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Sonic Frontiers discloses its size in Nintendo Switch: this is the area that the hedgehog needs to run

After publishing their very first gameplay, players are not totally encouraged with Sonic Frontiers. Sonic Team designers discard a hold-up as well as prepare to release their open globe game next November, so we can anticipate a lot of information concerning the title in the succeeding weeks. In this feeling, it has now been exposed its size in Nintendo Switch .

Yet, it ought to be kept in mind that the story of Sonic Frontiers has the participation of the comic writer Ian Flynn , who can imbue the legend of a debate that leaves the regular and expected. If you desire to recognize even more information about the gameplay, it is also crucial to emphasize that the title will certainly have two very various ways of driving Sonic and also an automated method to battle. We can examine all these uniqueness on the next November 8 , release date of Sonic Frontiers in COMPUTER, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Collection and Nintendo Switch .

Sonic Frontiers will certainly need 10.6 GB of space in Nintendo Switch As at first pointing from Nintendo whatever, the ESHOP suggests that Sonic Frontiers will inhabit 10.6 GB in the hybrid of the wonderful N. This number It distanced itself quite much from other distributions from the hedgehog of Sega that have actually additionally been released on the Nintendo console, since it should be born in mind that Sonic Forces inhabited 6.6 GB and also Sonic Color Styles: Ultimate just raised this number to the 6, 8 GB .


This boost might be because of the open globe of Sonic Frontiers, which consequently has details such as challenges and structures in which we can run or slide. Sega has currently commented that this video game will certainly mark the future of the Sonic franchise business, so it is not a surprise that looks for to test players with a proposition that mixes unpublished opponents and different biomes.

Killer Queen Black: how to win with the economy

Bumblebear Games ‘_ killer Queen Blackis now readily available for PC and Nintendo Switch Over, with an outing on Xbox One later this year. It is a sensation of esports, an arcade struck that brought in a huge audience with its framework that is both straight as well as addicting. Gamers can win three games versus a rival team in a number of means.

A lot of the time, you have twelve locations offered on the control panel of your group, which you loaded with berries. The group that loads their table with 12 bays very first wins the suit. It might not be as aggressive as bringing the queen to drop into oblivion, but it is a fun and also critical method of winning the suit.

Previously, we have covered the very first two means: winning by a hostile victory over the queen of the competing group and leading a snail to success by a goal point. There is likewise the third means to win, which is a lot more based on the economic climate.

The collection is the vital

Bear in mind that you will certainly not be the only one to choose bays. The enemy team drones also pursue them.

Berries are dispersed at each phase. These are little purple items which are generally piled from 2 to six. They are very easy to place.

Drones can get these berries and also bring them back to their tray. From there, they will certainly slip there, leaving the bay saved, after that come out, all set to gather an additional. You will be able to comply with very easily the variety of bays present as well as the number of bays essential to win the suit.

Berry choosing might not seem an enjoyable means to win, but it is instead smart.The queen awesomeplayers are usually as well concentrated on what is taking place with their queens/ warriors as well as snails to note that the other group’s paint is full of berries. Some might realize it and try to eliminate drones that join their painting later in the round. But also for others, it might be far too late until they see Aww, they had the last bay!. It’s a suitable method to win.

Grabbing these berries is easy. With your drone, stroll on it, and you should be able to capture it. Then just return to the table, and it will immediately slip inside and also place it for you. That’s it: you need to duplicate the procedure 11 times more.


The most effective means to accumulate Berry

For those who begin in the video game, enjoying other gamers in activity does not harmed. They can provide you a suggestion of the collection and what can help you. For the many component, being the very best method to get swiftly as well as not get observed enemies. Take your berries, go to goal and also start once more. Do not event as well as do not reveal, it is the financial triumph.

With these actions, you fill up the table and also end up being a master ofkiller Queen Blackprior to you know-even without a sword!

Berry picking may not appear a fun means to win, yet it is rather smart.The queen awesomeplayers are typically too focused on what is taking place with their queens/ warriors and snails to note that the other group’s painting is loads with berries.

You will be able to adhere to very quickly the number of bays present and the number of bays necessary to win the match.

It suffices to recognize that these will ultimately go out and force you to distribute a little a lot more on the phase to accessibility other bays. It can be delicate, mostly since other drones select up their berries for their board. You have to pay interest to the batteries that have extra bays, while maintaining an eye on the opponents that conceal in the area, like a warrior or a queen. The goal here is to locate the best course from point A to factor B to transport your fruit, fill the table and win the suit.

Relying on the arrangement of the scene, there might be a suitable means to pick bays. With as many individuals spread with each level, the very best means to do is find the batteries closest to the set.

Bumblebear Games ‘_ killer Queen Blackis now offered for PC and also Nintendo Switch, with a getaway on Xbox One later this year. It may not be as hostile as bringing the queen to fall into oblivion, however it is an enjoyable as well as critical means of winning the suit.

This is since the drone has the shortest path to recoup and include them. If a stack of bays has two or three systems at the base, they should not stress also much regarding the opposition.

_ Killer Queen Blackis offered currently for Nintendo Switch and Computer. He will certainly be launched later on this year for Xbox One.

Melbra: Type Lumina Battle details of the new character Nekoalk! Check out the two battles movies

Project Lumina is the 3rd free additional character of the 2D fighting game Melty Blood: Type Lumina for PS4/Nintendo Switch/Xbox One/Steam. Was released.

MELTY BLOOD is a 2D fighting game based on the world view of the legendary visual novel Tsukihime. This work is the latest in the series, and various characters will battle with a powerful battle based on the remake version Tsukihime-A Piece of Blue Glass Moon-.

Neko Ark will also appear with the free additional character Mash Crielite in the free large update scheduled to be held on August 19. This time, in addition to the battle style of Neko Ark, two match moves have been released.

◆ Introducing the battle style of Neko Ark!

■ Neko Ark Battle Trailer

■ Features in battle

A comical trickster that disturbs the field with a technique that depends on luck

Nekoalk is a unique character that uses many types of tricky techniques and disturbs the field with random techniques. Good luck grasps the key to the game, and if you are lucky, you will play powerful skills, and helpers may appear! The response to the situation that changes rapidly is required by the other person and themselves.


The reach is short, and it is necessary to devise a device to hit the opponent, but it is powerful to play a number of games in a lively field, such as attacks by many cats and helpers. Please pay attention to comical skills that have more stories than past works!

■ Cat Packet 2022

Cat Packet 2022 is a technique that is greatly affected by luck, with many effects activated randomly.

The A version launches a variety of apps, calls cats, ordering a magic circuit, food that has a physical strength recovery effect, and launching a smartphone game to summon. If you are lucky, Saber will release Excalibur according to the summon! In rare cases, the battle screen is also jacked by Neko Ark’s distribution Gleeca Channel! ? Magic circuit and physical strength will recover with items that Nekoalk throws and viewers!

In the B version, if you call and call a helper randomly, cats taking various actions and Eco-Ark will rush to support! Fortunately, there is a lucky E to EX rank, and various effects will be activated, so let’s fight while responding well in situations that are difficult to predict!

■ Yomo Return Cat RR (Double Returns)

Because Nekoalk has a short reach, it is basically a basis that makes a gap for the opponent using positive, surprise attacks, and trouble. Yomo Return Cat RR (Double Returns) is effective for the sunshine. It is a technique to dive into the ground and warp to a specific position, and two dummy cats also appear, so you can confuse your opponent! In addition, the two dummies that appear sometimes take attack behavior.

■ Masa Beam

The Shin Beam fires a beam that reaches the end of the field. It is also possible for opponents who are careless in the distance to eat unexpectedly, and it is also powerful as a skill. In addition, the EX version is easy to use to end the continuous technique because it has a long reach and has a wide range of attacks.

■ I want to go to the crocodile garden

I want to go to the crocodile garden is a technique that is easy to incorporate into continuous tricks in the air that rushes like a rocket in the air. As an additional technique, you can change the direction up, down, left and right, and you can also jump up after the additional technique upward. An irregular movement is possible and is also effective as a surprise attack.

■ Blowback edge version Abadon Flare

There are many other techniques that have an irregular movement, and in the blowback edge version of Abadon Flare, firing a beam that runs a wide area of the screen quickly, or throwing a blowback edge. At the attack, you can fight with a variety of attacks, such as swinging your arms once after throwing, and moving forward.

■ Ark Drive Promised Air Sword

When the promised air sword (excava baroon) bursts, a large number of cats appear from inside! It is a super-powerful special technique in which Neko Ark, which has no endless weight, falls in front of the cat, and the cats are drooling and damaging them.

Because the attack judgment is large, the damage can be greatly increased by incorporating it into a continuous technique from the floating state! In addition, since invincible state is also granted, it is also effective as a counterattack at the timing attacked from the air.

■ Ark Drive Nyatsu Roll / TL

This is a super-powerful special move that is a second arc drive of Neko Ark, and rushes around and involves the opponent and attacks.

With a invincible state, it is powerful as a surprise attack, so it is possible to forcibly break the guard by interlacing the opponent’s guard when the opponent’s guard is hard. It is also effective as a counterattack with a momentary gap in a situation where the opponent is cornered.

■ Last Ark Angolmore Hammer

When Nekoalk gets on the rocket and departs in space, it is the largest specially special technique in which a giant cat can flies to the earth and explodes the earth.

It can be activated by the success of the magic circuit or a successful shield during the Blood Heat. Forcibly open at the timing of being attacked by the opponent and is attacked, and aim for a reversal!

■ How to fight by situation

For a type of opponent who is good at long distances, let’s aim for the moment when the other party’s gap comes to call a lot of helpers, such as cat packet 2022 and Abadon Force, which summons cats who take attack behavior. ! However, some cats fall asleep without fighting, and the activation effect depends on luck, so it is important to activate a lot of skills anyway.

If the other party’s attention is deviated into a cat or helper summoned, the unexpected Moon skill Yomusen Return Cat RR (Double Returns) is powerful. Go to the ground, jump out of your opponent’s feet quickly and launch an attack!

Fill the screen with cats and get confused by your opponent!

For those who are good at short distances, summon cats and helpers with cat packet 2022 or Abadon Force to hinder the opponent’s actions.

As a ken system, it is powerful because the Moon skill Masu Beam can quickly put out a beam that reaches a long distance. In addition, as a fighting technique in the air, I want to go to Torien, which flies a circular magical lump, is also a technique that can easily interfere with the opponent’s actions.

Attack at your own pace without allowing the opponent approach by a helper and fighting!

If the opponent is attacked to a short range, aim for a counterattack with the B / EX version of cat-repetition side jump or arc drive as an attack with a invincible state. Cat repetition side jump is a technique that sets up the opponent continuously while moving quickly to the left and right, and is easy to incorporate into continuous techniques. In the EX version, you can see a special production that causes a cat photosalization phenomenon when you hit the opponent! (There is no change in the character performance in the battle)

◆ Two movies of Neko Ark vs Yuma-Ko are released!

On the official YouTube channel [Official] TYPE-MOON GAMES, two competition movies in which Nekoalk and Arima-Ochi fight were released. In addition to checking a number of unique techniques of Neko Ark, it is also a reference such as getting around with the infighter. Please check with the detailed information of the technique mentioned above.

Neko Ark will be added with a free large update scheduled to be held on August 19. Anyone can use it for free.

News at EVO 2022: Results of the Spaniards Shanks and Dragoi; Dragon Ball Fighter Z will receive Rollback

In addition to witnessing various tournaments in which very popular Spanish players have participated, the Evo 2022 hDragon left us a fantDragontic news for all the followers of Dragon Ball Fighterz: * , an indispensable technology in competitive fighting games. Dragon you can see below, the announcement hDragon raised Dragon many fans applause Dragon if it were a new game.

What is the Netcode Rollback? In essence, it is a system that allows us to play against users any part of the world without fear of suffering the dreaded Lag, an important obstacle in the scene of the competitive struggle. In this article you have all the information about how it works and why it is the present and future of Fighting game _. If you play Dragon Ball Fighterz, you are in luck.

Spanish players in Evo 2022, how hDragon it gone to Shanks and Dragoi?

The Barcelona player hDragon accustomed us to play a good role in the tournaments in which he participates. On this occDragonion, he hDragon reaped a worthy seventh place in the tournament of the aforementioned Dragon Ball Fighterz . The world champion hDragon turned out to be the French Wawa, after defeating Rise in the final | Nitro.

Another of our representatives, Dragoi, player of the Wizards Club team, hDragon celebrated something Dragon important Dragon being the second Spanish to reach the top 8 in Evo 2022, after achieving a surprising fifth position in the Grandblue tournament FantDragony versus . One more sample of the potential-and of the promising future-of Spain in the fighting game.

Returning to Dragon Ball Fighterz, the game is available on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. At the moment, it hDragon not been specified when Rollback Netcode will receive. In addition, The Nintendo Switch version will not receive said system .

Nintendo discloses crucial detail: Switch must

Just how hot will this summer season obtain? If you are intending an adventure at 30 degrees and also even more, you ought to leave the switch at home-and Nintendo also tells you why.

hot, hotter, the Switch is burning!

And also if that takes place? After that transform your Nintendo Switch to the rest setting to cool down. This is to stop long-term damages from the warmth.

With temperatures over 30 degrees, it will certainly be damn hot in the coming weeks in Germany. Not only you will sweat, yet additionally your switch. But when does it end up being dangerous for the pocket console?

The Japanese client assistance from Nintendo suggests to use the Switch in locations with temperatures in between 5 and also 35 degrees Celsius as a result of the heats in the residence country. Every little thing concerning it (or below) can lead to the temperature of the device hot.


However that’s not all!

_ Not get too hot so quickly-a crucial feature for the next Nintendo console. You can learn eight even more things in the complying with image series: _

Dusted followers can additionally result in the temperature of the handheld console. Consequently, Nintendo advises positioning the console to make sure that the air slits are not obstructed. It is also recommended to cleanse the lunch slots at normal periods. Briefly with the hoover over it, done! Nevertheless, you should not dismantle your switch-Nintendo also advises this clearly.

So if you are on the relocation a lot soon, pay interest to the temperature level as well as absolutely prevents direct sunlight . This can not only be dangerous for you, but likewise for your switch. And Pro tip: Leave your switch on a brief time after finishing a video game ** to make sure that the cooling can remain to work.

Exactly how hot will this summer get? Then transform your Nintendo Switch to the remainder setting to cool down. If you are on the relocation a lot soon, pay interest to the temperature level and absolutely avoids straight sunlight . And also Pro pointer: Leave your switch on a brief time after finishing a game ** so that the cooling can continue to function.

Nintendo Change: Last opportunity for deals in the giant

You can just strike on the Nintendo Switch over at nearly 1,500 deals for a couple of days. There are amazing JRPGs of the personality makers, Pokémon, Zelda as well as many fantastic Indies. Where you need to conserve one of the most in the sale as well as you need to find it in the introduction.

present leading offers for the Change

Order your digital purchasing basket, because in the Nintendo eShop the costs. The ideal present offers are readily available here at a look:

After 19 years, Nintendo offers a 2D metroid once again and hits the mark. The Video game Award 2021 victor of the Best Activity Experience category is currently greatly lowered. Initial price: 59.99 euros. Current price:.

In the adorable remake, the Zelda standard is back on an island unknown to him. Magical monsters wish to be defeated and also the unidentified country ought to be investigated so that the hero comes house. Original price: 59.99 euros. Existing price:.

If you like round-based fights as well as JRPGs, you ought to not miss the present low price. Original price: 59.99 euros.
| In our examination of Metroid Fear ** we’ll tell you who the purchase deserves.

Metroid Dread .

Both remakes were cost around 50 euros for the release of Pokémon BLAINGING DIAMANT & LUCES, the costs have currently fallen somewhat-on Ebay you can obtain the Palkia variation on eBay for an overall of 37.99 euros.

From demon battles to beast gathering, the Nintendo Change had the past as well as this year a great deal to use. You missed out on a few of the must-plays? Not a problem, we will certainly show you where you can presently acquire them at the very best rates.
| In our examination of New Pokémon Snap ** we’ll tell you who the purchase is worth.

  • Just Dance 2022 for 34.75 euros as opposed to 59.99 euros.
  • Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2: Grand Prix for 29.99 euros as opposed to 39.99 euros.

Pokémon legends: Arceus .

New Pokémon Snap .

The most recent Pokémon branch turns the common formula upside down and lets you explore an open world filled with creatures. Start everything that jumps in front of the Pokéball to load the initial Pokédex of the Hisui area. Original price: 59.99 euros. Present price:.

The Tale of Zelda: Web link’s Awakening .

Information at a small price-in a physical variation.

More button games in sale .

Do you expensive a special kind of image safari? In New Pokémon Snap you discover different biomes and also your personality-strong locals. To take special photos, you have to solve puzzles and view your environments thoroughly. Original price: 59.99 euros. Present price:.

Much of the video games discussed are presently at an outright small cost. For a lot of bargains you only have time till June 19, so do not allow on your own be superior to way too much time.

Shin megami tensei 5 .

Pokémon shining pearl .

If you desire to make up for one or the various other game pearl in 2021 or 2022, the best time is now to be hit.

New Pokémon Snap 39.99 euros as opposed to 59.99 euros 19. June.
The Tale of Zelda: Web link’s Awakening 39.99 euros as opposed to 59.99 euros 19. June.
Shin megami tensei 5 39.99 euros rather of 59.99 euros 19. June.
Doom Eternal 19.79 euros as opposed to 59.99 euros 19. June.
Spiritfarer 8.24 euros as opposed to 24.99 euros 19. June.
Hades 14.99 euros as opposed to 24.99 euros 19. June.
Catherine: Complete Body 14.99 euros as opposed to 49.99 euros 19. June.
AI: The Somnium Files 7.99 euros as opposed to 39.99 euros 19. June.
Little Headaches 2 14.99 euros instead of 29.99 euros 19. June.
Shin megami Tensei 3 Nocturne HD Remaster 24.99 euros rather than 49.99 euros 19. June.
The Last Campfire 4.49 euros as opposed to 14.99 euros 19. June.
Celeste 4.99 euros instead of 19.99 euros 20. June.
Monster Hunter Stories 2: Wings of Damage 29.99 euros as opposed to 59.99 euros 26. June.
Castlevania Anniversary Collection 3.99 euros rather of 19.99 euros 6. July.
Game Price End of the sales

Original price: 59.99 euros. Existing price:.

Bravely default 2 .

how about a new Nintendo Switch?

From devil fights to beast collecting, the Nintendo Switch over had the past and also this year a whole lot to supply. You missed out on a few of the must-plays? Original price: 59.99 euros.

You can only strike on the Nintendo Switch at nearly 1,500 bargains for a couple of days.

_ For completely cheap, yet excellent button games, take a look at the complying with picture collection: _.

The regular button in grey is right here:.

And also you can also order the OLED version on

You are spoiled for selection between the great old button as well as the OLED variation if you want to get a new button to your brand-new games.

Kao The Kangaroo: New edition also returns as a retail

Just for Games and Developer Tate Multimedia announce the retail version of the newly raised 3D platformer Kao the Kangaroo. The game will be released on May 27, 2022 for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X and can now be pre -ordered.

The cult classic finds the way to the shelves of inpatient trade via Astragon Entertainment in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Kao The Kangaroo is a 3D platform full of fun, exploration, adventure and mysteries! The players accompany the lively ball of fur Kao on an unforgettable journey to uncover the secrets of his disappeared father. The quick -witted hero crosses varied environments full of dangers, puzzles and enemies. Each event brings a further hint to light and reveals a secret world that is bubbling under the surface.


  • Kao the Kangaroo is a declaration of love for the golden age of 3D platformers, packed with exciting jump’n’run action, cool fights and much more!

Kao The Kangaroo: Release Date Announced And Customisation Revealed!
* Beautiful, colorful and varied worlds full of secrets and fun that are just waiting to be explored
* Unforgettable characters – both the good and evil – bring life into the game world
* In search of his disappeared father, Kao experiences an epic journey on which he also learns a lot about himself
* On his journey, Kao discovered and masters the ancient, elementary forces that are in a pair of magical boxing gloves
* An accessible and captivating gameplay is fun for all age groups
* Unique boss battles, each with their own style and different attacks that will put Kaos skills to the test!

Kao The Kangaroo will be released on May 27, 202.

Free weekend games

Once again, here we are spoiled for this weekend. Not only with the EPIC Games Store feast with excellent game games, but free days on really good titles are also organized. Suffice to say that you are not going out of your home (why do you do, after all?).

155 210 views

Free Games this weekend

Free Games on Steam

  • The Elder Scrolls Online : Over the years, this ultra-generous mmo located in the fascinating world of The Elder Scrolls holds the road. It has been able to enrich themselves interesting extensions (even allowing to return to Morrowind) and many updates that make it a permanently solid game: the basic title is playable for free at this address the next 11 days.

Free Game on Epic Games Store

  • Insurmountable : In the skin of damn determinated mountaineering, we must climb the highest and most dangerous mountains, while taking the right decisions at the right time. A beautiful breath of fresh air for this given adventure game .

  • XCOM 2 : No doubt the most beautiful nugget given this week! XCOM 2 is a small wonder of tactical action, located in an ultra-tasty retro-futuristic world. A real reference that gives Epic Games Just there .

Free Games on Xbox

  • The Elder Scrolls Online : The same as on PC, this very large mmo signed Bethesda and placed in one of the most adored world of the sphere Gaming is accessible for several days on Xbox, quite free. Take advantage about it, you could fall in love.

  • CONTROL : For all weekends, Control is playable for free on Xbox with the Free Play Days. It’s a great opportunity, the game of Remedy based on a gameplay and a delicious atmosphere. And if you manage well, you can even finish it before it returns paying.

  • Hunting Simulator 2 : A hunting game that puts everything on the beauty of its environments and the simulation for an authentic experience. Like Control, a free online game weekend is organized for this title signed Neopica, on Xbox.

Free game on PS4 / PS5

  • The Elder Scrolls Online : The PS4 and the PS5 were not going to cut it: The Elder Scrolls Online is also free for several days. This is a frankly rich MMO that could type you in the eye: Know that a big reduction is applied for the game package on PS4 and PS5, costing only € 4.99. Practice when the game becomes paid.

Free games with subscription

PlayStation More

If you are subscribers PS +, do not forget to recover your “free” games of the month of April 2022: for this new batch, so you can get your hands on the nugget indeed Outer Wilds , the adventure of Journey to the Savage Planet , automotive simulation WRC 10 and, finally, Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Earthblood .

  • For more information, we advise you to refer to our news by clicking .

As a reminder, if you have not subscribed to Sony’s service, PS + subscriptions are available from € 8.99 by clicking here.


Microsoft delivers a new set of games to all Xbox Live Gold subscribers for this month. For the beginning of April, you can get their hands on the football game Street Power Football until April 15, the 2D adventure game Another Sight until April 30th and the crazy game management outpost kaloki x until April 15th.

  • To discover all Xbox Live Gold games of the month of Avil 2022 (in detail!), Do not hesitate to consult our article on the subject to This address .

And if you are not yet subscribers to the Xbox Game Live Gold, it is here that you can do it, if the heart tells you.

XBOX Game Pass for PC, Xbox and Cloud

Another very good month for all the subscribers of the Xbox Game Pass (and there are more and more). As usual, Microsoft does not go with a dead hand and offers new affriolous additions in its catalog, as lately the point & click Chinatown Detective Agency . Since yesterday, the new narrative game Life is Strange: True Colors, the strategic war game Panzer Body 2 and the RPG Naheulbeuk’s dungeon: The Amulet of the Disorder ” ‘also joined the service.

  • For more information, you can go to our article dedicated to all arrivals of the Xbox Game Pass for the first half of April 2022 ** at this address.

Xbox Game Pass subscriptions are available here: Xbox Game PC / Xbox Game Pass Xbox .

Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Internet Service subscribers can enjoy many games on the Old-School catalog that reserved for them. These are foundative works like Super Mario Bros, Super Metroid or Super Mario Kart. In a more current register, it is always possible to download “for free” and play in Battle Royaletetris 99 and Pac-Man 99, still effective. **

If you are not subscribed to the Nintendo Switch Online, the subscription is from € 7.99 here and Nintendo credit can be purchased here.

Promotions, Cheap Games: The Best Deals

The best PC game offers on Steam

  • Horizon: Zero Dawn – Complete Edition : If you want to get rid of Forbidden West while taking advantage of a superb version specially optimized for the PC, it’s going here! The Grand Classic of Guerilla Games is -50%, 24,99 € with all its DLCs. Good adventure !

  • The Outer Worlds : This FPS-RPG located in a tasty science fiction world is developed by Obsidian Entertainment, the studio behind the excellent and renowned Fallout New Vegas. Its price is broken until April 18, from € 59.99 to € 19.79 **.

  • Football Manager 2022 : A real reference in its field, that of management and simulation. This somewhat addictive but truly well fichu title is proposed at Steam at 36,84 € instead of € 54.99, or -33%.

  • No Man’s Sky : If you really want to take full view, this adventure game and ultimate science fiction is at -50%, ie ” ’27, 49 €. It has considerably enriched in recent years and we can really spend a time… considerable.

  • Days Gone : Exclusivity PlayStation 4 made a detour on PC There is little and this version is certainly the best that exists. Push yourself in a world vaaaaste with hordes of considerable infected, you, your fling and your bike. The game of Bend Studios is $ 24.99 instead of double, until April 17.

The best PC game offers on Epic Games Store

  • Anno 1800 : This one will take you time, since it is a pillar of the strategy. Anno 1800 asks you to manage a whole Empire and to lead it to victory and make it prosper: in short, you certainly know the music and it can be listened to at the price of € 19.79 ** instead € 59.99. It’s a nice promotion.

  • ** Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: A IIIIMMENSE ACTION-RPG located in ancient Greece that you can not advise you too much if you like the kind. This mega-vast universe is available to only € 14.99 against € 59.99 normally. Given the service life, it’s more than profitable.

  • Assassin’s Creed Origins : It is with him that the RPG formula took off in the Saga Assassin’s Creed. Origins takes us into the ancient Egype, in the middle of the desert, pyramids and strange secrets that hide there. An adventure to the adventure that can be found on the EPIC Games Store at 11,99 € .

The best offers on PS4 and PS5

  • Grand Theft Auto V : If the game is already released by dematerialized on PS5 and Xbox Series, it still has to offer in box! Micromania offers only € 29.99 instead of € 39.99.

  • Lego Star Wars: The Saga Skywalker : Certainly one of the most awaited games in April. Here is the entire new star wars that is resumed in a light, colorful and humorous adventure: the game is sold on PS5 are 49 € at Rakuten, on PS4 to 59 € at Rakuten.

  • Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands : This spin-off of Borderlands located in a world heroic-fantasy frankly good, fun and full of hours of play. He came out on March 25 and you can buy it at 47,49 € on PS4 at E.Leclerc, 50,49 on PS5.

  • Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin : This spin-off of the Final Fantasy Saga is a lack of interesting since developed by the Papas de Nioh, then officially officiating in the famous souls-like kind. It can be found at 39.86 on PS5 at the FNAC, 45 € on PS4 at Rakuten.

  • Ghostwire Tokyo : It has already created Resident Evil, Devil May Cry and the Resident Evil, but now Shinji Mikami is back with this promising PS5 / PC. This game taking place in a tokyo infested with demons is found at Cdiscount 50 € .

  • Gran Turismo 7 : It’s very clear the exit of the moment! The playstation cars game is finally available at 61,49 € on PS5 at Amazon . As for PS4 grind, it is 64,99 € at Amazon.

  • Elden Ring , the new title of FromSoftware to whom we are entitled to Dark Souls , Bloodborne and Sekiro Shadows Die Twice, is out and its notes are incredibly good. On PS5, it is 52,99 € at Rakuten; On PS4 to 59,99 € in FNAC.

  • Horizon: Forbidden West : The huge exclusive PlayStation has been available since February: Find the new adventure of ALOY on PS5 in box 61,40 € instead of € 79.99 At Amazon, and on PS4 in box at 53,90 € instead of € 69.99 at Amazon.

  • DYING LIGHT 2: Stay Human : The game of zombie, parkour and full of other very ambitious things from Techland was published in early February. We can find it on PS4 to 44,85 € , on PS5 to 49,89 € .

  • UNCHARTED: LEGACY OF THIEVES COLLECTION : This PS5 port including Uncharted 4 and its stand-alone Uncharted The Lost Legacy, with some new features, is 39.89 € at Rakuten.

  • Call of Duty: Vanguard : The famous FPS of activism and secure value of the online mutlide can be found cheaper by seeking well. On Rakuten, it is, on PS5, to 54,79 € and on PS4 and at Rakuten always, 44 € .

  • Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition : If you would like to redo GTA III, GTA Vice City and GTA San Andreas in a Rockstar remosted version, Rakuten offers the PS4 box version to 43.75 € . Note that it gives access to the PS5 version, but no box in a box unfortunately exists.

  • BATTLEFIELD 2042 : Grand Cod Vanguard, this shooter at the first person signed Electronic Arts This time is entirely on the multiplayer with parts on huge maps and no less than 128 players. A muscular online experience, available on PS5 only 29,99 € on Rakuten and on PS4 to 29,99 € at the FNAC.

  • FIFA 22 : The big reference of the football game has delivered this year a frankly successful simulation failing to rehabilitate the formula. The PS5 version, including new technologies, is sold to 50 € on Rakuten while PS4, more traditional but always very efficient, is 49.28 € on Amazon.

  • Far Cry 6 : The Ubisoft FPS offers a return to the sources of the saga with a diving in the dictatorship of Yara Island, one end of tropical land that will have to undo taking the Weapons: It is available on PS5 to 29,50 € at Rakuten and PS4 to 29,99 € at Rakuten.

  • Marvel’s Spider-Man: Moral Miles : With the release in December of Spider-Man No Way Home in the cinema, it is clearly the time to crack for this great spider-man game! On PS5, this spin-off with moral miles is 42,99 € instead of € 59.99 at Rakuten. The PS4 version is 63,46 € at Amazon.

  • Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart : Genuine ultra-colorful technical baffy and full of good humor, here is an exclude PS5 that causes! Rakuten starts slowly to lower the price of this successful action-adventure game (18/20 at home) with a label to 39.39 € instead of € 79.99.

  • Demon’s Souls : This remake simply dazzling the legendary eponymous game is not to be missed for anyone who has a ps5… and solid nerves. Very difficult but strangely enjoyable, the title is at 46,89 € on Rakuten.

  • KENA: Bridge of Spirits : We can only advise you Kena, a real petite nugget earlier in 2021 and enjoying sublime graphics while introducing a well-dosed difficulty! This Excluded PlayStation console can be found at a low price 29,99 € on PS5 at Amazon and € 29.99 ** Also on PS4, at Amazon too.

The best offers on Xbox

  • Grand Theft Auto V : If the game is already released by dematerialized on Xbox Series, it still has to offer in box! Micromania offers it to only € 29.99 ** instead of € 39.99.

  • Lego Star Wars: The Saga Skywalker : Certainly one of the most awaited games in April. Here, this is the entire new star wars that is taken up in a light, colorful and humorous adventure: we can find the game at 44,77 € on Xbox, at Amazon.

  • Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands : The new Borderlands is here! Put your hands on this FPS-RPG of quality and freshly released at and 69 € on Xbox at Amazon, more in its Next Level Edition.

  • Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin : From Darksouls Final franchise fantasy is a good surprise that you recommend if you like the kind. At E.Leclerc, it is found at 52,80 € , while it just comes out. On Xbox, of course.

  • Elden Ring : It clearly likely to be goty as it is excellent. The brand new game of FromSoftware has just come out, has seen its price unfortunately reassemble, namely 59 € at the FNAC. Take it on it, it remains the cheapest price of the moment.

  • Dying Light 2 : He went out there is little, talking a lot about him and for cause: it’s a very nice game for the generous life and the intelligent universe. The newcomer of the TECHLAND studio corridors can be found on Xbox 44,99 € , canned at Amazon.

  • Halo Infinite : Expected as the Messiah, the FPS of 343 industries is finally there December 2021. Fortunately, its version both compatible on one as on Series is already findable at a very accessible price, either 43,91 € at Amazon. Not bad, for a game released at the beginning of the month only.

  • FORZA HORIZON 5 : Undeniably one of the best game games ever made, and one of the best Xbox excluded never out. If you have one of the Microsoft consoles, do not reflect and dive into this ultra-fun virtual Mexico by giving you the game 44,99 € on Amazon. You really advise you.

  • Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition : This compilation that includes GTA 3, GTA Vice City and GTA San Andres under a new engine and with a slightly modernized gameplay just released into a box! RREView the Xbox version to 28,80 € at Amazon.

  • Call of Duty: Vanguard : The Annual Online Blockbuster will agree to all ultra-nervous shooter and online game enthusiasts, do not doubt. The cross-gen edition including both the Xbox Series and Xbox One, is available 59,99 € on E.Leclerc.

* Battlefield 2042 : We stay in the multiplayer FPS with this very last opus of the worship series, freshly landed and offering epic parts to 128 players and three huge game modes to delight fans. On Xbox, the game is sold 26,01 € at Amazon.

  • FIFA 22 : If you are looking for a very good football game and have all the official franchises, here’s what you need. New Gen grinding on Xbox Series, with technological novelties, is offered 35,62 € only on the FNAC. The Xbox One Verison is 36,83 € on Rakuten.

  • Assassin’s Creed Valhalla : Do you like Vikings and huge lifetimes? The last episode of the Saga Assassin’s Creed may be done for you. Eivor and its troop await you at price price, either 36,59 € In a version that includes both the Xbox One version and the Xbox Series X | s version.

  • Far Cry 6 : Tropical jungle, ruthless dictatorship and great charismatic dictatorship are at the heart of this new rather successful and effective adventure, coming from Ubisoft corridors. The game is 50,10 € at Amazon, as well on Xbox One and on Xbox Series thanks to the Smart Delivery system.

  • BACK 4 BLOOD : A game that does not do in lace, definitely, but which provides a strange pleasure. This is a question of facing waves of infected with the growing difficulty in a title developed by the creators of LEFT 4 Dead: the app is sold in its special edition 22,22 € instead of 69, 99 € on Amazon.

  • Resident Evil Village : Beautiful as a devil and filled with chills, this dark adventure again demonstrates the know-how of Capcom in the field of horror and horrifying action. A delicious experience to enjoy for the sum of € 29.99 ** in a box version that works on Xbox One as on Xbox Series.

The best deals on Switch

  • Lego Star Wars: The Saga Skywalker : frankly owl, in light, funny and completely complete, the new Lego game is to do if you like Star Wars where the world of the manufacturer. On Switch, you can find it 41,99 € .

  • Kirby and the forgotten world : Here’s a great game! The new adventure of the little pink ball, just exited, is confirmed as being colorful, fun, playable in cooperation and full of ingenuity and good mood. The FNAC offers it to 51,99 €

  • Pokémon Legends: Arceus : The big hit of this beginning of the year is on Switch and, without surprise, it is the new Pokémon. This time, opt for a much more open world and much more modern battles, all available at 44,99 € At the FNAC, shipping included: The game will allow you to form the first Pokédex. Of the history. A crisp pitch.

  • Mario Kart 8 Deluxe : If you did not have it yet, the mega-hit of the switch is that moment in 44,49 € shipping including, making it the best price Web. Above all, with the huge DLC just announced with 48 circuits from the old episodes, the case can actually be worth it.

  • Triangle Strategy : This Square-Enix RPG at the Octopath Traveler cause was very anticipated fans of the genre, and landed on March 4 exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Amazon proposes it in pre-order 44,99 € .

  • Sparkling Diamond Pokémon / Scintillating Pearl : The Remake Cult Games Pokémon Diamond Version and Pokémon Pearl Version is a monstrous success. Everyone is tearing it off on Switch and indeed, it is a very nice title for anyone who loves the franchise: Rakuten offers each of the two versions to 39,99 € !

  • Monster Hunter Rise : Released a year ago, it’s simply one of the best Switch games, Signed Capcom. Embark on a hectic adventure, alone or with friends, facing such formidable monsters: in addition, its price is currently at € 50.28 ** on Rakuten.

  • Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition : The remastered compilation of GTA 3, Vice City and San Andres has finally available, in box on Nintendo Switch. Its price is 44,49 € on

  • THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: SKYWARD SWORD HD : This portage Switch of the eponyname game, originally released on Wii, adapts entirely to the machine and its joy-con with a revised gameplay and smoothed graphics. The adventure and pure action game that is no longer present: it is 43,49 € on Rakuten.

  • Metroid Dread : Excellent exclusivity Switch exit There is little, this sudden action title in 2D is a real nugget, returning with the initial genre of a mythical saga. Take advantage of: The game is sold 44 € on Amazon.

  • JUST DANCE 2022 : This music game party adapts perfectly to the switch, it is a secret for any1. If you want to spend good evenings with friends or members of the same family (or both) while enjoying sympathetic choreographies and recent music, the FNAC makes an offer bringing the price at only 30,45 € **.

  • Ring Fit Adventure : A title that still proves Nintendo’s imagination! This Excluded Switch offers you to play sports (for real) while playing its playful and immersive adventure, including thanks to a special ring designed for and a leg. A very good initiative, even offering multiplayer parts: it is accessible for € 58.90 ** on

  • Super Smash Bros. Ultimate : Classic Switch, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a must-see of the Baston game, very friendly and adapted to all profiles. It brings together a fairly extraordinary casting: in short, there are enough reasons to throw itself on and buy it at at 51,99 € . His fault? It does not fall until price…

  • Super Mario 3D All-Stars : A compilation on Switch that includes three cult games, Know Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy. Where the case becomes interesting is that Nintendo officially stopped the production of the game in box: in other words, it should be collector. It is at 47,99 € on Cdiscount.

  • FIFA 22 – Essential Edition : Yes, the King of Video Football is also available on Switch in a version that adapts rather well to its abilities. A bestseller in 2021, available on Micromania at the generous price of € 39.99 **.

  • Luigi’s Mansion 3 : A playable game as well as in cooperation, but especially great with two players. Inventive, varied, funny and colorful, a must-have for all owners of Nintendo Switch and that can be added to your ludothèque against 33,16 € on Cdiscount. It’s worth it.

Pre-orders and reservations: Offers on Hits to come

On the pre-order side, some highly anticipated titles are listed at lower rates on certain platforms.


  • Evil Dead: The Game : Frame hordes of demons in this damn beautiful and cooperative game, directly from Sam Raimi’s franchise. A frankly promising title that can be ordered to 39,99 € on PS4 at Amazon, 39,99 € on PS5 at Amazon and again 39,99 € on Xbox Always at Amazon.

  • Sniper Elite 5 : The next Snipe game of the Rebellion Studio is now based on a truly effective recipe and rather enjoyable. Its campaign is playable in coop in two if you want it, there is a multiplayer and its gameplay is with small onions: you can pre-order it to 59,99 € on PS4 , to 59,99 € On PS5 and 59,99 € on Xbox.

  • Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong : This narrative game at the Heavy Rain immerses you in a dark history of vampire, planted in an almost mafia urban setting. A good surprise potential planned on May 19 and that we can find at the FNAC at 59,99 € on PS4 , to 59,99 € on PS5 and 59,99 € on Xbox .

  • The FNAC offers the next Game Harry Potter Hogwarts Legacy: The Hogwarts Heritage in pre-order, with 10 € offered in voucher. On PS5, it is at 79,99 € and € 79.99 on Xbox Series X. On PS4, it is 10 € less, ie 69,99 € And on Xbox One, at the same price (so 69,99 € ** also).

SIFU **: A super sticking game that draws with respect in the art of Kung-Fu and that is rightly talking about it. A PS5 box edition is scheduled for May 3 at the price of € 44.99 at Cdiscount. On PS4, Cdiscount offers it at the same price: only € 44.99.

Nintendo Switch

  • The Remake of Cult Games Advance Wars 1 + 2 Re-boot Camp (an exclusive switch, obviously) is expected for this year 2022. It is pre-order at the FNAC at 49,99 € , With 10 € offered on your loyalty account.

  • Nintendo Switch Sports : Everyone knows Wii Sports, one of the most sold games in the world and dedicated to Wii (without surprise). Here is its Switch version, including new sports like football or volleyball, with even a leg strap for new features. The exit is scheduled for April 29, 2022 and proposes pre-orders at only 39,99 € !

  • Mario Strikers: Battle League Football : The return of a cult franchise and very much awaited! Here, the concept is simple: Mario and his friends compete in totally delusional football matches, super arcades and especially, ultra-funs. E.Leclerc opened the pre-orders to 49,99 € for an exit scheduled next June 10th.

_ Good weekend to all… and good game, especially! _


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The only game that could have been interested in PS is a game noted 7/20 by JV and 8 by the players.

In other words, I stay on what makes me spend time for the moment.

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Nintendo Switch “Mon Yu” Sudden 100 yen sale was aimed at Dungeon RPG Mutohori to a specific layer. However, “accident” is an unexpected situation

The Experience Co., Ltd. broadcasts the program “EXP channel” that delivers the latest information of the company on March 25. Dungeon RPG for Nintendo Switch, who became topic the other day in this day, get a strong sword or armor. Become strong without giving up or giving up. The Hero Corps believes in the day to defeat the devil. ** “(hereinafter referred to as Mon Yu) ‘s 100 yen sale. According to it, this case was the end of the end of the “accident”.

This work is a dungeon RPG that fights her brave corps. Brave has 8 types of occupations such as warriors, knights, martial arts and ninjas, and job change is also possible. And to defeat the seven devil who robbed the treasure, I challenge the tower of the dragon king. Going up the labyrinth, fighting monsters, collecting better equipment and strengthening the party.

Such a “monkeys” started suddenly at Nintendo e-shop on March 15. Regular price 5480 yen, it was a discount sale that can be purchased for 100 yen off 98% off. “Hiken of the Sword of the Street of the Sword”, “Hong Spring Kawasuke”, “Demon Gaze”, such as the development work with a reputation for Dungeon RPG development, and it is a topic on the gamer. I also introduced in the magazine (related articles).

However, according to Mr. Chiboto, a representative director of the Experience, there was an accident on the background of this sale. The company plans to be a dungeon RPG for young people. First of all, as a measure for elementary school, it seems to have decided to make a “secret sale” of 100 yen that can be bought feel free to buy. “Complete stealth”, of course, from the company, as well as the cooperation of Nintendo and announced only in the Corocorocomic magazine where elementary school students could read well. However, as a result, it has been widely known.

In addition, as the company, he was planning to be a sale for a limited 3-day after an advertisement with Corocorocomic, but it is clear that it can not be d1. However, it is said that it was not possible to stop the sale on business. Mr. Chibi looks back when you gave discomfort to the user purchased at regular prices and worried about the fan about the company.

Senba says that “monkeys” is not selling, so it does not mean that a cheap sale was performed. Rather, this work is still sold, and this year’s black is a big contribution to the company. In addition, it has also been revealed that all the titles on the company are black.

However, it seems that the response of this sale was quite a bit, and 10 days from the start of sale, keeping the first largest in the seller. It is said that the number of sales sells of the company’s successive year is as much as “Demon Gaze”. Also, as a synergy effect, DLC for sale for 990 yen is “Boiled”. As a result, sales of “United States of the assumption” are joined, and the business plan has been crazy.

  • Refer to “Mono Aoi” sale from around 30 seconds per 11 minutes.

Although I was aware of it to be a secret sale, it was a time problem that everyone could confirm because everyone could confirm at Nintendo e-shop. Even if it is Corokorocomic, it is not always not read except for elementary school students, but someone posts someone to SNS will spread at a stretch. Sales that have limited subjects are likely to be quite difficult in existing systems.

However, the company seems to continue the measures to get a dungeon RPG, a niche genre, also to young people. However, for the next junior high school student, this is that the sale and promotion such as this time do not do it.

“Keep a strong sword or armor. Become strong without giving up or giving up. The Hero Corps believes in the day to defeat the devil. “” Is for sale for Nintendo Switch. In addition, the Experience will be released on September 15 for Nintendo Switch / PS4, “Death (Sinigami)” is for Nintendo Switch / PS4.

Xbox Series X|S Materials for the initial time in sales to PS5 in Europe, with the lack of supply as a protagonist

Supply problems endanger to seriously affect Nintendo Change, however at the minute they do not stop the system pleasantly lead the very successful console table in Europe stores throughout the month of February. In total, Nintendo Switch sales were 14% less than those of the very same month in 2021 , yet 52% greater than February 2020, showing once more that there is still a lot of business land to win by Component of the hybrid system.

The task is uppercase, and also it comes with a time where stock issues proceed to hit both the Sony Equipment and Microsoft’s Equipment. Nevertheless, when it comes to the United States business, this storage space deficit has been fixed with adequate success, as can be seen, thanks to ** Availability in Xbox SERIES S stores, less complicated to manufacture presently for its liable.

PS5, Xbox Shortages Will Get Worse Before They Get Better - Next-Gen Console Watch

Comment that the GSD panel does not gather information from the British as well as German market on this event, the 2 most essential in the field in Europe.

For the initial time considering that the launch of both gaming consoles in November 2020, Xbox series X | S has gone beyond sales at PlayStation 5 at Europe . This is what GSD validates on its last shared panel by Interactive Software Federation of Europe with information from market actions throughout the month of February.

As a whole, equipment sales fell 32% compared to January and 44% compared to February 2021. The GSD panel leaves other information, such as Elden Ring is the new bigger IP because 2016 and also the ideal release of the Year in Europe. The title of fromSoftware, additionally, marketed virtually one out of every 2 copies on computer, showing the great performance of the company in this community.

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