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My Nintendo honors for Starfox, Metroid, Youngster Icarus and more!

Nintendo has just revealed its May My Nintendo Rewards range as well as we had some spicy available for sale. If you record your Nintendo points for a wonderful 3DS game, you can be pleased with it, because it includes games like Metroid: Samus Returns, Mario Kart 7, Kid Icarus: Uprising, and also several others! Even if the video games do not passion you, there are also some styles as well as wallpapers to be won, ensure to consult them on the Nintendo website!

The full checklist of purchases is as adheres to:

Platinum points

30% reduction on Celebrity Fox 64 3D for 150 Platinum points
30% decrease on Mario Kart 7 for 200 factors Platinum
30% reduction on Mario & Luigi: Dream Group for 150 platinum points
Nes: Jumping Mario 3DS Style for 100 Platinum Points
Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition, May Calendar has 50 Platinum points
Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition, May Schedule B for 50-50 Platinum Points
Xenoblade Chronicles: Clear-cut Edition Shulk Wallpaper for 50 Platinum Points
A Dragalia Lost New Crossover Occasion, Fire Symbol: Kincred Ties Wallpaper for 50 Platinum Points

Gold points

30% decrease on Youngster Icarus: Uprising for 80 Gold Points
30% reduction on Metroid: Samus returns for 90 gold points
30% reduction on Mario Sports Superstars for 90 Gold Points

Super Mario Odyssey: 3DS theme all over the world for 20 gold points

Nintendo has simply introduced its May My Nintendo Rewards range and we had some spicy for sale. If you tape-record your Nintendo factors for a great 3DS video game, you could be pleased with it, because it includes video games like Metroid: Samus Returns, Mario Kart 7, Child Icarus: Uprising, as well as numerous others! Also if the games do not passion you, there are also some wallpapers and also motifs to be won, make certain to consult them on the Nintendo website!

Ali-a Cup in Fortnite: How to participate and get your skin for free

The popular British youtuber ALI-A hpoints its own tournament in Fortnite : the Ali-A cup . This competitive event will allow us to get free the Skin Ali-A . Just below we tell you everything necessary, including How to participate , what date and What time does it have this Cup of sepointson 2 of Fortnite Chapter 3 :

How to get the Skin Ali-A in Fortnite

To get the Skin Ali-A in Fortnite, we will have to participate and stay in high positions in the Ali-A Cup, held on the May 18, 2022 . The Ali -A Cup is Duos – zero construction . points usual, we will have to play up to ten games in a period of up to three hours ; The objective is to be high enough on the scoreboard of our region (bpointsed on eliminating enemy players and being in good position in the games played) in order to opt for this free award.

When is the Ali-A Cup in Fortnite?

Fortnite’s Ali-A Cup will take place on Wednesday, May 18 and the tournament time changes depending on our game region. To check the specific schedule according to the region in which we want to participate, you have to enter the “competition” of the Fortnite Battle Royale menu . We will update this section of the news points soon points we know the specific schedules.

How to participate in the Ali-A May 18 Cup in Fortnite

To participate in the Fortnite Ali-A Cup on May 18, 2022 simply * . Done this, we select the corresponding game mode, and we play.

Fortnite Ali-A Cup score system

The following scoring system is used in the ALI-A Cup:

  • Magistral victory: 25 points.
  • 2nd: 22 points.
  • 3: 20 points.
  • 4th: 18 points.
  • 5th: 17 points.
  • 6: 16 points.
  • 7th: 15 points.
  • 8: 14 points.
  • 9th: 13 points.

How To Get The ALI-A Skin For FREE! (Ali-A Cup Date, TIME & Details)
* 10th: 12 points.

  • 11th: 11 points.
  • 12th: 10 points.
  • 13th: 9 points.
  • 14th: 8 points.
  • 15th: 7 points.
  • 16.: 6 points.
  • 17th: 5 points.
  • 18th and 19th: 4 points.
  • 20th and 21st: 3 points.
  • 22nd and 23rd: 2 points.
  • 24th and 25th: 1 points.
  • Each elimination: 1 point.

Fortnite Ali-A Cup Awards

The greatest incentive to participate in this Cup is Get the Skin Ali-A for free before it reaches the store . These are the awards that we can obtain for participating in the Ali-A Cup in Fortnite and staying in the following positions:


From 1 to 1,200.º *: Skin Ali-A and Backpack Accessory Choir of Ali-Tech.
For obtaining at lepointst 8 points *: Emoticono Army Ali-A.

United States (Epointst Costa)

From 1 to 800.º *: Skin Ali-A and Backpack Accessory Choir of Ali-Tech.
For obtaining at lepointst 8 points *: Emoticono Army Ali-A.

United States (west copointst)

From 1 to 350.º *: Skin Ali-A and Backpack Accessory Choir of Ali-Tech.
For obtaining at lepointst 8 points *: Emoticono Army Ali-A.


From 1 to 350.º *: Skin Ali-A and Backpack Accessory Choir of Ali-Tech.
For obtaining at lepointst 8 points *: Emoticono Army Ali-A.


From 1 to 100.º *: Skin Ali-A and Backpack Accessory Choir of Ali-Tech.
For obtaining at lepointst 8 points *: Emoticono Army Ali-A.


From 1 to 100.º *: Skin Ali-A and Backpack Accessory Choir of Ali-Tech.
For obtaining at lepointst 8 points *: Emoticono Army Ali-A.

Middle Epointst

From 1 to 100.º *: Skin Ali-A and Backpack Accessory Choir of Ali-Tech.
For obtaining at lepointst 8 points *: Emoticono Army Ali-A.

This competitive event is another Fortnite Cup that allows us to win a free object. In our complete Fortnite Battle Royale guide we delve into other pointspects such points all missions, or what a weapon is better.

NBA: Dallas Mavericks jump back into three place

The Dallas Mavericks have spaced another victory in the fight for third in the West. The Brooklyn Nets Siegen – despite a very weak first half. The Boston Celtics set another exclamation mark.

Detroit Pistons (23-57) – Dallas Mavericks (50-30) 113: 131 (Boxscore)

  • It was the most unpleasant task for the MAVs against a Detroit team, which had recently won three games in a bit. The pistons had only one big one with Isaiah Stewart (19, 3/3 threesome, 13 rebounds), but beat long Wacker. Luka Doncic scratched with 26 points (8/21), 8 rebounds and 14 assists on a triple double, but had to work very hard.
  • The Slovene also posted 6 turnover and eventually gave up the Mismatch Hunting against Stewart, who hit grandiose in these situations. With Jalen Brunson (24, 9/15) Doncic also had enough support, the Guard helped mainly in the third quarter, when the guests had a little worn for the first time.
  • Dallas scored 34 points at 82 percent from the field (14/17 FG) in this section. However, 5 turnover prevented a higher leadership (+13), also because Cade Cunningham (25, 7/19, 9 assists) Doncic could be annoyed in one-counter-one and also put his stamp in the attack to the game. 11 free throws were also a best value for the top pick from the draft of 2021.
  • In the fourth quarter, the MAVs still burned nothing more. Davis Bertan (9) net three triples in a row, also Josh Green (12) delivered plays. At the end, six guest players scored two-digit, the other three regular rotary players ever achieved 9 meters. Doncic had some time to conjure up her head with this no-look pass. Maxi glue lacked again because of ankle problems.
  • By victory, the MAVs push past Golden State in third place. The Warriors can change this morning again when you receive the Los Angeles Lakers in the Chase Center.

New York Knicks (35-45) – Brooklyn Nets (42-38) 98: 110 (Boxscore)

  • That was nothing of the Nets for a long time, but in the middle of the third quarter, the men of Steve Nash decided, but again to start an attack on Seventh place in the East. With a 25: 4 run, the guests catapulted in the Subway Series back to the game and were then able to rely on the closing qualities of Kevin Durant.
  • The forward did not just score 13 of its 32 points (including 10 rebounds, 11 assists) in the fourth neighborhood, but also spent most of the time as a Small Ball Center. 3 blocks were noted in the boxscore, added numerous defended throws. The knicks, once with 21 points in front, achieved only 30 points after the break.
  • In general, the hosts have not succeeded in the last 7:10 minutes not a single Field Goal anymore, the Nets ended the game with another 18: 3 run. Patty Mills (15) met four of his five threes in the final portion, Kyrie Irving scored 24 points and 7 assists. Seth curry (15, 5/10) came back after two games pause.
  • At the knicks, Alec Burks was with 24 meter (7/14) of the most diligent point collectors, while at R.J. Barrett (23, 7/27 FG, 7/12 FT, 7 Assists) Let’s leaving the efficiency to be desired. Obi Toppins (19, 7/13) Performance in the absence of Julius Randle, however, once again made courage.

Atlanta Hawks (42-38) – Washington Wizards (35-45) 118: 103 (Boxscore)

  • The Atlanta Hawks also did their homework, but they also had some difficulties with the already eliminated Wizards. In the end it was once more Trae Young, who led his colors to victory. 30 points (8/17 FG, 11/12 FT), 11 assists and plus minus from +28 were recorded for the All-Star Guard of the Hawks.
  • Young was also the one who set the points on victory at the end of the third quarter. Within 126 seconds, the Guard achieved 14 counters at the piece for the hosts, Washington made six free throws, two deep threes and a successful drive in the same period, and a successful drive, the Hawks had a double-digit leadership.
  • The wizards kept along with good shot. Kristaps Porzingis put a strong double-double with 26 points (8/16 FG) and 18 rebounds, this time also fell the threesome (4/8) for the Letten. The guests met a lot from the middle distance, in addition to the unicorn Ish Smith (9, 6 Assists) was highlighted here.
  • Atlanta left nothing more in the final section, next to Young was also Danilo Gallinari (26, 11/19, 10 Rebounds) a hot hand. The same hit Bogdan Bogdanovic (18, 6/9 threesome), the Serbe seems to be well in the rhythm shortly before the playoffs.

Nets @ Knicks | NBA on ESPN Live Scoreboard

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* Playoffs missed! That’s the stars to the Lakers Disaster
* Experience the NBA live on Dazn. Register now! Can be terminated at any time monthly.

FIFA 22, DCE was spot points on the ground

Discover the solution for the DCE Points on the ground, a team creation challenge to be done on the mode was FIFA 22. This DECE is intended to save you a small packagers pack mixed premium by completing it.

Note that this challenge begins on Wednesday, March 30 at 19h and lasts two days, ending on Friday, April 1st at 19h. By completing this challenge, you will get a Pack Jumbo Gold Premium.

Should this DCE do?

The DCE Points on the ground is a unique challenge, linked to the event Fantasy was on the mode was FIFA 22. In view of the price of the cards and the criteria requested, we recommend completing it.

  • Recommendation: Yes

  • Probable credit gain? No

Points on the ground, the criteria

  • Different nationalities: maximum 6
  • Same league: minimum 3
  • Different clubs: minimum 5

* Overall team rating: 75
* Collective: Minimum 80
* Reward: A Pack Jumbo Gold Premium
* End of the challenge: Friday, April 1st at 19h
* Price: Approx 5.9k

Our example of a solution for the DCE Points on the ground was made with the Futbin team creator.

Our solutions are examples of training allowing you to achieve these DCE at the cheapest price possible without having cards. It is obviously possible to achieve these challenges with other cards. Attention also because the overall cost of these solutions can evolve (downward as risen) over time.

You can find the full list of different DCE Live for the FIFA 22 mode on our list of active team creation challenges (DCE). In addition, find all our guides as well as all the news of the game on our FIFA 22 portal.

Ghostwire: Toyko – find all 25 Tanuki

In our Tanuki Guide to Ghostwire: Toyko you will learn:

  • The locations of all 25 hidden in Shibuya Tanuki and how you get there the fastest way
  • Which rewards expect you to find the individual Tanuki
  • How to unlock the extremely rare TANUKI suit

Shibuya, the open game world of Ghostwire: Tokyo, is plump filled with collective tasks. One of them is to find 25 Tanuki. Before you start your TANUKI search, however, you must first speak with the leader of Tanuki , which is located at Shiroyama shrine in the southwest of the card. As it continues, our guide shows.

Ghostwire Tokyo Jagd auf Tanuki - Alle 25 Fundorte | All Tanuki Locations
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Shiroya Shrine: Tanuki Office (3)

TANUKI with yellow leaf on the head (# 1)

Reward :

  • 100 experience points
  • Emote: karate 1

After the conversation with the Tanuki leader, down the stairs, run on the bamboo wall and looks to the right. Right next to the start of a small staircase, you spawn a pot with lid , under which a wedding raccoon throw can be seen. Examines the object and you have found the first TANUKI.

TANUKI with yellow scarf (No. 2)

Reward :

  • 100 experience points
  • Emote: gangster hatch

Southeast of Shiroyama shrine is a huge, 4-lane motorway overpass. Go there and seek the fog wall in the south of the card. Then run under the road in northeastern direction until you come to the second major concrete pillar. The Tanuki is located in a vending machine on the way to the next concrete pillar. For better orientation: not far away is a big white truck.

TANUKI with yellow purse (No. 3)

Reward :

  • 100 experience points,
  • Emote: Shrome

Travel to Shiroyoma Shrine, the map opens and looks like a mini market on the edge of the edge of the edge of the edge of the edge of the edge of the carpentation. Mark the Tengu right next to the mini market and uses it to get to the roof of the building. Once there, you can see a huge red billboard with white Japanese font. The Tanuki has hidden in the small Torii goal before.

Namita shrine: TANUKI site (1)

TANUKI with green Furoshiki (No. 4)

Reward :

  • 100 experience points
  • Emote: on the floor 3

West of the Namita shrine, which is located on a roof, you can see a huge blue billboard with beverage cans of the fictitious brand “Precarious” on it. Uses the house roofs and your jump and sliding talent to get there. Read around the billboard and you discover a Tanuki in a raccoon statue .

Yashin shrine: TANUKI site (1)

Armored Tanuki (No. 5)

Reward :

  • 100 experience points
  • Emote: run like the wind

Southeast of Yashin-Schrein is a parking lot, on the three white and a yellow excavator parking. Large parts of the parking lot are closed with a wall. Behind a construction site sign , which shows a male with blue uniform and a shield on the upper body, a Tanuki hides with a yellow helmet.

Morite shrine: TANUKI site (1)

TANUKI with red flower (No. 6)

Reward :

  • 100 experience points
  • Emote: Sweet Fratz

East from the Morite shrine is the world famous Shibuya street crossing. Southeast of it you can see a great place on which a small truck parking in front of a patched building. On the roof of the building (under which the subway input is located) you discover a satellite dish . This is the searched Tanuki.

Akisawa shrine: TANUKI locations (2)

TANUKI with red Furoshiki (No. 7)

Reward :

  • 100 experience points
  • Emote: karate 2

Northeast of the Akisawa shrine is a hospital. On the roof sits a Tanuki dressed like an orange-white striped traffic c1. To get to the roof of the hospital , first introduce you to the main entrance of the building. Behind you hear a Tengu. It looks at it, draws to the adjoining building and activates the ghost view. Shortly thereafter, you discover two floating doll spirits, also called Sun’s dancers.

Runs to the roof of the dolls, but does not fight against them, but glides from there on the roofs of the buildings, which are right next to the hospital. Arrived there, hide briefly, wait until the ghosts have disappeared and then continue on the hospital roof to the traffic cone tanuki .

TANUKI with white flower (# 8)


  • 100 experience points
  • Emote: caress cat

About a block west of the Akisawa shrine is the Hotel Silent-Nya. Imagine the entrance, turn 180 degrees and you can see a rather Triste’s building with a promotional label for the hotel. Directly below is several vending machines. On the right of these, you come to an alley with a little red Torii Goal . The Tanuki has hidden in the upper beam of the gate.

Shopping district of Utagawa: Tanuki Fundorte (3)

TANUKI with pink flower (No. 9)

Reward :

  • 100 experience points
  • Emote: elegant landing

Eastern by the Torii Gate in Utagawa’s shopping area, you bums on the starting point of the Nest of Baden “Nest of Evils”. Imagine frontal in front of the quest sensor spirit and then looks to the top right. On the building you discover a huge advertising bill with raccoons . It hides the Tanuki.

To get to the building, run from the side-quail in the northeastern direction once across the street. There you discover a fire staircase that runs between two 5-storey buildings . Go to the roof over the stairs, glides over to the advertising board of the above-mentioned building and another Tanuki belongs to you.

TANUKI with frosted sheet (No. 10)

Reward :

  • 100 experience points
  • Emote: prayer

Starting from the Torii Shrine in Utagawa, her south marches south – initially a huge staircase, then along a road running upwards. Arrived up, you see the billboard in the background for the “Furo-to Bathshop” . Below is a mini market and a green taxi.

Compared to the mini market on the other street side, the clothing store is Larout. On the left there is a dark alley with numerous air conditioning and vending machines. The Tanuki hides in the third beverage machine on the left side.

TANUKI with red scarf (No. 11)


  • 100 experiences
  • Emote: love and peace

In the northeast of this carpentry area, a huge water canal runs with a highway about it. Go to the canal, headed to the north shore and lands on the narrow path that runs at the height of the water. Run it so far to the east until you see a wooden door together with grille right next to it. In the door the Tanuki hides.

Hitani Shrine: Tanuki Office (2)

TANUKI with oval leaf (# 12)

Reward :

  • 100 experience points
  • Emote: seat 3

Uses the speed to get to the Hitani Shrine. Run through the red gate (branch south) and then right on the shrine until you see a parking lot and a white delivery cart . Arrived at the delivery van, sharply turns to the right west. Then always straight, past a silver car, a green taxi, a white delivery cart and a black car.

Before you see a 2-storey concrete building with lattice fence. At the top of a power box is the Tanuki, hidden in a Daruma figure . To achieve the position, keep right until you see a staircase with blue trash can. Rotate at the trash can by 180 degrees and you see the staircase of a building. There in, from on the roof and then with a jump over to Tanuki.

TANICU with green chain (No. 13)


  • 100 experience points
  • Emote: carate slopes

Run from the Hutani shrine to the south, crosses the bridge, which leads across the water channel and continue straight ahead until it reaches the quoter of the secondary mission “Rokurokubi” .

Continue in Western direction, past an orange transporter and up the street until you reach the entrance to a tiny park and bench. Directly behind it is another bench with two vending machines before. The Tanuki has turned on opposite corner as a pack of instant noodles .

Namihara shrine: TANUKI site (1)

TANUKI with gray scarf (No. 14)

Reward :

  • 100 Experience point
  • Emote: relocated

Imagine the vapor’s box of the Namihara shrine and climbs on its roof. Then jump to the roof of the shrine and goes to the highest point of the building. Makes another sentence on the adjoining, approximately equal building in the southeast. The Tanuki hides on the roof in a shield next to the satellite dish .

Toyoi shrine: TANUKI site (1)

TANUKI with pink purse (No. 15)

Reward :

  • 100 experience points
  • Emote: Cut dog

Run from the Toyoi shrine into the adjacent road that leads to southwestern direction. Follow this and turns on the right after the second cross road. Hold a smaller, fenced parking lot with an orange parking ticket machine and three drinks vending machines . One of them (red-white and floral symbols) is not on the right spot – this is the requested Tanuki.

Chishima shrine: TANUKI site (1)

TANUKI with yellow flower on the head (No. 16)

Reward :

  • 100 experience points
  • Emote: lean

Run from the Chishima shrine four blocks north, until you reach the northeastern end of the park. Seek there after a telephone booth. Behind it you see many parked bicycles in front of a steep concrete wall, just about it a fence. Behind the fence, the Tanuki was camouflaged as a telephone booth .

Hatsuike shrine: TANUKI site (1)

TANUKI with blue purse (No. 17)

Reward :

  • 100 Experience point
  • Emote: sumo attitude

This raccoon did not hide well. Run from the Hatsuike shrine to the adjacent park in eastern direction and is looking for a staircase that leads directly to the park. Run up the stairs and you can see a as a office chair. Tanuki .

Tatsu-shrine: TANUKI site (1)

TANUKI with dotted Furoshiki (No. 18)


  • 100 experience points
  • Emote: seat 1

First leaving the area of ​​the Tatsui shrine towards the west. Run on the left at the charted with hat construction site with great excavator over, crosses the zebra strip and then looks to the right. In front of you is a parking lot with two vending machines on the left before the entrance.

Go to the end of the parking lot until you reach the foot of a huge concrete column, which supports the bridge over it. A few meters left of the concrete pillar has hid a Tanuki in a red Daruma figure .

Saihama shrine: Tanuki site (1)

TANUKI with red maple (No. 19)

Reward :

  • 100 experience points
  • Emote: on the ground 2

Go to the Saihama Shrine by speed trip. Then turn 180 degrees, runs to the roof edge of the building and looks down. Between two buildings you see a bushes overgrown alley . Jump down, runs until the end of the alley and her troubles to a Tanuki figure.

Onten Shrine: TANUKI site (1)

TANUKI with green wallet around the neck (No. 20)


  • 100 experience points
  • Emote: Cute factor 1000

Go to the go-shrine and looks at the sacrificial box. Then turn left (say gen north), run straight and look down. There you can see a white delivery van and oblique to the right of it a narrow alley. Go into the alley and turn right at the first intersection. On a park bench lit by a lantern is the Tanuki in a cardboard box .

Kuo Shrine: TANUKI Office (2)

TANUKI with yellow chain (No. 21)

Reward :

  • 100 experience points
  • Emote: umbrella

Teleports to the Kuo Shrine, then open the card, east of the shrine the quest transmitter of the Side Mission “Full House” and goes to him. On the sidewalk left of him you can see in the distance a yellow luminous blackboard, which indicates the name “Incident Homes” upon closer inspection. In addition, the step is to a fire staircase.

Going up, all the opponents do on the roof and then stick to the right of the staircase after a shield looks out , which looks similar to the bottom of the fire staircase. Underneath, the Tanuki hides.

TANUKI with green maple leaf on the head (# 22)

Reward :

  • 100 experience points
  • Emote: control loss

Starts this challenge overlooking the Kuo Shrine. Run on the right past this until you come to a glass railing. Look down and keep in the southward direction after a skyscraper with green advertising log. Opens the map and sets a marker on the small park ( Shibaura Park ) south of the building.

Go to Shibaura Park and do the Kuchisake lady that attacks you with your giant scissors. Then you will find the Tanuiki camouflaged in the park as the middle of three panda rocking animals .

Mikubo shrine: Tanuki site (1)

TANUKI with red chain (No. 23)


  • 100 experience points
  • Emote: on the floor 1

Run from Mikubo shrine a few steps to the south and then looks up to the roof of the building to peek a Tengu. Sights the Tengu with a pressed L2 button, picks up the roof by gripper hook and you’ll look at a huge skyscraper with a red moon behind it.

Climb on the next lead and slides to the opposite building at TANUKI statue . Additional tip for all trophy collectors in Ghoswire: Tokyo (Guide): Look at the moon for 30 seconds and you collect the bronze trophy “Lonely Tsukimi”.

Kamio shrine: TANUKI site (1)

TANUKI with pink Furoshiki (No. 24)


  • 100 experience points
  • Emote: seat 2

Southeast of the Kamio Shrine, the NetSuke collector Nekomata has opened a shop – on the map to recognize on a yellow cat symbol. Directly on the opposite street side is a leaving acting shrine. On the grounds of the shrine you see a red statue with two faces – it is the searched Tanuki.

Shimokusa shrine: TANUKI site (1)

TANUKI with triangular leaf on the head (No. 25)


  • 100 experience points
  • Emote: water-kunai?

Go to Shimokusa Shrine and opens the card. Two blocks west is the area of ​​ancient Nekomatas. Flashing there is there there and turn 180 degrees. Then over the street, past the covered bike rack and turn right onto the cemetery. The Tanuki is hidden in a tombstone .

How do I get the Tanuki suit?

As soon as you have collected all 25 Tanuki, you tell you to Kirigaoka Shrine in the north of the map. There still briefly chatted with the leader of the raccoon and this hand over a pretty cool Tanuki suit. The suit will be found in the inventory at the bottom of the list under “Complete Outfits”. Congratulations on the successful search and have fun wearing the TANUKI suit!

For reward, she also receives the bronze trophy “moved on the fur” .

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NBA: Nearest GameWinner! Spencer Dinwiddie recessed Brooklyn Nets with Dallas Mavericks

Spencer Dinwiddie has met the next Gamewinner and thus helped Dallas Mavericks to 113: 111 triumph against the Brooklyn Nets. Luka Doncic scratched at the Triple Double.

Brooklyn Nets (36-34) – Dallas Mavericks (43-26) 111: 113 (Boxscore)

Spencer Dinwiddie Shocked Luka Doncic As Crazy Game Winner!Brooklyn Nets Vs Dallas Mavericks#nba
Against the Boston Celtics, Dinwiddie already secured the victory for Dallas, this time he even succeeded against his former team of five years! Playing with ten seconds and a point behind Doncic got the ball in the hand, was doubled and led the ball to Dinwiddie, who brought the litter of Downtown just in the air – Ballgame!

Doncic was the outstanding man of the game with 37 points at 14/26 FG and 5/12 threes and 9 rebounds and assists at 4 turnover in almost 39 minutes, but Dinwiddie adopted one with 22 meters at 6/14 from the field as well as 3 assists and 3 steads. The Mavericks went to the last quarter with 13 points, but fought quickly back for a final phase in which it went to blow.

In Defense, the tactics of MAVs against the opposing superstar quickly became clear: without the support of Kyrie Irving, the further injured Ben Simmons and Seth Curry Dallas wanted to take the ball from the hands of Kevin Durant. After a good first quarter of KD (9 points), the MAVs doubled Durant at almost every occasion. In the meantime, they kept him almost 21 minutes without a hit out of the field, then Durant and the Nets again found more frequent answers to the Doubles.

Thus, Durant was held at 23 points at 8/20 FG, but played 10 assists and made for the guidance of the Nets 10 seconds before the end with a deep threesome over two Mavericks. Goran Dragic took over mainly in Durants’s bad second quarter (2 points) the responsibility with 14 of its 21 meters (9/16 FG, 4 assists). Andre Drummond (14, 7/8 FG) prepared the MAV’s major problems in the first quarter when he fetched 5 of his 8 offensives bounds (17 in total) in less than 7 minutes.

Although Maxi Kleber remained as against Boston without much success from the field (4, 0/4 3P), but historically shone as a defender of Durant. The bank of Mavericks played hardly a role in the offense with just 15 points anyway, Brooklyn had an advantage there with 27 meters.

Maxi glue frustrated Kevin Durant

Dallas put on a starting five with the three Guards Doncic, Brunson and Dinwiddie next to Finney-Smith and Powell. Brooklyn came better into play and let the ball run very well, bringing the Nets the first two-digit lead (30:20) of the game. For the MAVs almost everything ran through Doncic, who booked twelve points in the first quarter.

For the next twelve points of the MAVs with Doncic on the bank, Brunson and Dinwiddie provided sharply and thus supplied a duel with Dragic, who held the openness of the opposite side with Durant on the bank very well. Doncic scored twelve MAV’s points in a row after his next replacement, but Durant was very different: he had hardly success in the second quarter (2 points) and showed himself frustrated as he moved the tight defending glue before the break Clear offensive foul.

Glue was also allowed to start in the second half, MAVS coach Jason Kidd brought Dinwiddie from the bank. The Mavs quickly grabbed their first lead since the initial minutes, but Durant came into play again. With good passports against the constant doubles of the MAVs, he always launched a successful 4-counter-3 situation for his team, often offered Bruce Brown at the freezer or at Cuts. Brooklyn won the third quarter with 30:21.

Dallas, however, answered immediately and started with a fast 15: 4-run in the fourth quarter. The Nets pulled something away again, but then they stayed for three minutes without points until Dragic had just under three minutes before the end. The teams exchanged baskets down to the final minute, when Doncic from the middle distance with his first third litter in the last quarter 23 seconds before the end set to +2. Durant brought the lead back, then Dinwiddie finished the game.

The Nets lose their winning streak after four games, Dallas at least briefly passes Utah past the fourth place of Western Conference.

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Microsoft Rewards: New ways to collect points is being tested


In a trial, Microsoft is currently choosing users who receive new possibilities using the Xbox app on mobile and PC devices as they can collect rewards points. The test takes place for a small selection of games in certain regions. Which ones are is not known. Among other things, users can build in the Xbox app Streaks for daily login and thus earn additional Microsoft Rewards points. The test continues to include play rewards activities that can be completed for Microsoft Rewards points and bonus points added to each completed play rewards activity. Darken to Dionysus for the tip for this message.

NBA Lebron James saves the Los Angeles Lakers to the next bankruptcy

The Lakers have a victory against the Cavaliers retracted – despite an own mistakes festivals throughout much of the game. LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony are at the crucial stage on the spot, with the Nets James Harden is back meanwhile. The Raptors tremble against Franz Wagner and the Magic over the finish line, Miami and Portland get victories.

Toronto Raptors (3-3) – Orlando Magic (1-5) 110: 109 (Boxscore)

In the first half, the Raptors fans celebrated their rookie Scottie Barnes, in the final section then began Fred VanVleet and O.G. Anuoby fire – before Toronto almost herschenkte to certain victory. For the most important play of the evening was Gary Trent Jr. on the spot.
About the first 36 minutes the two young teams delivered a balanced affair, the home side took command. Anunoby (10 of 16 points in the fourth quarter), fired several threesomes a 13: 0 run, with which Toronto deposited. VanVleet (16 of 19 points in the fourth quarter) grew gradually Toronto was two minutes before the end at +12 and just before the victory.
But nothing was to recline. A four-point play of Jalen Suggs and a clutch triple by Franz Wagner were the highlights of a 11: 0 run, the Magic, just over 6 seconds before the end they even got the ball back with a chance of winning. But Trent Jr. (19) got his fingers to the leather, Cole Anthony was forced into a half-court shot that went wrong – Toronto escaped Just across the finish line.
Barnes was the best with 21 points and 9 rebounds points scorer of his colors, 19 points of which already came in mid-term one. This took the Canadian fans for Scottie s better! – chanting as swipe at Suggs. Toronto is known to chose in Draft 2021 in position 4 for Barnes, whose good buddy Suggs went to 5 to the Magic.
But the 20-year-old also knew to convince thanks to a good second half and made his best game in the NBA (21 points). Anthony came up with 24 points, Wendell Carter Jr. on a double-double (17 and 12 rebounds), Wagner put 10 meters on, but only hit 12.4 from the field. His brother Moritz came 8 minutes used and brought no points and only one rebound on the scoreboard.

Brooklyn Nets (3-3) – Indiana Pacers (1-5) 105: 98 (Boxscore)

James Harden can obviously still. After a mixed season start The Beard made as top scorer of the Nets (29), his best game in 2021/22. Also on the referees he could at this time not complain, Harden was 19 times at the free throw line (16 hits). The other guarantee of success for the Nets were Kevin Durant and LaMarcus Aldridge.

Lakers blow 26-point lead in the Thunder's first win of the year - Skip & Shannon I NBA I UNDISPUTED
The start of the game was anything but custom-made for the home side, who fell behind in the second quarter of up to 16 meters. However, the response was followed in the form of a 23: 5-run, Harden played it with 13 points in the second period an important role. After the break, however, it missed Brooklyn settle crucial.
Weak shoot the Nets (26.06 triple) and numerous turnovers (18 for 23 direct Pacers points) held Indiana in the game. We have a lot of good shooters who currently just do not apply. This throws will eventually go in, analyzed coach Steve Nash. 0! run just over four minutes left Brooklyn finally on the road to victory: Only one eighth
Aldridge contributed contributes important actions, with his 21 points off the bench (17 in total 10/16 FG, plus 8 rebounds in half two) he broke through as the 48th player in the NBA history the barrier of 20,000 points. Durant came up with 22 points, 11 rebounds and 7 assists, but also seven turnovers – and would have according to the rules actually have to be referred for a hefty into the audience ball of the field. On the part of the Pacers Torrey Craig (28 and 11 rebounds, 16.9 FG, Career High) showed a strong performance, rookie Chris Duarte was still on 19, Domantas Sabonis on 16 points.

Miami Heat (4-1) – Charlotte Hornets (4-2) 114: 99 (Boxscore)

The duel of the best exports of the league against the following points best defense of the league went to the heat-defense – and in half-time one even more than clear. A comeback trial of the Hornets was no longer rewarded, behind a strong Heat triumvirate, Miami secured the fourth victory in the fifth game.
The dominance among the boards (60:37 rebounds), good defense (CHA: 39 percent FG) and an initially fire-hoisting Tyler Herro brought the home owner already a comfortable leadership in the first half. Herro (13 points in the second quarter) brokered Miami to a 26-point lead. This hole was ultimately too low for hornets brave after the side change.
Gordon Hayward (23, 5/8 threesome) and Miles Bridges (22 and 8 rebounds) charred a new spark at Charlotte, who even brought the guests to 6 points in the fourth quarter after a few minutes in the fourth neighborhood. But she did not come closer, Miami answered with an ice cold 7: 0 run and then controlled the events again. Lamelo Ball caught a used evening (6, 2/14 FG).
Herro ended the match with 26 points (9/13 FG, including 6 assists), the same yield also held the statisticians for Bam AdeBayo (10/16 FG, 19 rebounds), which from the franchise a banner under the hall corner for His Olympic gold medal has been donated. Best man at the Heat was Jimmy Butler, who convinced with efficient 32 counters (12/19 FG), 10 rebounds and 5 assists.

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NBA Lamelo Ball leads Hornets to 23 point comeback Franz Wagner makes Magic

Lamelo Ball and the Charlotte Hornets have put an unbelievable comeback against the Indiana Pacers. The Orlando Magic are chanceless, Franz Wagner still shows one of the better rookie debuts of the day. Yes morant excited at 37 points.

The hornets are started with a curious victory in the season. Chicago must bite, but can rely on Zach Lavine.

Charlotte Hornets (1-0) – Indiana Pacers (0-1) 123: 122 (Boxscore)

What a wild game in Charlotte! With 23 counters, the hosts were back at the beginning of the third quarter, rails already beaten – but still within the section they got the lead. Then it went to the final seconds back and forth before P.J. Washington on the frewurflinie the points on victory; The potential game winner for Indiana awarded the previously outstanding Domantas Sabonis (33 points, 13/19 FG, 15 rebounds).
Sabonis had led by Malcolm Brogdon (28 points) and Rookie Chris Duarte (27) the open of Pacers – only twelve players put more points in the history of the NBA in their debuts than duarts. Nevertheless, it was not enough because the Hornets Lamelo Ball (31 points, 7/9 threesome, 9 rebounds, 7 assists) and Gordon Hayward (27) had and discovered their defense in the second half.
The Pacers led the Pacers an offensive outstanding first quarter and used their size advantages mercilessly, the All-Star stood after seven minutes already at 14 points, in the middle of the second quarter he had 22. Duarte also started fire hot and Indiana took him until At halftime a leadership of 16 points. At the beginning of the third quarter, it worked as if the game was already decided. But then the Run came, which was offensively initiated mainly by ball.
A 28: 2-run laid Charlotte over the next few minutes (Ball with 12 points), just before the end of the quarter they had taken the lead. In the fourth quarter, it became a real impact exchange, 12.4 seconds before the end, the Pacers last led to free throws of Torrey Craig. But the previously invisible Washington kept the nerves at the end.

Detroit Pistons (0-1) – Chicago Bulls (1-0) 88:94 (Boxscore)

The bulls have celebrated a successful debut with their new team, but had to work pretty hard for it and won at the end of a surprisingly embossed game. Zach Lavine towered with highly efficient 34 points (11/17 FG, 11/11 FT) and brought the game in the final minutes from the freezer over time. The team from the Windy City is thus for the first time since March 2017 (!) At a balance sheet over .500.
Chicago started offensive with problems, only 14 points took the guests in the first quarter, especially Nikola Vucevic (at the end of 15 points, 7/21 FG, 15 rebounds) was still looking for his litter. However, it quickly became improvement, only from the triple line, the bulls did not really find their rhythm (7/23 3fg) in the entire gameplay. And you never succeeded in settling off the pistons taken without No.1-Pick Cade Cunningham. Demar Derozan (17, 8/17) gave a decent debut.
The pistons gave a similar picture as in the past season: Jerami Grant was the TopScorer (24 points), the defensive use voted, the Youngster Saddiq Bey (13) and Isaiah Stewart (12) had some good scenes. In the end you kept the game scarce, but could not win. Killian Hayes, who distributed only 2 assists, had a heavy booth and missed each of his six throws.
We have a lot of work ahead of us, said Bulls-Coach Billy Donovan. But I can only praise the guys how they fought through the game.

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New York Knicks (1-0) – Boston Celtics (0-1) 138: 134 2ot (Game Report)

NBA PRESEASON Maverick s fortifications overwhelmed Hornets

The Dallas Mavericks have no efforts with overwhelmed hornets and achieve more than twice as many points as the opponent. Replacement weakened Boston Celtics lose with the siren, at OKC makes a rookie really mood.

Phoenix Suns (3-1) – Portland Trail Blazers (0-3) 119: 74 (Boxscore)

The Suns are still in a good early form. Without Chris Paul, for the first time with Devin Booker, she dominated the game against Portland from the beginning, after two quarters, the lead had grown to 21 points. Booker himself was blinding and came to 17 points in his 18 operating minutes (6/10 FG, 3/6 3FG), which he applied to his team.
Added to four bankers who came on double-digit scores, as well as Elfrid Payton, which was almost on a triple-double scratched (8 points, 9 assists, 8 rebounds). Booker & Co. were then also in time with their working day to look at Game 2 of the WNBA finals on site. Then Paul joined his teammates.
At the Blazers, the entire starting Five was at the start, but still offensively very little together. Damian Lillard came to 12 points and thus led a team that did not even cracked 30 percent out of the field.

Charlotte Hornets (1-3) – Dallas Mavericks (3-0) 59: 127 (Boxscore)

That was clear. Against a hopelessly overburdened Hornets team, which, however, lacked three probable starters with Gordon Hayward, Kelly Oubre and Terry Rozier, made the Maverick s short process and finished more than twice as many points as the opponent. Tim Hardaway met 5/10 of Downtown and scored 20 points.
Also Kristaps Porzingis (17 points) and Luka Doncic (10, 8 assists) were well laid, as a team met the MAVS strong 18/46 of Downtown and also got good production from the bank. Maxi glue also contributed to this, even if he did no litters (0/5 FG, 8 rebounds, 2 blocks). Dallas was superior in every category of the game. At the Hornets, only Rookie James Bouknight (12) and Cody Martin (11) came on double-digit scores, Lamelo Ball completed only eleven weak minutes (4 points, 2/10 FG).

Indiana Pacers (2-1) – Memphis Grizzlies (3-2) 109: 107 (Boxscore)

This game went more towards Regular Season basketball. Yes Morant was spared on Grizzlies page, yet the game was held intensively until the end and also decided in the final seconds. Jeremy Lamb (20 points) set 4.8 seconds before the end with a jumper on leadership Indiana, the last litter of the game could not sink Santi Aldama.
Previously, Pacers-side Domantas Sabonis (24, 13 rebounds) determined the events, also Rookie Chris Duarte played very pleasing. The No.13 pick came to 21 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists. On the opposite side Sam Merrill played extremely strongly (30 points, 8/13 threesome), Rookie Ziaire Williams (19) also wanted more.

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