If you have a slightly unique tendency from school, you don’t like billiards, bowling, and golf. The factor that I was tired of in the two hobbies is that I have to wait for my order. The game is strange, so I like turn-type and neglected type, but I hate it in reality. Do you like fishing? I’ve never done it, but I hate it.

However, as time goes by, I realize that something is going wrong. If you randomly pull out the memories of school days, you invested 10 hours a day to eat jjajangmyeon in the billiard room rather than the memory of the PC room that caught the named boss. The memory is more detail and longer. As I get older, the driving force of life is such memories, and I want to change the line from active things to static hobbies. Cheonggukjang, who didn’t like it when I was young, became my favorite food now.

The theme selected by the second hero of the enchant ‘logout’ is fishing. The logout project is a recommendation for going out for creators who have no choice but to spend much time in front of the computer or camera due to their career. If Kim Jung-min is focused on meeting his former colleagues and bringing out his old memories, the two episodes of Dangun (Kim Eui-jung) are focused only on healing.

Dangun is a veteran creator who has experienced casters such as broadcasting and events since the mid-2000s. The keywords of the logout Dangun are fishing, healing and necklets. I hope that healing through fishing and the Neckle of the enchantment (Kim Min-ki) of the enchant that belongs to this opportunity will be more acquainted with this opportunity.

When I arrived at the site, it was a fun situation to fish for the first time, both the proposal and the acceptance. Can Dangun and Necklit catch meat? And can the two get closer? If you are curious about the video, please meet the ‘Log Out Dangun’ on the enchant channel.