Zion Williamson apparently makes progress in his rehab and has already returned to New Orleans. Next week, he should slowly be integrated into the team training of the Pelicans. But there is no schedule for a possible comeback.

Last summer, the 21-year-old had pulled himself a midfoot, with the rehab, there were always complications. Most recently, he spent the past two months in Portland to get fit again. Like the athletic and espn consistent, Williamson has now returned to New Orleans.

In the coming week he should come back to the team, but for the time being not traveling to away games, while he continues to work on his comeback. There is not an appointment for a possible return of the franchis star on the parquet.

The Pelicans had reported on Wednesday that the injured bone in the right foot of the Big’s progress in the healing process are observed. Zion should slowly return to a full burden in training and also participate in basketball activities.

Due to the injury, the No.1-Pick has not completed a game from 2019 in the current season. In general, Williamson was only 85 times in his current career for the Pelicans on the Court. But even without him, the trend in New Orleans shows up, most recently four victories in series. New Orleans lies with a balance of 27-36 in ten in ten in the West and has the play-in tournament in the sights.

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Zion Williamson Finally Returning to the New Orleans Pelicans

In addition to the injury, however, the uncertain future of Williamson in the Pelicans is a source of fire away from the sport. In recent months, speculation has always been circulating, the actual hopesman could be unhappy in New Orleans. In the offseason, the Pelicans could offer him a lucrative, premature contract extension.