This time has been the cosplayer Sandra Miller who has actually shared the last homage of it to the game, an impeccable work of both cosplay and modifying digital photography that has actually been echoed dualshockers. This is not the first cosplay that Miller carries out from Ellie, you can review the makeovers of the musician via her socials media, although we have actually brought several of her most striking photographs.

The Last people: Part II has actually come to be one of one of the most essential video games of the industry , reaching more than 320 honors for a better game of the year, a figure that involves a record in computer game. The experience of activity and survival of Naughty Dog highlighted by a superb narrative as well as some remarkable personalities .

Among the lead characters of her, Ellie wins an unique weight on this second installment , taking us to accompany her in an individual development that will reveal us one of the most raw face of mankind. The young survivor has actually been stood for in a wide variety of occasions in cosplays so faithful that they have even surprised Naughty Dog.

tiktok ellie cosplay complication
We have to admit that when we have set a first look at some of them, we have actually come to perplex them with pictures of the game. Miller’s level is so high that she not only takes care of to bring to the photos of her the devastated cities or the tone and also lights of the video game , she is able to obtain us fail to remember that Ellie is a fictional personality.