Siegreest Co., Ltd. (Head office: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President, President: Owa Junpei) is provided for women “Yume Kingdom and 100 Prince of Sleeping” (hereinafter, “Dream 100”) is the 7th anniversary In the commemorative event “Prince Parade”, we informed that new information in the third part of the mainstay and the collaboration decision of the anime “Alchemist FullMetal Alchemist”.

“Dream 100” is a “love with the prince”, a smartphone puzzle RPG for new sense women. On the stage of “Yume Kingdom”, you can enjoy the sweet story by waking up the prince who has been dreaming and falling as a dream that appeared in the kingdom. A total of 100 luxury voice actors appeared, and it is a game that can be enjoyed while listening to the prince in various scenes. The number of downloads has been extended since the start of offering March 2015, and has been developed without going download 12 million downloads and not staying in Japan.

# Collaboration with anime “Alchemist FullMetal Alchemist” is decided!

The collaboration with the anime “Alchemist FullMetal Alchemist” has been decided and announced videos. Detailed information will be released later.

【Notice Videos】

# Main story The new character appears in the third part of the main story!

About the delivery date of the third part of the main story, Chapter 0 was decided on April 22nd, 2022, and the Chapter 1 was decided on May 27, 2022 (Fri), and two new characters appeared. It also announced that it has published a silhouette. In addition, if the number of retweets for delivery decisions is achieved 7,000, there will also be a retweet campaign that presents five fairysters in all princesses.

· Campaign period: March 20, 202 (Sun) -Marquid 33 (Wed) 23:59

# Main Story Part 3 Public Commemorative Campaign Overview

(1) Official YouTube at the main story first part & Part 2 for a limited time!

In commemoration of the release of the third part of the main story, we will deliver the full story of the first part and the second part at 20 o’clock on the “Dream 100” official YouTube channel.

· Holding period: March 25, 2022 (Fri) -17th (Sun)
※ The video release period is until June 30, 2022 (Thu) 23:59.
· “Dream 100” Official YouTube Channel

(2) Main story 1 part 1 and part 2 to be read without quests in the app!
The main story at the end of the app is added to the campaign that can be read without quests, and the second part of the second part 6, and 6, and 6, 2002.
※ Stories can be read, but the main story does not clear but the progress does not change.

· Holding period: March 20, 2022 (Sun)-May 31 (Tuesday) 23:59

(3) Main Story Part 3 Publication Commemoration! Main Story Stamp Rally Holds!
From April 2022, we will hold the main story stamp rally as a public commemoration of the third part of the main story.
This campaign can clear the main story first and part 2 and collect stamps, and get 15 fairystones at the maximum.

· Holding period: March 20, 2022 (Sun) -22nd (Fri) 10:59

# Collaboration with Sanrio Characters Decided!

Voting was performed at “EEO POLLS”, and collaboration with 10 prince and Sanrio Characters has been decided. Seven sets will be toy in “Mini-Character Drawing” and will be scheduled to expand in the Sanrio Anime Store at the summer of 2022. In addition, three sets will appear in the Sanrio Anime Store, with the desorption goods of each life and mini-character. Details will be notified by the “Dream 100” app or in the official Twitter ( later.

# Official fanbook production decision!

Couple Of Mirrors Chapter 55 Manhua | Waiting For You to Come Home (Part 1) | 【GL】
Production of “Dream 100 Official Fanbook” has been decided at the Bead Log Editorial Department.
This book is planning to set up a new prince and a visual for popular events, mainly in memory peas, and will be released in 2022.
Decorating the cover is the three prince chosen by the beads log vote, and we plan to create a limited edition of goods.
Details will be announced in the future “Bead Log”.

# Memory Piece The third anniversary planning is decided!

In May 2022, the “Memory Piece” Release 3rd Anniversary, we decided to hold online exhibitions.
Details will be notified of the official Twitter etc. later.

# “100 Prince and 100 Prince Sleeping” Service Overview

· Title: “100 prings with dream kingdom” · Genre: Women’s puzzle RPG · Usage fee: Basic play free, item charge system and offer start: Monday, 2015 (Mon) -Copy light: © GCREST, Inc. Delivery: App Store, Google Play (Native App) App Store Google Play /Apps/details? · Official site https://www.yume · Official Twitter

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