The Experience Co., Ltd. broadcasts the program “EXP channel” that delivers the latest information of the company on March 25. Dungeon RPG for Nintendo Switch, who became topic the other day in this day, get a strong sword or armor. Become strong without giving up or giving up. The Hero Corps believes in the day to defeat the devil. ** “(hereinafter referred to as Mon Yu) ‘s 100 yen sale. According to it, this case was the end of the end of the “accident”.

This work is a dungeon RPG that fights her brave corps. Brave has 8 types of occupations such as warriors, knights, martial arts and ninjas, and job change is also possible. And to defeat the seven devil who robbed the treasure, I challenge the tower of the dragon king. Going up the labyrinth, fighting monsters, collecting better equipment and strengthening the party.

Such a “monkeys” started suddenly at Nintendo e-shop on March 15. Regular price 5480 yen, it was a discount sale that can be purchased for 100 yen off 98% off. “Hiken of the Sword of the Street of the Sword”, “Hong Spring Kawasuke”, “Demon Gaze”, such as the development work with a reputation for Dungeon RPG development, and it is a topic on the gamer. I also introduced in the magazine (related articles).

However, according to Mr. Chiboto, a representative director of the Experience, there was an accident on the background of this sale. The company plans to be a dungeon RPG for young people. First of all, as a measure for elementary school, it seems to have decided to make a “secret sale” of 100 yen that can be bought feel free to buy. “Complete stealth”, of course, from the company, as well as the cooperation of Nintendo and announced only in the Corocorocomic magazine where elementary school students could read well. However, as a result, it has been widely known.

In addition, as the company, he was planning to be a sale for a limited 3-day after an advertisement with Corocorocomic, but it is clear that it can not be d1. However, it is said that it was not possible to stop the sale on business. Mr. Chibi looks back when you gave discomfort to the user purchased at regular prices and worried about the fan about the company.

Senba says that “monkeys” is not selling, so it does not mean that a cheap sale was performed. Rather, this work is still sold, and this year’s black is a big contribution to the company. In addition, it has also been revealed that all the titles on the company are black.

However, it seems that the response of this sale was quite a bit, and 10 days from the start of sale, keeping the first largest in the seller. It is said that the number of sales sells of the company’s successive year is as much as “Demon Gaze”. Also, as a synergy effect, DLC for sale for 990 yen is “Boiled”. As a result, sales of “United States of the assumption” are joined, and the business plan has been crazy.

  • Refer to “Mono Aoi” sale from around 30 seconds per 11 minutes.

Although I was aware of it to be a secret sale, it was a time problem that everyone could confirm because everyone could confirm at Nintendo e-shop. Even if it is Corokorocomic, it is not always not read except for elementary school students, but someone posts someone to SNS will spread at a stretch. Sales that have limited subjects are likely to be quite difficult in existing systems.

However, the company seems to continue the measures to get a dungeon RPG, a niche genre, also to young people. However, for the next junior high school student, this is that the sale and promotion such as this time do not do it.

“Keep a strong sword or armor. Become strong without giving up or giving up. The Hero Corps believes in the day to defeat the devil. “” Is for sale for Nintendo Switch. In addition, the Experience will be released on September 15 for Nintendo Switch / PS4, “Death (Sinigami)” is for Nintendo Switch / PS4.