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Elyon dies We will have only one server to play

This is a question (to you).

Aka Games has just announced the first serious combination of servers — and only two months from the premiere of the game, which means unless the situation of Lyon is not so perfect as if everyone wished.

We are currently preparing to connect servers in Europe and North America, consolidating all servers from each region in one.

Elyon Airship Daily Quests Guide

So from the three present worlds will only be one server for fun.

Europe — Andromeda
North America — Cassiopeia

~~ Server Merge is scheduled for next week, January 5 ~~. On January 5, we will not be able to create characters on combined servers, but the actual merge server is scheduled for February. Details here.

We can grieve, but such a development of events is not a surprise for anyone (anyone who regularly visits our portal). We have long followed and informed you about Lyon’s situation in South Korea, which — gently saying — she was not too joyful. Music drain of players, another connection, and the Lyon fall from the Top50 list of the most popular online games on the local market.

Lyon did not break into the hearts of America fans, and you have to accept this fact.

FC Schalke 2G rule in the stadium

Since this Wednesday, North Rhine-Westphalia has also been a new Corona Protection Ordinance in the largest German state of North Rhine-Westphalia. This includes, for example, that the football matches of BVB, VFL Bochum, 1. FC Cologne, FC Schalke 04 and all other NRW clubs may only be visited by vaccinated or recessed. Second division S04 has therefore now considered something for the part of his followers, which the 2G rules do not currently fulfill.

On Wednesday, the club from Gelsenkirchen published, as he wanted for the two outstanding home games in the 2nd Bundesliga against the SV Tannhauser (27 November) and the 1st FC Nuremberg (December 10).

In writing to his followers, the club first expressly clearly stated according to the recent Coronaschvo: If you have not yet taken any vaccination offer, the two remaining home games will definitely not be able to visit.

The Home of Schalke 04 - An Incredible Look at an Incredible Stadium
The affected part of the Schalke trademarks, which have been avoided until the last time, offered the S04 to suspend their season tickets for the two games.

The money for the two-mentioned home games in the Melting Arena would be fully reimbursed, the royal blue on their club hot page continued to lead.

FC Schalke: Even day tickets will be refunded

Of all too much bureaucracy and correspondence should be apart. It is rich a formless mail with the reimbursement of entrance fees for the two games, an explicit examination of the vaccination status will not exist by Schalke side in this case. The S04 trusts that Schalke are honest with each other, said it in the club message.

Even day cardholders who have already acquired tickets for the home game against the SV Tannhauser, but now not allowed to come to the Melting Arena due to the tightened 2G rule, the tickets can be returned with full reimbursement of the purchase price, it continued.

In the future, a drastic reduction of audience capacities in the future could in-drink, the club explicitly did not want to exclude and referred to the decision-making of the state government in NRW.

Fortuna Dusseldorf moves general meeting

The Bundestag and the state government in North Rhine-Westphalia have announced that the 2G rule is introduced for all events from the coming week.

Fortune have decided that the General Assembly is not to be carried out as the highest organ of the association under the 2G rule, because this body a very central meaning that would be excluded in the members. This is out of the question for the club from the Rhineland and would be non-portable.

Presence event sought

Top 10 German Cities by GDP.
According to the club, the General Assembly will be made up to 2022 at the latest. A digital or hybrid assembly reserve the Dusseldorf as an option if the pandemic situation in spring 2022 does not allow any other option. However, the Supervisory Board and the Executive Board clearly speak out for the implementation of a presence event.

Last year, the general meeting was done purely digitally.

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