Gen.G won the chicken in 6 matches on the 2nd day of BSC7.

On the 10th, the ‘BATTLEGROUNDS SMASH CUP (BSC)’ Season 7 Day 2 match was held.

BSC Season 7 is a competition in which domestic players check their strength before the start of the East Asian region tournament. Four open slots were selected through ‘PUBG LVUP SHOWDOWN (PLS): Season 2’ held in April this year with 12 Korean professional teams. A total of 16 teams will participate. The total prize money is 30 million won, and the winning team will receive a direct ticket to the Weekly Final of the 1st week of the next East Asian regional integrated e-sports competition ‘PUBG WEEKLY SERIES: EAST ASIA: Phase 2’ and a weekly survival map option. pay additional

In BSC Season 7, the same as BSC Season 6, 5 matches will be played on the 1st day, and matches will be played until the winning team is announced on the 2nd day. If the team with a total score of 70 or more, including kill points and rank points, acquires chicken, the game ends immediately, and the team that ate the chicken becomes the champion of BSC Season 7. The championship requirement, which was at least 60 total points in Season 6, was adjusted to 70 in Season 7.

The match 6 magnetic field was formed by Miramar Impala. At the beginning of the match, Damwon Kia and EM-Tech Storm X faced off at the Crown House southwest of the magnetic field. Damwon Kia ‘Foxy’ stunned EM Tech’s Sparrow and Gomp in succession, while Damwon Kia ‘Under’ grabbed the rest of the crew with a quick backup and won the battle.

Then, Hungry defeated Hulk Gaming on the western ridge. It was the result of ‘Digupal”s split and ‘P.O”s high-focus shot. However, the hunger ended when they were attacked by Dana and E-Sports and were reversely beaten by OpiGi Sports, and after that, Gen.G organized OpiGigi.

In the TOP4, Maru Gaming, Gen.G, Kwangdong Freex, and GCA No Name survived. Gen.G hit an exquisite grenade against Guangdong, which was being maintained under the ridge, and Guangdong ‘E-End’ stunned and harassed two Maru Gaming personnel.

In the prenuptial situation, Gen.G, who maintained all the personnel, took 11 kills of chicken while organizing the rest in turn.