Before the third major round match of the German team was contacted at the European Championship, the DHB informed that the return transport of the persons tested to the Coronavirus in the course of the EM has begun. Leipzig’s playmaker Luca Withe and Magdeburg’s left outside Lukas Martens were the first to follow more professionals soon. The remaining squad was agreed with the first joint training session on opponents Sweden. With Hendrik Wagner, at least an infected professional was able to enter the 16er bid.

The reigning Vice World Champion, who began with five Bundesliga stars around his genius playmaker Jim Gotfridsson (SG Flensburg-Handewitt), caught the better start. The Scandinavians depended on directly at 5: 2, because the DHB defense did not put the necessary presence and hardness on the day.

ShootingS tar Foster continues to play big

At the front ShootingS tar Julian Foster was the great bright spot in the German game, at three of the first four goals was the Gummersbacher Top Talent directly involved. The European champion of 2016 was due in the game, but the Sweden was too much left, so it was only 7: 5 for the favorites after 17 minutes.

The faulty game moved towards a manageable level, which was another tick in Sweden. But everyone else Foster kept Germany with actions like his back grenade after 24 minutes in the game (8:10). This increased Fabian Wide, who shortened shortly before the side change. So it went only with two goals behind the break (10:12).

With the side change, Sweden’s Norwegian national coach Glenn Sol berg built on his second row in the back of the back, which could not really convince. With a cheeky seven meters, Tobias Eichmann even set at 13:13 in the 37th minute, the German fans had long since the upper hand.

Drug comes to operating temperature

Before breaking the final quarter, both teams fell slightly in hustle and bustle and closed some too opponents and unclean. Sweden, in the episode, mainly found a suitable gap (later Man of the Match ) and again a suitable gap, but at the DHB team Paul Drug took operating temperature (17:18, 47.). It was a real thriller now.

Gílson remained faithful to his line and rotated further. But so slowly, strength and concentration, Germany conceded Germany in the 53rd minute the 18:21, shortly thereafter Sweden built the lead even on four goals. Through the 21: 25 defeat, the DHB selection has definitely missed the EM semifinals, which had never been issued as a destination according to Gílson anyway.

At the end of the main round, the German team meets on Tuesday (18 o’clock, live! BEI DHB informed) on Russia, the Poland on Sunday in the closing second with a hit almost from the centerline just buttoned a point. In Scandinavia duel between Sweden and Norway then decides from 20.30 clock, who is expected to follow the Spaniards into the semi-final.

Germany – Sweden 21:25 (10:12)

Germany: Bitter (HSV Hamburg), Reimann (fresh on Göttingen) – Foster (VFL Gummersbach) 4, Drug (Fuchs Berlin) 3, Dame (THW Kiel) 2, Golda (SG Flensburg-Handewitt) 2, Eichmann (Mt Messenger) 2/2, Wide (Fuchs Berlin) 2, Whence (THW Kiel) 2, Were (TBV Lego Lipped) 2, State (Burnisher HC) 1, Wagner (The Owls Ludwigshafen) 1

Sweden: Alicia, Thin – Tub 6/3, Bergen 3, Godfridssson 3, Rearguards 3, Randell 3, Cardboard 2, China 2, Johansson 2, Clear 1
Referee: Arthur Brunner (Switzerland) / Moral Salah (Switzerland)
Viewers: 1992
Criminal minutes: 4/4
Disqualification: \ – / –