On 15 February 2022 Star Wars celebrated: The Old Republic the release of the Sith. The new enlargement is the beginning of a one-year celebration of galactic intrigues, conflicts and secrets on the occasion of the ten-year anniversary of SWTOR.

After the bumpy start, the developers of SWTOR harvested much criticism. The feedback of the players to legacy of the Sith was partly devastating. To smooth the waves, the team works by Star Wars: The Old Republic currently at several updates at the same time. To shorten the waiting time for the player on new game content, the developers invite players to test the new operation the R-4 anomaly on the PTR server. The first three bosses are now available to test, more will follow in the next few weeks.

The R-4 anomaly on the test server

SWTOR PTS 7.1 | R-4 Anomaly Operation Music
On the official site of Star Wars: The Old Republic the developers recently posted the following message:

_The Doors for the R-4 Anomaly Operation HAVE OpenD on the Public Test Server! Players Can Now Experience and Give Their Initial Thoughts on Three of the Bosses They wants Encounter Throughout the Operation. In Order to Access This Content on the PTS: _

  • Copy Your Level 80 Character Over to the Public Test Server.
  • Head to mek-sha’s slugfall Harbor Area.
  • The Northernmost Ship Dock wants have a pts Gear Vendor to get you Equipped for the Operation. The Entrance to Which wants be located at the end of the same pier.

_Other updates So Available to Test on the PTS in The Following Weeks, Including The Remaining Bosses For The R-4 Anomaly Operation and Manaan Daily Area. Stay Tuned for more PTS updates! _

Please note that pts is provided in english only.

The R-4 anomaly: All important info at a glance

The biggest challenges in Star Wars: The Old Republic are called operations group vapors. The developer team presented a few months ago the next operation of SWTOR (Buy Now). The instance carries the imposing name the R4 anomaly. Our heroes go on the footsteps of a sophisticated Sith cult who wants to use the technologies of an equally old and appalling super weapon for their dark purposes.

For the new operation The R-4 anomaly, there are two important changes:

  • Operation The R-4 anomaly will be available on the one hand only in 8-player mode . As the majority of operations are designed for groups of eight players, the developers focus on expanding and optimizing the 8 -4 anomaly mode for “R-4 Anomaly” and all future operations. However, all existing operations can still be played in 8- and 16-player mode.
  • On the other hand, the wraps graduate the publication of the operation and expansion. So players should get enough time to equip their characters and get used to the new fight styles. Therefore, the Team of Bioware shifts the publication of the operation “The R-4 Anomaly” for more weeks on the end of spring . Of course, we inform you as soon as there are new information about the release of “the R-4 anomaly”.

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