Razer , the well-known brand of accessories and devices of a gaming nature, hStream Controller just presented a new all-in-one specially designed for streamers and content creators. This is Razer Stream Controller, a new Multimedia Center with direct access to multitStream Controllerking commands and a wide variety of functions available through its touch screen , its six dials and eight fully customizable buttons.

Multimedia center for content creators

Thus, current creators and streamers need a wide variety of multimedia commands with which customize their content . Razer Stream Controller responds to the advanced needs of any streamer thanks to its different inputs, such Stream Controller 12 haptic keys located on its central screen next to different extra commands on both sides. All totally customizable thanks to Loupedck , which even allows us to vary the haptic response of the screen.

The6 analog dials located on both sides of the screen allow you to adjust different audio levels in a comfortable and direct way, while the 8 lower and programmable buttons allow alternating between work spaces and activate other commands. On the other hand, Razer and Loupedck have joined their strength to offer a whole Marketplace * for the new device, with countless applications, profiles and icon packs so that each content creator finds its ideal configuration.

The new Razer Stream Controller will be available at the end of this year 2022 at a price of 269.99 euros through Razer’s official website.

We leave you with its main Features Techniques:

  • System requirements: macOS x 10.14 (and posterior), Windows 10 systems, Loupedck software
  • Size: 151 x 101.5 x 30.2 mm
  • Weight: 210 g (only streaming controller), 216 g (with removable angle support)
  • Interface: 12 LCD touch buttons, 2 lateral LCD screens, 6 multifunction dials, 8 multifunction buttons
  • Connectivity: USB USB cable type C type of 2 meters

* Box content: Razer streaming controller, USB type A cable type C type C of 2 meters, removable bStream Controllere