The cilantro is something that Mexicans are accustomed, since we mainly use it in the tacos. However, in China they have led this herb to a territory that many could consider a sin. Unexpectedly, McDonald’s has announced a cilantro ice cream, which is only available in this country .

The Sundae de Cilantro is a limited time offer that is already available in the McDonald’s from China. For Single ¥ 6.6 Yuan, consumers will be able to test the stranger invention of what we have seen in 2022. Along with the grass, This dessert has green lime sauce and sprinkle with chopped cilantro sheets . According to the statement, it has a bittersweet taste with a touch of fresh fragrance.

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Like many inventions from China, the possibilities of seeing cilantro ice cream in Mexico or any other part of the West, are very low. However, the possibility is not completely discarded, since if certain products are Popular enough, eventually will reach other regions for limited time.

It will be interesting if they then make a parsley ice cream, so that people are confused. On related topics, McDonald’s already has its own line of clothing for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Similarly, a Nintendo DS has emerged that was used to train the employees of these restaurants.