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How to unlock the achievement of Better the devil you know in As Dusk Falls

In As Dusk Falls, players fall in different situations in which the life of the characters depends on the choice they made. Each choice that you make has a unique result in the game and ultimately opens various achievements. One of them includes the achievement of better than the devil you know, and it appears at the beginning of chapter 3. This is how players can unlock this achievement in As Dusk Falls.

is it worth it to inform Sharon about the Page in the Twilight?

At the beginning of chapter 3, players meet a new character named Sharon Holt. She is the mother of the Holt brothers and comes to the Desert Dream motel to save her sons. She meets hostages and offers Vince to save her family. When she asks about sheriff Dante, players can either tell her about the pager or not to do it. This is intersection Solution, and the players who decided to inform Sharon about the pager unlock better than the devil, whom you know achievement.


How to unlock the achievement of the long hand of the law in As Dusk Falls

As an alternative, if you do not tell Sharon about the pager, you unlock Achieved Long Hand of the Law . This choice will ultimately lead the players to the storyline, where they should find a black book for Sheriff Dante. In the same way, closer to the end of chapter 2, players are faced with a situation when Dale takes Vince as a shield outside to meet with the sheriff of Dante. Here Vince notices a sniper, and you can either warn Dale so that he saves his life, or not to do it. By warning it, you open the achievement of Dodged a Bullet. You decide whether to side with a well-known evil or trust an evil sheriff, so make your choice wisely!

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Outriders WorldSlayer List of all legendary weapons

Modernized and strong weapons increases the players’ game experience and guarantees them reliability in adverse situations. Fortunately, the new part of Outriders Worldslayer added a total of 9 more weapons for their players, which they can choose and use to destroy some strong enemies. In this leadership, we will consider all this new legendary weapon added to the WorldSlayer supplement for Outriders, its features and reasons why you should choose it.

Outriders WorldSlayer List of all legendary weapons

Trying to survive in a deadly dark universe, players can use various types of powerful weapons to arm and use them in a collision with bosses and other threats. With the addition of 9 new legendary weapons, Outriders WorldSlayer provided its players with freedom of choice and game from various options. Below is a list of all the presented new weapons with their characteristics and modifications.


We start our list with a new weapon called Lumber Jack. If you belong to the class of technomants, this is for you. This is the only presented new legendary personal weapon, and it is best for you to believe that it copes well with its task. This weapon is supplied with Extractor of the Essence as well as legendary minefield fashion III.

Whenever the players strike a successful blow and amaze enemies with status effects, the essence extractor restores 5% of their maximum health. Moreover, each status effect that enemies receive is multiplying the amount of healing for players.


In addition, each critical shot causes an explosion around your enemies, inflicting significant damage to them. And finally, the lumberjack also has improved toxic bullets, which poison enemies with each hit.

Hm thunder

Secondly, in our list-thunder. It is classified as a shotgun equipped with revenge of Nicholas as well as concentration explosion of level III.

The mod helps the pool released by the players to tie about five enemies at the same time, if they are within 4 meters and around the original goal. This will give every five huge damage for 2 seconds.

In addition, he also comes with Shot Whippeed, which collapses light on enemies, inflicting significant damage to them for 3 seconds. Finally, with each critical shot, performed by players, the enemies in the arena will explode.

Charged spear

A charred spear is a storming gun with two guns. He comes with death of death as well as justice of the level III.

When using this weapon, if the players aim at the sight, he will form an anomaly beam and inflict a damage to the enemy in the amount of 0.3 whenever he is in contact with him.

What is even worse for enemies, every shot that you apply on them will celebrate them. Therefore, whenever you reload your weapon, each marked enemy will apply ten times more damage. Tags will be removed as soon as you switch your weapon.

In addition, with the help of a resistance destroyer, each successful shot reduces the target resistance by 35% by 6 seconds.


Mythos is classified as a light machine gun with a unique omen of the III Exclusive mod.

This allows the players to destroy enemies, releasing the shells of anomalies, which not only easily break the enemies to pieces, but also cause bleeding and damage. In addition, the damage obtained by enemies increases by as many as 30% by a few seconds.

Landscape of Death

Death Scape is described as an assault rifle. Again, this serves as a great goal if you are part of the Technomancer class. It is also equipped with unique stigmatized as well as solemn discovery exclusive mods of the III level.

The mod allows the weapon to mark not only enemies, but also every successful shot; It has a toxic effect on them for about 5 seconds. And as soon as the noted enemy is killed, he will cause an explosion that inflicted more damage to other enemies within a radius of 6 meters.

Moreover, if players can get every first bullet from the new store, a powerful explosion will occur and will cause damage within a radius of 5 meters. Finally, with Damage Link, a shot combines up to four enemies that share 50% of their damage and 15% of their damage from anomaly.

Last repentance

Final Penance is a double pistol with rage of a magician and also voracious locust exclusive mods of the III level. It gives players 10% abnormal force for 10 seconds with each critical shot. And it can be folded about four times.

Moreover, with the help of voracious locusts within a radius of 6 meters from the arena, a swarm of locusts is produced, which causes damage and causes weakness among enemies for about 6 seconds.


Sunfall belongs to the category of submachine guns. Again, it is great for players belonging to techno dancers. It is equipped with a fiery storm as well as life and death exclusive mods of level III.

With each successful shot from this weapon, players can cause fire storm within a radius of 8 meters of the field. This deadly storm not only causes huge damage to enemies, but also causes burns. With each hit on the enemy, the radius of the fire storm increases.

Moreover, shots that kill enemies cause an explosion that restores players with 20% of maximum health. Finally, with the help of a resistance destroyer, each successful shot reduces the target resistance by 35%.


Decadence is an automatic sniper rifle that players can equip. It comes with relativity as well as explosion explosion exclusive mods of level III. Each critical shot allows players to reduce the restoration time of one random skill by 10%.

Moreover, critical shots also create explosions that go far by 5 meters for five seconds and apply an poisoning effect to enemies. Finally, with Moanting Winds, when you reboot, it creates an explosion around you and expands it to 8 meters, causing more damage to enemies.


The last addition to the game is an automatic sniper called Vortex. It is great for the Trickster class. He comes with chopping twister as well as concentration explosion exclusive mods.

Each successful shot causes a tornado, which lasts up to 8 seconds. Moreover, with each critical blow, the enemies explode, and the damage is multiplied by the maximum number of 4 enemies within a radius of 6 meters around the original target.

The whirlwind also has improved bullets that inflict weakness to enemies at every successful shot.

Dead by Daylight maybe the players the opportunity of 1 million blood points

Mort in daylight is making another Bloodpoint raffle, but this works a bit different from those we have seen before. You do not need a code you don’t even have to play Mort in daylight games to win Bloodpoints: all you have to do is complete a 50-questions questionnaire and perform well enough to participate and win. The prize is 1 million blood points, but the problem is that it is a kind of raffle that does not guarantee a victory and, in addition, the questionnaire is a bit more difficult than some could expect.

If you are interested in trying your world in the daylight, you can try your luck in the questionnaire visiting the link below. You will have to include your player ID to start, and have it incorrect means that you will not win no matter how competent you are when it comes to the day in the daylight_ questionnaires, so make sure it is correct before starting. However, it only has from July 2 at 10 am et to complete the questionnaire.

The questionnaire consists of 50 questions in which players gain points according to the amount of correct answers. Each question is worth two points, according to the rules, with a score of 90-100 that places it in the race for 1 million Bloodpoints. Behaviour Interactive said that he would give that award to 100 players, so although the draws never seem to give high hope of winning, at least you will have a better opportunity than if only a few players were chosen.

A quick look at the questions showed the variety of topics that deal with. Things like the effects of the advantages, as well as more specific questions, as with how many knives the cheater begins a game, they have to do with the side of the game, but there are also questions based on tradition, to verify how familiar the players are with the game. narratives and backgrounds of different characters.

You can make the questionnaire yourself if you want to see how you are doing, but, naturally, the players have already begun to share the answers in the forums to help others. With that in mind, don’t be surprised if there are many players competing for the Bloodpoint Prize.

What is Hellikaria in Diablo Immortal? How to unlock how many players and much more

In addition to Elder Rift and Challenge Rift, another exciting way to fight powerful demons in Diablo Immortal is Hellique. This mechanism identifies powerful demons of anger and tracks them to the dungeon, similar to a break, where you can try your hand in victory over them in a raid team of eight people. The victory over the demons in Helliquary and its improvement will increase your ORDR, which can significantly increase your general strength in the game. In this leadership, we will tell you everything that you need to know about Helnikvari in Diablo Immortal.

All we know about Hellique in Diablo Immortal

As mentioned earlier, Hellique is a special device that tracks powerful angry demons so you may encounter them in Battle of PVE for eight players . As soon as the boss is defeated, all members of the raid group will receive an increase in their combat rating, which is a key element in the development of Hellique. For each defeated demon, players will receive demonic rest . Subsequently, they can place it in their Helliquary to activate the bonus to combat rating and other passive bonuses.

What is a geling?

Hellique is a wired device that tracks down the powerful Wrathborne demons so that players can fight in PVE mass raids for eight players. The Helliquary function opens for players only after completing the main chain of quests in Bilefen and a conversation with Deckard Cain in Westmarch. Players will receive a significant strengthening of the rating of the attack and the defense rating for the victory over Hellique bosses. They will also receive demonic remains to place them in their gelikovaries. As you pass Helliquary, you will encounter stronger bosses and get additional advantages in Challenge Rift.

how to use helix

Players can take part in Hellique from demonic portal in Westmarche. You can take part in Hellique raids by finding a group by creating a group or joining a raid with your detachment. The completion of these raids with your Warband will bring additional Scoria, which are the main material necessary to improve your Hellique.

You can also insert the demonic remains dropped by Hellique bosses into your Hellique. You will receive bonuses to the combat rating of all your remains stored in Hellikaria. Although you can store several remains of demons, only one of them can be active at the same time to provide bonus for a special attribute .

how to unlock Helnikvari

To unlock HellQuary, players need to execute the main quest line in Bilefen and reunite with Descard Cain in Westmark. After a meeting with Descard Cain, he will introduce you to Ryek, a friend of Charcy, who can be found near the Einfrinn tree. He will prompt you to pick up Hellique. After that, the KAT scene will begin, and your character is teleported to the dungeon. After a small cinematic video in which Lassal brought down hell to the city of Westmark, you teleport back to the workshop of Descard Cain, where Rice explains the situation.

Then you need to go through the city and kill all the mobs you will face. In the end, you will get to Rakkis Plaza, where you will meet the first boss Hellique, Bulletin of Chaos Pile . As soon as the Pail is defeated, go to the Einfrin tree to meet him face to face. Lassal flame in battle. Finally, having defeated Lassal in the battle, our main character wakes up from a daze and gets constant access to Hellikaria.

How to improve Helnikwari

Hellique modernization is the key to getting stronger bosses and large buffs for your Ordr. The main material necessary to improve Hellique: Skoria . However, then you need to attribute Scoria to the blacksmith, which will turn your scoria into of hell of hellish flame for 100 gold . You can earn Scoria from enhanced combat pass having won Hellkar bosses and, having completed Daily tasks of the Code . Keep in mind that the higher your Hellique level, the more Hellfire Scoria will need to increase the level.

How many players can join Hellique?

Unlike Elder Rifts and Challenge Rifts, Hellique raids can be made only in the eight players . Since the bosses have several health and phases, it is recommended to either create a group, join the group, or enter the raid with the members of your detachment to get a chance to win the boss.

Can Warband enter Hellique together?

As mentioned earlier, the detachment can enter into Helnikvariy and unite forces to defeat the demons born by anger. It is extremely desirable to join the Hellique raids with your WarBand, as this will give additional slag awards to the participants.

All bosses in Hellique at the moment

Players should improve their Hellique to certain levels and increase their combat rating to fight various bosses in Hellique raids.
The following are all the bosses that you may encounter in Hellique:
* Bulletin of Chaos Pyle
* Lassal is fiery
* Vitaat trembling death
* Gorgotra Applicant
* Beledve and Gishtur
* Isileh is shapeless
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Where is the quarry in GTA 5?

In GTA 5, players will have to explore an extensive and confusing map to find many sign locations. During various missions, players will stumble in several regions from an urbanized Los Santos to a barren-senor desert. Career is also known as Davis quartz -this is one of the areas that players will have to visit from time to time to perform various missions, and its location can be confused.

How to find a quarry in GTA 5?

The quarry is located on the eastern outskirts of the map, players can follow the image above to find this area in the game. The easiest way to get to this place is to go directly. East of the Sandy-Shors airfield . Nearby is a area called Ron alternates a wind station and the quarry is north of this place.

Players will have to visit the quarry after performing the mission from the mod in the role of Trevor Philips. The Bail Bond mission will demand from the players to find Ralph Ostrovsky , which is hiding in a career. You can eliminate Ralph or grab it and return it to the fashion house to get this award.

Where to find Ralph Ostrovsky on a career in GTA 5?

Players will have the opportunity to fulfill the mission on the pledge pledged for Trevor, and for this you will need to destroy or seize certain goals. Having received the task from the mod, go to the quarry to find Ralph Ostrovsky. Players will find Ralph at the bottom of the quarry.

You can kill Ralph Ostrovsky and receive $ 5,000 as a reward. In addition, you can catch it by breaking the car with its vehicle before taking it back to the mod. This will reward players of $ 10,000, and we recommend that Ralph are alive to get a higher award.

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Celebrated hardcore shooter returns-appears for the first time for console

With Arma Refork, developer Bohemia Interactive has practically presented a first sample of his upcoming military simulation Arma 4. What veterans of the series should surprise: For the first time, the hardcore shooter also appears for the console, but not for all platforms.

Arma Reforker published in the early access for Xbox & PC

The Arma military simulation series has been known for hardcore shooters for many years. And Survival players are likely to have heard this name-after all was originally a mod for ARMA 2 , which was later published as a standalone version on Steam.

The current part of the ARMA series, Arma 3, has now on the hump for over 8 years, is no longer completely baptized. Now Bohemia Interactive has published a kind of small multiplayer demo with Arma Reforker , which is also equipped with all kinds of developer tools, for Steams early access program. And according to the official description, the game is the first step towards ARMA 4 (source: Steam).

_Erste scenes from Arma Refork can be seen in the official trailer: _

Watch __arma refork on Steam

But not only PC players can take a look at Arma Reforker, also Xbox series players can find the military simulation in the game preview program from Microsoft . A novelty for the series. Even mods should be available on the console.

Watch the Arma Reform for Xbox Series in the Microsoft Store

However, Playstation players seem to go empty. At least there is no message that suggests the release of a PS4 or PS5 version.

Arma Refork is criticized


On Steam, the Early Access version of the military simulation gets its fat away. Only 61 percent of the players at the moment are positive . The biggest point of criticism: the price.

Because although Arma Refork is obviously a heavily slimmed down version of the actual main game, Bohemia Interactive requires an admission price of 29.99 euros from the PC and Xbox players .

In addition, many players also denounce the disastrous state of the game. Many bugs are supposed to have a negative impact on the game feeling, the weapon handling still seems to be too arcade-heavy and, on the whole, the game is supposedly only a glorified tech demo (source: steam reviews). The last point is particularly emphasized by some players, because that is exactly what, according to them, does not indicate the product description.

For die-hard Arma fans who have been waiting for a successor for a long time, a look at the new offshoot may still be worthwhile- But all other players should best wait for the Arma 4.

Words of 5 letters starting on De – help Wordle Game

Despite the fact that verbal games have always existed, they seem to have become especially popular over the past year. One specific game attracted attention, Wordle. This daily game in words can put players in a dead end, since they have only six attempts to guess the word from five letters of the day.

Words starting with DE – a list of words

The players have several options for five -letter words starting with De. Those who want to narrow their following assumption can continue reading to find a list of words below.

  • Surrendered
  • Death
  • Debit
  • Debug it
  • Debut
  • Sticker
  • Decompose
  • Decor
  • Bait
  • Correct
  • Postpone
  • Elimination of fogging
  • Degut
  • Dais
  • deify
  • Remove
  • Deity
  • Glance
  • Detain
  • Delta
  • Delve
  • Resign
  • Dembe
  • Daemon
  • Demur
  • denim
  • Dense
  • Depot
  • Depth
  • derby
  • Derpy
  • Desex
  • Restrain
  • Detox
  • Two
  • Devil

How to win at #Wordle every single time. Guaranteed

All these words were tested in the game to make sure that Wordle accepts them. To play the game, players must come up with a word, introduce it and click enter attempt. If we missed some word or you noticed that some word is not suitable for you, tell us about this in the comments. In addition, do not hesitate to share your Wordle account below!

Are you still stuck after using this list? If so, we have an answer for you! Go to all Wordle answers in 2022 (updated daily) in professional games for games.

All Coiled Captors tests in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Coiled Captors additions presented several new tasks that players should deal with the Dreamveil Overlook and Mirrors of Mystery. The fulfillment of these tasks will bring the players unique awards and bonuses, inaccessible in another way, such as additional experience and money.

There are several tests in Coiled Captors that players can only perform during their attempts to pass Mirrors of Mystery. What tests play the players during the passage, is randomized and displayed in the mirror before players will begin to pass the dungeon. Every week from the moment of release, DLC Gearbox added additional modifiers, so we will update this list over time, if new ones appear.

Problems and Requirements Coiled Captors

You will find tests available now in Coiled Captors below.

Secrets of the soul * (available from April 21, 2022)
* Find hidden chests with souls in every room.
Barreling through (available from April 28, 2022)
* Destroy all the barrels with the elements in each room.
shock pass (available from May 5, 2022)
* Use hand -to -hand combat to inflict a deadly blow to ten enemies in each room.

What will happen if you fail to test in Coiled Captors?

Coiled Captors DLC Speedrun In 7:45 | World Record (Tiny Tina's Wonderlands)

You will not be fined if you fail to test during the race in Coiled Captors, but you will miss additional awards. You can always repeat the tests at the next launch of Coiled Captors, although what test you will receive the next attempt may change, especially if you restart the game.

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Windows 11 Chanceless: Steam

Many PC users do not seem to trust the new Windows 11 – this shows a look at the new hardware and software survey of Steam. Most PC players prefer to remain loyal to the good old Windows 10 rather than Microsoft’s up-to-date OS.

Steam users continue to set Windows 10

Since October 2021 Windows 11 is already available for Windows 10 users as an upgrade option. But most trust the new operating system roast yet.

At least PC players are currently more cautious when it comes to the Windows upgrade – this is reflected in the results of the hardware and software survey of Steam from March 2022: Just 16.84 percent of all players are currently putting on Windows 11 – 74.69 percent, on the other hand, Windows 10 continues to be faithful (Source: Steam).

For comparison: Seven months after the start of Windows 10, 36.97 percent of all Steam players have already switched to the new Windows version (Source: PCGamer). The user’s share of Windows 11 grows in direct comparison therefore not even half as fast .

This is not surprising, considering that Microsoft has not strained with fame in recent years when it comes to the topic of Windows updates. Again and again the updates of the operating system for absurd mistakes and problems that have only been made from the world through follow-up updates.

Find cheap price for Windows 11 via idealo

_Ihr are currently switched from Windows 10 to Windows 11? Then make these 7 tips easier to get started: _

Fix Steam Game Won’t Launch in Windows 11

Windows 7 keeps going on: Steam users remain true to OS legend

Another curiosity of the Steam Survey: In fact, 4.3 percent of Steam users are even running with Windows 7 , while Windows 8.1 only runs to 0.57 percent of all computers.


Steam: The most popular graphics card is a real surprise

Robert Kohlick

For many PC players, an upgrade to Windows 11 is currently not worthwhile. But that could sometimes change during the year. Recently, Microsoft announced that gaming developers can now use DirectStorage technology, which is mainly accelerating loading times rapidly .

Although the feature is running under Windows 10, but Microsoft has already briefed that the largest performance jumps under Windows 11 are reached.

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