Tampling in the 3rd league: Laiche-Club TurkGücü Munich introduces the game operation with the expiration of the month of March. This is a one-time process in German professional football and has massive impact on the table – even in the ascent race.

TurkGücu is no longer able to “comply with his ongoing payment obligations and thus economically maintain the implementation of the game of the season,” the German Football Association (DFB) announced. The Munich had submitted an application for insolvency proceedings on 27 January 2022.

All previously completed lots from TurkGücü are taken from the evaluation according to Paragraph 55a of the DFB play order. The Munich is the first relegated. “This is a sad day for the 3rd league,” said Manuel Hartmann, Managing Director DFB game operation. “Of course, Türkkücü Munich and his affected employees and employees have the greatest damage. At the same time it is negative for the entire league and competition when a club leaves during the season,” he added.

Professionals and employees of TurkGücü were informed on Thursday morning from the “club management in the presence of the preliminary insolvency administrator Max Liebig” in a business meeting about the end of the club, it was said in a press release.

At the beginning of the year, the club had filed for bankruptcy because President and patrons of Hasan Kivran have turned the money tap. In the past few weeks, Turk’s CEO Max Kothny desperately tried to find new sponsors.

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TurkGücü Munich introduces game operation

After the departure of TurkGücü, the deduction of eleven points, which the DFB had spoken out in recent weeks against the club, no longer relevant. Nine counters were unknown to Turkgy Czech due to the insolvency application. Another two points had lost the Munich for a circulation violation. Most recently, the Munich had rang against a dot deduction by the DFB.

That it comes now in the table to shifts is for Hartmann “no optimal solution”. But the competition “would also be distorted when all the games to which the club no longer start would be automatically considered for the respective opponents”.

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The DFB deals with the bankruptcy “self-critical”, so Hartmannn, and will, of course, check whether errors were made in the context of the admission procedure “. Hartmann outlined that Türkkücü the personnel spending gambling originally increased from three to five million euros.