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Valorant: The clubs of the future European League say no to Barcelona, a possible headquarters of the competition

A few years ago, specifically in 2017, a change of format in the European Legends Legends came to light. The then known as European LCS was thinking of dividing the maximum competition into four leagues. Each of them would be played in a city of the Old Continent: London, Paris, Berlin and Barcelona. That idea collapsed, and ended with the rebranding that led to the European LCS becoming LEC .


This makes what just happened in Valorant is the second not of Riot Games to the city. As the Insider Alejandro Anonimotum Gomis on Blix.GG, the developer of the shoter tactical would have decided that the European League of the game, which will start next year, will be played in Berlin and not in Barcelona.

They go to Berlin

This Valorant Emea League, which is managed by Riot Games, would have given the option to the teams selected to choose between Berlin and Barcelona . There would not have been too much discussion, since according to Anonimotum, the majority of them would have opted for Berlin ** by having a strong structure there because of their participation in LEC.

At the moment the ten teams that will participate in this future LEC de Valorant have not been announced, but anonymotum tells us that the Riot Games plan is to inform the organizations chosen after the completion of the Valorant Champions 2022 that tomorrow will start With its group stage.

Among the candidates for this new European Valorant competition there are several Spaniards such as Koi, Team Heretics, Giants, Mothers, Rebels or Falcons, classics of the scene of the continental eSports such as Fnatic or Team Liquid, or clubs with history in short life of the game as acend or FPX.

LOL: Riots favorite ability that more than 30 champions share and will never disappear from the game

Each new champion that arrives at League of Legends does so after a creative process that lasts for a year or more. A time when developers try to look for the perfect and most novel mechanical design possible that allow the character to be as interesting as possible for all players. However, all the great novelties combine with the learning and experience of developers who have been working in the same game. This situation has inevitably resulted in an extensive book of tricks repeat as many times as necessary.

The oldest trick of Riot Games to create champions


One of the most common tricks to create champions that even became a meme of the community is of the passive accumulation of blows , also known among the players as three hit passives or passes of three hits. Traditionally, these types of skills accumulate automatically and exploit creating an additional effect when we attack the rival a certain number of times. The normal thing is that they are three blows (although they can reach up to seven) and the list of characters with this type of spells is extremely extensive. Vayne, Xin Zhao, Vel’koz, VI, Ekko or Gnar are just some of the most obvious cases that allow us to easily understand what we mean.

Based on what criteria are established to define the passive bump accumulation, between 20 and 30% detoduing the League of Legends champions could be included in the complete list. In addition, the compilation would include characters released at the game’s premiere (Twisted Fate) or some who have seen the light during the last year (Akshan). In this sense, we talk about a trick that is never old and that is introduced into all types of heroes. VI and Kindred do not look at anything, but both share a practically identical ability.

Riot explains why this type of skills loves

For some years, the community fiercely criticized this type of skills . Many are very similar by simply adding an extra damage to the third or fourth attack of a sequence of blows. It seemed a lack of obvious creativity. However, Riot Games fell in love with the mechanics in question. Developers have always defended it as a very interesting design decision that, even in the most pessimistic reading, is a very good solution to help players to understand what is happening just by looking at the screen.

Riot August has participated in the creation of nine champions. Of these, five have a classic passive of accumulation of blows (VI, Jinx, Gnar, Ekko and Jhin). This developer assured that this type of skills makes the champions feel better in general terms. An example that you used is to enlist. In the past, the final of this champion offered him a considerable increase in his attack damage. However, it was something that many players barely knew because it was only indicated in the text.

In this sense, the developer defended that a three-stroke passive would make its additional effect much more evident and make the most interesting character. The third attack would feel great (…) we could add an additional visual effect or sound like Jax’s, which is very satisfactory. The other incredible part is that the first two attacks, even without doing anything, would also feel incredible. They would do nothing, but there would be an intention, you would know that you are building something , explained the developer in an interview eliminated from Gamespot.

The truth is that these are not even all the benefits of this type of skills. Riot Games has used them in very different ways and, in addition to generating an explosion of damage the satisfactory sea, it has also used them as a form of balance. For example, with the Jinx or Kayle machine gun they serve them to start the idle, causing them to be obliged to give a certain number of attacks before working at full performance. In short, we are facing one of those mechanics that will never stop appearing in League of Legends.

LOL: The renewal of the mythical content that Riot has retouched to offer us better rewards

With the arrival of the new League of Legends patch, Riot Games has been put down to work for make great changes before finishing the first block of season with the MSI of 2022 in which we can see great teams Like G2 ESPORTS or T1. Several have been the changes to champions, objects and systems, but they have also talked about everything that will come to other “less important” characteristics of the game as is the mythical content, a new mechanics that has given much to talk and with which We obtained numerous rewards in the form of mythical essences.

Changes and news related to mythical content

In this version, Riot will add gifts that can be achieved by simply opening Select Chests . Every time we open one, we will obtain a kind of progression to get these rewards regardless of what we have achieved in the chest: buying it, getting it as a reward or receiving it as a gift. In addition, they will continue to maintain the improvement that they added on the previous patch related to the percentage of onset of mythical essences, which was 4.2%:

  • 5 select chests: 5 mythical essences and an appearance fragment of any level
  • 10 Select Chests: 5 Mythical Essences
  • 15 select chests: 5 mythical essences and an appearance fragment of any level of 975 rp or more

????STOP wasting Your GEMSTONES!????NEW Mythic Content Overhaul (Explained) + How To Get Mythic Essence!
* 20 select chests: 5 mythical essences
* 25 select chests: 5 mythical essences and an appearance fragment of any level of 1350 rp or more

In turn, they have confirmed that will implement a pair of settings to the selected coffer system , compared to our original plan. The original model that had created for this season seems to have caused the selected chests to give more mythical essences than could endure the new system as such. That is why since the US developer it has seemed better to implement these changes as soon as possible:

  • Selected chests no longer have a 10% chance of containing a select chest and a key
  • Now, select chests will give 5 mythical essences, while the hextech chests will give 10
  • On the other hand, following the previous changes, the improvement was not reversed that was added on previous patches related to the percentage of onset of mythical essences in select chests, which passed by 3.6% to 4.2%.

League of Legends: Riot expands the universe with first novel destruction

Already last year the responsible persons at Riot Games could celebrate that more than 180 million players per month games from the Runeterra universe . At the universe, at the time, in addition to League of Legends, Legends of Runeterra, Teamfight Tactics and Wild Rift belonged. Meanwhile, the developers still have published The RPG Ruined King , and a online roleplay is known to work .

Riot Games built me a ONE-OF-A-KIND Puzzle Box!! - Legends of Runeterra

More than just lol games

Riot wants the Runeterra universe but not only to extend new games. Driven by the enormous success of the Netflix animation series Arcane soon there will be the first novel. In the official press release it says:

_ “Orbit and Riot Games, the Leading Video Game Developer and Publisher by League of Legends_ (Buy Now 44.99 €) , have signed a large license agreement to publish the first novel in the Universe of League of Legends.

The novel “ Destruction ” by Anthony Reynolds, one of the main utenses of Riot Games, tells the history of the Generalin Kalista, which leads the military of King Viego and looking for a legendary kingdom, could have access to an ancient magic, which represents the only remedy for the poisoned queen Isolde.

Destruction ” will be published in September 2022 by the Teams of Orbit in the United States and in the United Kingdom in English as a bound novel, e-book and radio play and expelled internationally. The novel is translated for all major international markets, but the publication data of these versions will not be announced at a later date. “

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LOL: The two great Riot failures on the last patch that will ruin the game for a month

The last update of League of Legends barely introduced changes to the champions. Riot Games played defensively before the prospect several weeks without a new version, assuming risks with only two heroes. Master Yi and Seraphine received important adjustments to your skills on patch 12.5. However, none of them has fulfilled the objectives and stay in a very bad situation for the next paron that the developer will carry out.

Two great threats to League of Legends

Bugs RIOT GAMES Struggled To Fix - League of Legends

The main problem that you will find the bulk of League of Legends will be Maestro Yi . Riot Games had two objectives with their changes, pretending to reduce their power a little in general terms and separate it from the constructions of objects based on lethality. The swordsman has not finished complying with any of the purposes and, even above, has converted what seemed like a reduction of power in an increase in his victory rate , which is already in an average of 54.5 % in higher platinum ranges.

The situation is even more serious in the classifications of less MMR, where the character is able to earn more than 55.7% of it. In this way not only becomes the best of this new version, also in one of the most powerful you have ever seen League of Legends. In fact, Everything that developers could apply an important ‘hotfix‘ to reduce its power Before starting a week of meetings where issues of vital importance will be discussed for the developer and the game will not receive changes.

Another problematic case has been that of seraphine . With it, the intention was to increase the power of it in the support position without disturbing too much the performance of it in other lanes. Although the sample of items is lower, a remarkable decrease in the victory rate of it is already appreciated in the central lane and the champion has not improved the performance of it as support **. A solution that does not seem to have benefited any1. However, in this case the situation is not as extreme as to apply emergency measures.

If Riot Games decides to inhibit, The next League of Legends patch will not reach March 30 . This has been stipulated by the developer in his update calendar. A whole month that can be made very long for players who have to deal with some of these errors. Our advice is that you stress patient with Seraphine and blocks without hesitation teacher and your games.

Players states: Lol has banned him since he made a new, solid strategy

A player in League of Legends states Riot Games has banned him for 2 weeks.

What is this for a brand-new, strong strategy?

Fans have the chance to accomplish a constant gold circulation concerning specific items, also if they themselves do not attain eliminates.

In League of Legends, whatever is regarding the “enchanters”, a class of advocates that heal or enthusiasts other heroes. Normally, Supporters in LOL are played exclusively in the Botlane, following to an ADC they support, and let them all kills and also therefore the gold.

5 Things Riot Games REMOVED From League of Legends
In the new strategy, the advocates are not used the Botlane, yet are energetic on among the solo lanes:

  • Most recently, the just recently relevant coach LS had success with fans in the Midlane. His group cloud9 won professional video games with Soraka in the Midlane, that sustained his own Jungler early and brought forward.

  • For especially awe, the advocate Janna with the capacity Smite in the Top Lane. This has outstanding profit prices right here.

  • Professionals like Alphari currently say: It’s indecent to play them. She declined.

“Aided the various other group”

This time the strategy clearly falls short: The player was outlawed for 2 weeks.

What was the player outlawed? The player “Saidenhide” claims at Reddit, he played the fan Maokai in the top lane, but leaving as early as possible to fretted in other lanes for uneasyness as well as his team to offer a benefit with the “Objectives”.

The player states, with this strategy, he usually was successful, has won 5 out of 8 games, the strategy additionally led him in previous Seasons to the “Master title”.

On request, whether to make something at the spell, he received the answer from Assistance:

  • The spell is by hand done
  • You have checked out the replay and also obviously the player with Maokai tried to assist the opponent
  • He left the top lane and then awaited the location of the dragon to avoid experience and gold

Player mentions “genuine strategy” that was unhappy

The player says: It really feels unfairly dealt with. He claims that was a “reputable strategy” that was “miserable” in the game.

The strategy is still strong, because though they bring little cash and expers, they have wonderful impact on every lane in the video game.

D AS are the reactions : The case really splits the neighborhood:

  • A web page says: The player is right. The spell was unfair, his strategy was genuine.
  • Others however say, “If you have fun with the bull, then you also get the horns”: The player undoubtedly tried to make use of game technicians, however had stopped working – and also everybody reported him since the techniques are thought about as unpopular Also your own group you hate. The evil one is simply carefully.

Allzless, the leading meta is obviously not holding. Riot Games has already introduced to transform it today. As well as even the player says, when the Nerfs are there, he will certainly gather an additional strategy in the top lane:

Specialist declines to play a stylish heroine in Lol: “That’s indecent!”

A player in League of Legends says Riot Games has actually outlawed him for 2 weeks.

What was the player banned? The player “Saidenhide” says at Reddit, he played the advocate Maokai in the top lane, but leaving as early as possible to fretted in other lanes for uneasyness as well as his team to give a benefit with the “Purposes”. As well as even the player states, when the Nerfs are there, he will certainly collect another strategy in the top lane:

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