Already last year the responsible persons at Riot Games could celebrate that more than 180 million players per month games from the Runeterra universe . At the universe, at the time, in addition to League of Legends, Legends of Runeterra, Teamfight Tactics and Wild Rift belonged. Meanwhile, the developers still have published The RPG Ruined King , and a online roleplay is known to work .

Riot Games built me a ONE-OF-A-KIND Puzzle Box!! - Legends of Runeterra

More than just lol games

Riot wants the Runeterra universe but not only to extend new games. Driven by the enormous success of the Netflix animation series Arcane soon there will be the first novel. In the official press release it says:

_ “Orbit and Riot Games, the Leading Video Game Developer and Publisher by League of Legends_ (Buy Now 44.99 €) , have signed a large license agreement to publish the first novel in the Universe of League of Legends.

The novel “ Destruction ” by Anthony Reynolds, one of the main utenses of Riot Games, tells the history of the Generalin Kalista, which leads the military of King Viego and looking for a legendary kingdom, could have access to an ancient magic, which represents the only remedy for the poisoned queen Isolde.

Destruction ” will be published in September 2022 by the Teams of Orbit in the United States and in the United Kingdom in English as a bound novel, e-book and radio play and expelled internationally. The novel is translated for all major international markets, but the publication data of these versions will not be announced at a later date. “

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