finally, the lumberjack also has improved toxic bullets, which poison enemies with each hit.

Hm thunder

Secondly, in our list-thunder. It is classified as a shotgun equipped with revenge of Nicholas as well as concentration explosion of level III.

The mod helps the pool released by the players to tie about five enemies at the same time, if they are within 4 meters and around the original goal. This will give every five huge damage for 2 seconds.

In addition, he also comes with Shot Whippeed, which collapses light on enemies, inflicting significant damage to them for 3 seconds. Finally, with each critical shot, performed by players, the enemies in the arena will explode.

Charged spear

A charred spear is a storming gun with two guns. He comes with death of death as well as justice of the level III.

When using this weapon, if the players aim at the sight, he will form an anomaly beam and inflict a damage to the enemy in the amount of 0.3 whenever he is in contact with him.

What is even worse for enemies, every shot that you apply on them will celebrate them. Therefore, whenever you reload your weapon, each marked enemy will apply ten times more damage. Tags will be removed as soon as you switch your weapon.

In addition, with the help of a resistance destroyer, each successful shot reduces the target resistance by 35% by 6 seconds.


Mythos is classified as a light machine gun with a unique omen of the III Exclusive mod.

This allows the players to destroy enemies, releasing the shells of anomalies, which not only easily break the enemies to pieces, but also cause bleeding and damage. In addition, the damage obtained by enemies increases by as many as 30% by a few seconds.

Landscape of Death

Death Scape is described as an assault rifle. Again, this serves as a great goal if you are part of the Technomancer class. It is also equipped with unique stigmatized as well as solemn discovery exclusive mods of the III level.

The mod allows the weapon to mark not only enemies, but also every successful shot; It has a toxic effect on them for about 5 seconds. And as soon as the noted enemy is killed, he will cause an explosion that inflicted more damage to other enemies within a radius of 6 meters.

Moreover, if players can get every first bullet from the new store, a powerful explosion will occur and will cause damage within a radius of 5 meters. Finally, with Damage Link, a shot combines up to four enemies that share 50% of their damage and 15% of their damage from anomaly.

Last repentance

Final Penance is a double pistol with rage of a magician and also voracious locust exclusive mods of the III level. It gives players 10% abnormal force for 10 seconds with each critical shot. And it can be folded about four times.

Moreover, with the help of voracious locusts within a radius of 6 meters from the arena, a swarm of locusts is produced, which causes damage and causes weakness among enemies for about 6 seconds.


Sunfall belongs to the category of submachine guns. Again, it is great for players belonging to techno dancers. It is equipped with a fiery storm as well as life and death exclusive mods of level III.

With each successful shot from this weapon, players can cause fire storm within a radius of 8 meters of the field. This deadly storm not only causes huge damage to enemies, but also causes burns. With each hit on the enemy, the radius of the fire storm increases.

Moreover, shots that kill enemies cause an explosion that restores players with 20% of maximum health. Finally, with the help of a resistance destroyer, each successful shot reduces the target resistance by 35%.


Decadence is an automatic sniper rifle that players can equip. It comes with relativity as well as explosion explosion exclusive mods of level III. Each critical shot allows players to reduce the restoration time of one random skill by 10%.

Moreover, critical shots also create explosions that go far by 5 meters for five seconds and apply an poisoning effect to enemies. Finally, with Moanting Winds, when you reboot, it creates an explosion around you and expands it to 8 meters, causing more damage to enemies.


The last addition to the game is an automatic sniper called Vortex. It is great for the Trickster class. He comes with chopping twister as well as concentration explosion exclusive mods.

Each successful shot causes a tornado, which lasts up to 8 seconds. Moreover, with each critical blow, the enemies explode, and the damage is multiplied by the maximum number of 4 enemies within a radius of 6 meters around the original target.

The whirlwind also has improved bullets that inflict weakness to enemies at every successful shot.

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