Xbox Game Pass is regarded as the most successful gaming subscription model. In January, President Phil Spencer MS games division, said the game starts falling Pass subscribers total just over 2,500.

Whether the game is worth what the path is to offer to consumers is clear. Game Pass subscribers are attracted to maintain the subscription that you can enjoy many games at the most reasonable prices.

If so, the developer of the game ipjeom path has indeed go back to what benefit? Yes the 2022 GDC MS has released a video of a lecture titled “How to maximize the total value of the game (total value)” to its own YouTube channel. MS in the video explains the value that the game can provide a path for developers. I saw browse its contents briefly.

Why do I need to maximize the total value

Games that MS is talking about ‘Total Value’ field game ▲ ▲ fan ensure exposure ▲ says that encompasses three elements of revenue.

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According to MS, which is reinforced throughout the total value of the current entertainment market it is not an easy task. Current world consumers because it means facing a lot of entertainment. For example, the United States is known to have assumed that you are using an average of nine content subscription service.

Therefore, this game pass ipjeom could help in this respect. This is also the value proposition of the game path. Catch phrase of the pass game is “Find your next choeae game.” That is, the non-users are becoming a ‘discovery engine’ (discovery engine) to find the best games.

To this end, MS says that service from the initial focus on providing a game library of high quality. When talking numerically, and provide a 60 game winner in the 30 games since the launch ceremony.

As such, because the quality of the entire game library is stand out, with a ipjeom game is also provided is stand out, ▲ new releases ▲ lifecycle management ▲ increasing profitability ▲ series of sales, etc. to MS that can reduce the marketing ever help in various scenarios described am.

Increased exposure # games

Then the MS game pass game ▲ ▲ fan ensure exposure ▲ weeks whether to bring much greater benefits specifically for developers in three areas of revenue growth was explained by examining its statistics.

First, the game exposed side. According to MS path game users tend far as the basic game using the time, the greater the width play games. So naturally ipjeom games have a description, the greater the chance of noticeable subscribers.

First time back and forth to join the gameplay of the game, each subscriber pass 90 days each survey results ever gameplay time itself was investigated as far as about 40%. Also, I enjoyed the traditional 30% wider range of game genres. Finally it revealed that 90% of the user response that “tried a new game would not have tried if it was not a game pass.

Looking at the statistics obtained from the Xbox platform, it examined the results of the previous releases ipjeom game there was at least 1.6 times, up to 28-fold, 8.3-fold increase in the average user. Was born in the big game publishers DAU increased an average of 3.5 times during the first 30 days, DAU of indie games has increased an average of 15 times.

Ensure enhanced fan

So what is the game based on the path give help to secure the title ipjeom fan? Similar to the previously existing ipjeom releases before and after the comparison of 90 days each Instagram, Reddit, YouTube, Facebook, etc. the amount of those games mentioned on various social channels neuleonatdago tripled MS says.

Also, look at the Xbox users turned out to be three times the number of your friend count among your pass game compared to normal Xbox users. MS said, “That is not to mention the game geuchineun seems to form a bond,” he said.

This network will act as a marketing effect for each game. For example, in the case of a multiplayer game, the greater the probability of a particular subscriber to be a new user as easily join the gameplay of other subscribers.


But even so concerned about the games, or the number of fans neuleonandago this does not lead to a substantial revenue increase is not significant.

MS is seen compared to the spending levels of the selected group is also similar to gamers and spending propensity to participate in the game the game the user passes, the game passes subscribers. The results found that the total expenditure of the game Path users average 50% higher. Game titles, add-on, in-game goods, such as no greater deviation of the expenditure, that also deserves to be higher in all specialties 45-60% level.

If you compare the before and after of the title ipjeom spend a lot of users were 2.8 times more add-ons and consumer spending. In addition, 67% of the expenditure will rise by Game Pass subscribers, 50% are spending their games pass ipjeom Never before played the game user.


When the MS Global statistics above, the game passes are secured exposure and the fans of ipjeom title, concluded that the unknown that is substantially help to increase revenue.

Furthermore, particular emphasis was going bigger profits back to indie game developers. MS through the indie release support program [email protected] participate examination, games purchased, their revenue in 2020 grew by a total of 300% compared with 2016, of which 190% is close to two-thirds of the Game Pass He said generated.