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You can broom up at Hogwarts Legacy, but not playing Quidditch

Avalanche, responsible study of the promising Open World RPG set in the universe of J. K. Rowling, hQuidditch been clear and concise before one of the great questions that users were Quidditchked: You cannot play Quidditch in Hogwarts Legacy . A decision that hQuidditch surprised, since it is a sport with a lot of prominence in the saga.

Although we cannot play, the lQuidditcht trailer showed a Quidditch player, so everything indicates that he will have a certain prominence, even if it is only at the plot level. What is confirmed is that we will fly in broom both to move around the open world, and to dispute races and get various rewards.

What is Quidditch in Harry Potter?

It is a fictional sport that is played in an oval grQuidditchs field, 150 meters long and in which there are 3 large hoops located at both ends of it. The objective of each team is identical to that of a football match: strain the ball in the hoop that must protect the rival , although there are variants Quidditch additional balls with which the opponents are attacked. The teams are composed of 7 players, who occupy positions such Quidditch the Guardian (goalkeeper), and the hitters (attackers), among others.

It is likely that more than one of the users waiting for the game feel somewhat disappointed, since it is not the first time we see the community theorize about the possibility that the title had Quidditch tournaments in the purest blitzball style in Final FantQuidditchy X, an idea that seemed interesting, taking into account the RPG nature of the game, the open world and freedom of action.

Hogwarts Legacy will go on sale On February 10, 2023 on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. It wQuidditch recently confirmed that it will have an exclusive mission in the versions for PlayStation consoles.

Days Gone: not right away, yet an adjustment to the movie theater, first information

If a sequel to Days Gone seems endangered, Sony Interactive Entertainment does not intend to bazard the license by the home window. According to the effectively notified Due date, an adaptation to the cinema of the Open World game against a history of zombie intrusion is in the boxes on the side of Sony PlayStation Productions. It should be said that because the success of Undiscovered with Tom Holland ($ 402 million at the box workplace), there is something to be reinforced with the suggestion of transposing his most lovely video clip game licenses to the 7th art. According to Due date constantly, it was star Sam Heughan (seen in Outlander) who would have been cast to play Deacon St.jones, while writing of the circumstance would certainly have been entrusted to Sheldon Turner, assigned to the Oscars for Up in the Air With George Clooney in 2009. Still according to Deadline, this Gone Days for Movie Theater would certainly be a lively homage to motorcycle movies, while a romance would certainly be the usual string, with the background, a firm ravaged by the zombies. In the meantime, there is currently the collection The Last people by HBO and a Grandmother Turismo film which are additionally intended.

Tower of Fantasy, overwhelming scale emphasis on new video release

On the 4th, Perfect World Games released a new promotional video a week before the official launch of the S-Fantasy Open World RPG ‘Tower of Fantasy’.

‘Tower of Fantasy’, which is about to launch mobile and PC on the 11th, is an SF anticipation that is served as a ‘fantasy tower’ abroad. It has a variety of vehicles, such as a personally customized character, a jet pack, and a bike. In addition, the number of pre-bookers exceeded 1 million, proving its interest.

The new promotional video focused on showing what ‘S-FANTASY’ is the difference between ‘Tower of Fantasy’ and showing various charms of the Tower of Fantasy. The first thing you can see is that you can experience the pleasure of fighting the enemy with dynamic and rich action, such as illuminating the overwhelming scale and a differentiated motion that jumps from the earth to the sky. Next, it was a unpredictable story, and as one pioneer, the user showed the process of moving forward by adventure on the Ida planet after the disaster.

In addition, Unreal Engine 4, Cartoon rendering, ‘replica system’ and ‘parameters’ with unique art styles and various characteristics, and ‘style’, and climbing cliffs in the game or skating board in the game He said he had a ‘unique space’ by seeing the ride down the river and the machine hand to reach every corner of the space.


Meanwhile, ‘Tower of Fantasy’, which will be released on the 11th, is preparing for the game release by adding the atmosphere of the SF genre with outdoor advertisements in the city of Gangnam Station and Samsung Station.

More information about ‘Tower of Fantasy’ can be found on the official website.

Dying Light 2 sells 5 million copies in less than a month

Techland took a long time to finally launch luz moribund 2, but it seems that the open world action sequel has already been very successful. Since Techland had already been committed before the launch that it would support dl2 for the next few years, it seemed vital that the game will find a great audience to hold on. Fortunately, if some of the first sales figures are an indication, it seems that Luxury dying 2 has already accumulated a pretty considerable players’ basis.

Recently announced by Techland, the study revealed that Luxury dying 2 has already exceeded five million copies sold on all platforms. This total goes back to February 28, 2022, which means that the game was able to sell as many units within a period of less than a month, which is very impressive. Despite Luxury dying 2 is not as big as other third-party titles, it is likely that this success is something so Techland is very happy.

DYING LIGHT 2 ALREADY SOLD MILLIONS OF COPIES! Fixes On The Way For Co-op/Account Connection
In addition to announcing the sales of luz moribund 2, Techland also revealed how it has now gone to the original game at this time. Since its first launch in 2015, luz moribunda has now exceeded 20 million copies sold in general. This is even more impressive when you consider that Dying Light as a franchise was completely new. In general, it is rare that new properties such as this higher sales reach in a first exit. “The success of the Dying Light franchise is a great example of the unforgettable experiences we create for our players,” said the CEO of Techland, Paweł Marchewka, about the newly announced sales totals.

As mentioned, Luxury dying 2 is a game that Techland has already promised that it will be compatible for many years. With this in mind, see that the game has already sold 5 million copies, it certainly means that those Futures DLC and expansion plans will not change in the short term.

You are playing? Luxury dying 2 for yourself still? And what do you think of these first sales figures of the game? Let me know your own thoughts in the comments or you can contact me on Twitter in @ Mooreman12.

PS5-SSD with 1 TB now in the bundle with Far Cry 6 at a top price on offer [advertisement]

At Otto you can just get the good for PS5 suitable NVME-SSD Samsung 980 Pro with 1 TB memory together with Ubisoft Open World Hit Far Cry 6 cheap in bundle, namely for only 153.96 euros. In view of this, appropriate SSDs usually cost individually more than 150 euros, this is a very favorable offer. This link brings you to Deal:

Samsung 980 Pro SSD 1 TB + Far Cry 6 (PS5) for 153,96 € at Otto __

An official expiration date for the offer does not indicate Otto so far, but the supply should be very narrow according to the product side. That’s why you should not better leave a lot of time anymore. Incidentally, the SSD is still in the bundle with other games in the offer, but these packages are significantly more expensive:

  • Samsung 980 Pro SSD 1 TB + Call of Duty Vanguard (PS5) for 179.99 €
  • Samsung 980 Pro SSD 1 TB + Battlefield 2042 (PS5) for 179.99 €
  • Samsung 980 Pro SSD 1 TB + FIFA 22 (PS5) for 179,99 €

What is the Samsung 980 Pro for the PS5?

The Samsung 980 Pro is a NVME SSD with the form factor M.2, which easily fits into the PlayStation 5. With a maximum read speed of 7,000 MB / s, it is also fast enough for use in Sony’s console. The PS5 requires a read speed of at least 5,500 MB / s. The write speed that is 5,000 MB / s at the Samsung 980 per maximum is less important.

Samsung 980 Pro SSD 1 TB + Far Cry 6 (PS5) for 153,96 € at Otto __

However, since the version offered by OTTO has no heat sink, it is advisable to buy a heatsink separately and install themselves. Otherwise, it can come to overheating the SSD and as a result for crashing. However, you must make sure that you buys a heat sink that is not too big for the PS5. Here is a small selection of matching models:

  • Sabrent M.2 NVME PS5 Heatsink
  • Advancing Gene, Universal Type *
  • Be quiet! MC1 * (important: not buy the pro, which is too high)
  • EC360 Aluminum M.2 SSD Cooler *
  • Eluteng M.2 2280 SSD Cooler *
  • Glotrends M.2 cooler *

More about how to pay attention to when buying an SSD for the PS5, you can hear here:

Far Cry 6 - The Digital Foundry Tech Review - PS5, Xbox Series X|S, PC, Ray Tracing - The Lot!

__160 __6

more on the subject

Expand PS5 memory: compatible SSDs, heat sink and all requirements


Some links built on this page are affiliate links. When buying over these links Otto receives a small commission without impact on the price depending on the provider. More info.

Zelda BotW 2 comes only 2023, now the way is free for the Zelda

With great regret, many Zelda fans should have taken the displacement message from Breath of the Wild 2. The Open World game does not appear in 2022 now, but was postponed to the spring of 2023. Until the next big adventure of Link, we all still have to wait a little.

With the elimination of the Breath of the Wild Successor Klafft for the outsiders therefore a pretty big hole in the originally planned release calendar of Nintendo, a Zelda game is currently not on the program. Now the question is in the room whether Nintendo could fill this place with another Zelda title. Rumors For new publications, there is longer.

Rimbled is long ago

Among other things, from the last year, as speculated that it may be a Zelda trilogy or even Collection for the switch. Venture Beat-Journalist Jeff Grubb was one of the one who spoke of “several Zelda titles”. But then was announced “only” the HD Remaster of The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword . Many found that for the 35th year of jubilee year of the series then a little mau.

Live now!

Games from Germany at React Live
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To the LiveStream

It is of course possible – and probably also a secret desire of many Zelda fans – that Nintendo has repealed a few Zelda surprises for this year, including, of course, the ominous collection, which next to a new edition of the GameCube hit The Wind Waker * * Also a Remaster of Twilight Princess ** and custom versions of older handheld games could include:

__50 __1

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Insider is splashing: Zelda Collection for Switch is to come despite Skyward Sword


Standing: By the shift of Breath of the Wild 2, the way would be free for such a collection, the time acts ideal. However, there is no concrete evidence of what Nintendo has left the Breath of the Wild Success with the series. Light into the dark could give a new Nintendo Direct, but there is no concrete appointment yet.

My opinion of a possible Zelda Collection

Tobias Veltin

Legend of Zelda Breath Of The Wild 2 DELAYED UNTIL 2023!
Fresh Veltin

Of course, I also have me that we get the next big link adventure to see only the next year. A collection as a “gap filler” seems pretty attractive, especially since you can have the impression that Nintendo has the possibly already finished in the drawer. So for completely unrealistic, I do not think the rumor, even if I would personally rich a title. For Zelda: Ocarina of Time has a very special place in my heart. So if I want a remake (!), Then that. Or just a Zelda: Complete Collection, but that will probably never give – unfortunately.

What do you think: Let’s see a Zelda Collection this year? And if so, which title would you like to see it?

After Ashen, Studio A44 Games unveils Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn

A little over three years after the exit of the friendly Ashen, the studio A44 Games is back with the announcement of its second game, a new Open World Action-RPG titled FLINTLOCK: The Siege of Dawn.

This kinematic trailer and the few captures shared by the studio do not say if Flintlock will also work on the footsoftware in terms of mechanics, but we already promise a “combat and rewarding combat system”. combining magic and conventional weapons (ax in one hand, firearm in the other). The game puts us at the orders of Nor Vanek, a protagonist accompanied by a magic creature named Enki. A tandem decided to fight with the gods and which one discovers a taste of the capacities here, knowing that the beast will be managed by artificial intelligence.

Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn - Official Announcement Trailer

“_Explore a dangerous open world. Hover over the desert sands, advent yourself in labyrinthic ruins and drill the secrets of the gigantic cited of dawn while recruiting allies to support you when the ultimate seat against the gods. “, tells us the official website of the game. FLINTLOCK: The Siege of Dawn will be released in 2022 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One, Steam and Epic Games Store. Just like ASHEN , the game will be available in the Game Pass subscription as soon as it exit.

Elden Ring: So you will find the bottle of miraculous medicines and crystal tears

Although our test matches the majority of the trade press and finds that Elden Ring is a true masterpiece, many players should also learn their frustration moments in the Open World Roleplay. In order to oppose the hearing difficulty of Elden Ring something, you should therefore use all the means available to you.

That’s why we have put together some tips to From Softwares’s latest title: where you can best run farms, for example, or where your forgings finds and how you improve your weapons. But there is another important item that you should not overlook: the bottle of miraculous drugs .

What is the bottle of miraculous medicine?

The bottle of miraculous arznei is a commodity that works similar to your bottle with purple trees , ie the salvation item of the game works: It fills itself every time you snaps, die or travel to a place of grace. In contrast to the purple trees, however, only one sip is in the bottle of miraculous drugs and it can not be upgraded by golden sowing or holy tears.

But the effect of miraculous drugs has been pretty much in themselves: he can provide the most diverse bonuses for you. Whether healing, a shield or temporary improvements of your status values ​​ \ – the effect of miraculous drugs takes place completely by the crystal tears used by you.

Once you have found the bottle, you will get a new menu item on the place of the grace a new menu item called “Arzneimischung”. There you can always customize the effect of miraculous arznei using the crystal tears : just look for two of your crystal tears and give it in the menu in the bottle. They are not consumed and can be reversed as desired to change the effect.

Where can I find the bottle of miraculous medicine?

Elden Ring - How to Be INVINCIBLE With the Best Flask of Wondrous Physick - Crystal Tear Location!

Before we tell you where exactly you find the bottle of miraculous drug, here first a tip for enthusiastic researchers and explorers: the dealer Kalé , who is at the beginning of the game in the church of Elleh in Limgrave stays and looks like the Santa Claus sold a note that betrays you the whereabouts of the bottle. After all, you have already a starting point for your search.

Who takes too long, here the solution: The bottle is located in the third church of Marika , which stands north of the fog forest completely in the east of Limgrave . If you ride the road from the storm gate to the opposite direction of Castle Storm veil, the bridge crosses, then the turnoff to the left and continues straight ahead, you can not miss the third church of Marika.

Once there, you can not only find a place of grace , but also the bottle of miraculous drug and your presumably first crystal tear. The latter is an object that is indispensable for optimal use of miraculous drugs and offers you a lot of scope for experiments.

Where can I get crystal tears in Elden Ring?

As mentioned earlier, you will find the first crystal tears only a few meters from the bottle of miraculous drugs in the third church of Marika. It is the Purple crystal tears , which regenerates half of your total life points. You can already use the wondrous medicine with a crystal tear, but to get the maximum out of the bottle, you should get a second crystal tear.

If you are not so far in Elden Ring (Buy Now / 50.99 €), you will find the first other crystal tears also in Limgrave, more specifically on the peninsula of tears in the south. Go to the lower Earth tree, which you can already make up from a distance due to his eye-catching size. There, the Earth tree Avatar awaits you, a boss over which the triumph is worth twice.

If you defeat the headless tree with his giant loungish, you will get two crystal tears gifted. Once the opalene blowing out , which grants you uniquely a protective shield that “considerably reduces your next suffered damage, and thus reduces them almost to zero. As well as the purple fracture crystal craning , which donates you for a short time the continued regeneration of your life points.

What effects do the different crystal tears have?

We recommend that you fill the purple crystal tears as well as the opalene blown outrage in your bottle. So you not only get a sip of extra healing, but also a practical shield that makes you plug in a hit “for free” in battles. However, there are many more crystal tears to find in Elden Ring.

Thus, the jumped flame heels briefly increases the fire damage caused by you, while starch node crystal tears improves your strength value for a short time. Most of the crystal tears get her after a victory over one of the bosses stationed at lower ground trees, which are variants of the earth tree avatars. Others, however, are hidden in secret locations in the intermediate country. Despite our recommendation for your initial mixture, it is worth it to experiment. As soon as you first have found other crystal tears, you can mix them with each other and customize them at your game style. To home page

Elden Ring: Employees wars what all gamers want to release

The release of Elden Ring is a real bauble beat. Many gamers are released extra to enjoy the Open World Epic of From Software in peace. Employees of a Japanese developer studio do not have to vacate holidays for this because they have an extremely cool executive day.

Elden Ring - Must Have Items & Unlocks You Need To Grab Early! Elden Ring Tips & Tricks

free to gamble elden ring

Who does not know: A big release of a hot expected game is standing and you take extra holiday to celebrate this important event and enjoy full trains.

According to what the ratings to Elden Ring reveal, a real masterpiece on you rolls with the new Open-World trial of From Software. Lest everything in our test:

The fact that the release of Elden Ring seems to be an important event has recognized a Japanese developer studio early and introduced the best holiday for gamers: the Elden holiday!

Behind the relevant developer studio stuck the makers from the Wilder Open World Mix Craftopia , which has mixed various genres and success concepts of familiar titles such as Zelda, Pokémon and Co.:

In a message on Twitter, the studio named Pocket Pair announced that the employees on Friday to release and Monday after the weekend do not have to appear at work. You can play in peace and extensively in Elden Ring. (Source: Twitter)

As a developer studio of video games, many die-hard gamers can be found in the ranks of employees who are looking forward to these days off.

According to the studio, the staff will not be able to focus on the work due to the joyful event anyway, as a precautionary and cultivation is traded. We call that good employee tour!

It is not the first case ** in which a company releases its employees to gamble. In the release of Monster Hunter Rise, a Japanese company for VR content was also allowed to enjoy a gamer’s day:

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