While playing through the mission of the history of the big departure in GREENHALL you will meet Şahin, the Bridge Alliance ambassador. It will ask you to investigate an alchemist who claims to sell a potion capable of curing the disease of Anchor. Accept to investigate, then cross the city until the location indicated.

GREENHALL – The Charlatan Quest Guide

You will find here the alchemist in his basket and he will sell the potion to various people who are gathered there. Talk to it and exhaust all conversation options. When this will be done, you will need to investigate. Head to the right, then go to the metal door that you will see if you turn left. Take both objects, one will be a letter and the other, a potion. Your plan is to make the Charlatan drinks its own preparation. You will be attacked by thugs, but can send them easily.

Return to the man and drink his potion, exhaust all the options for dialogue, then follow him to the tavern where he resides. Climb in his room, you will have two options after confronting it.

Stop it – If you wish, you can stop the man. This will give you a reputation with Bridge Alliance.

Help him escape from the city – If you have pity on man and his attempts to find a real cure for Anchor’s disease, you can decide to help him out of the city. There are several options to achieve this. First, you will have to find a way to treat with the crowd outside. If you have points in intuition, you can deduct them leaving them. Otherwise, you can give them six health potions. These can be purchased from any merchant. You can also simply fight the crowd, but avoid it, because it is not good for a high member placed merchants to see each other in the streets, and you will lose your reputation with the Congregation of Merchants.

Once you’re done, return to Şahin and you can choose to lie or ask him why he lied to you. If you lie, you will not lose any reputation point and if you confront it because of its dishonesty, you lose some reputation with Bridge Alliance.