Miriel, Pastor Vomets, is NPC in Elden Ring, which can teach powerful spells and spells, and also give you information about some other main characters of the game. Here you can find Miriel.

Miriel, pastor vobs

Miriel, Pastor Vometov, is located in Church of Vows . Church is located in Eastern Lurnural Lake . You can access it by traveling by Lurni on the eastern border of the lakes or taking sending gates at the Academy of Paradise Lukaria . The arrow in the image below indicates the sending gate.

Elden Ring - Miriel, Pastor Of Vows Location (Spell Teacher)

Miriel, pastor vobs

Miriel will sell you spells and spells. Its initial list of available spells:

  • Magic sparkling blade (magic)
  • karyan big sword (magic)
  • gift of blessings (spell)

You can also take Miriel’s prayer rooms To expand your spell inventory. You can also ask Miriel about Radon and Rennala. He will tell you about the history of the royal family Karian and their relationship. This valuable knowledge If you want to learn about these characters who occupy a prominent place in Lurnia of the Lakes and its surroundings.

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