Poland’s developer NOBLE MUFFINS, known for “Thief Simulator “, starts recruitment of play test participants in the action adventure “ AMERICAN THEFT 80S **” under development, January 31 And I released the trailer.

American THEFT 80S ” is a single-play work that develops from the third person pointpoint.

# Let’s lose name in back business

Players will invade various houses such as houses, mansions, banks, stores, museums, gas stations, and gas stations, and aim to earn money in the 80’s, and aim to earn the back world’s fame and money.

As a tool for intrusion, the lock pick, hammer, bar and bolt cutter are introduced, and disguise to the electrical worker or buying or stealing a car and can be driven.

The trailer is also in the 80’s stage, and the VHS-style noise is included, or it is suggested that the appearance of cassette players and brown tube television etc.

# Nothing to start Japanese Japanese-style play-test participants Recruitment

Currently, we are looking for a participant for play test scheduled to start from February 7, overseas time.

In the beta version used for testing, it has already been announced that Japanese is already recorded in the product version.

Application for participation is possible from the Request Access button on the STEAM store page.

Play test execution period
Overseas time February 7, 2022, 2022, 2022

American THEFT 80S ” will be available for many mini-games, and will be released in the future with Japanese support. At the moment, the release time is not announced, and it is scheduled to deliver a free prolog version that can enjoy the first robbery during the coming days.

In addition, the domestic Nintendose switch version of the “Thief Simulator” by the Since the source is 90% off until February 1, the PC (STEAM) version is distributed at 615 yen off 70% off until February 4 increase.