World of football comes together to protest Russia's invasion of Ukraine
The International Player Representation FIFPRO has confirmed the death of two Ukrainian footballers. It should be about the first dead in football, which has demanded the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The victims are DMYTRO Martynenko (25) and Vitalii Sapylo (21). Sapylo, who played as a Keeper in the offspring of Karpaty Lviv, came according to media reports in the fight with Russian troops near Kyiv. Martynenko, Goal Scorer at the Regional Club FC Hostomel, should have been killed in a missile impact in his house with his mother. Articles and videos about the topic * Tuchel outbreak! “Listen to asking me these questions!” * Ukraine’s footballer demand end of violence * All the games of the Africa Cup there are live at “Our thoughts are with the families, friends and teammates of the two young Ukrainians, the first victims of football in this war,” said the FIFPRO in the statement.