The second stage of Genshin-impact s version 2.2 Labyrinth Warriors event is there and brings another challenge as well as the second part of the new action. Against this background, we now show you the full card of both floors and tell you everything you need to know how to complete the level 2 Brutal Divergence by Labyrinth Warriors and can demand all rewards.

Best team compositions and Shikifudas

For this phase, we recommend that you use a pyro DPS because the bosses are all prone to melt / evaporation damage. In this case, our top Picks Hu Tao, Diluc, Yoimiya and Klee would be. We recommend that you face the challenge with a team that consists of a DPS, an enabler, a healer and a shield carrier, such as: B. Zhongli (Top Pick), Albedo or Noelle. If your Pyro DPS is not strong enough, the use of Xiao or EULA is strongly recommended. If your DPS can not generate the pyro-related reactions, the use of pyro supports is essential. In this regard, Bennett will be our main recommendation, from the reasons mentioned above and because there is the possibility that an Abyss Lector is displayed as an enemy during your run.

If you want, the use of a Shikifuda seal of the heavy flame can really help because it increases its total attack. It is also recommended to use the SHIKIFUDA seal of the flashing flash to reduce the elemental design and cooldown of explosions.

Labyrinth Warriors Stage 2: Floor 1 – Complete map and more

From the floor plan, the floor offers 4 rooms outside the main path. We recommend that you all carefully explore so you get the best buffs for your team. Just remember to stay alert before falling. You can view the full map of the first floor of the second level below. It is worth noting that the division of the soil is the same for everyone, but the contents of the rooms is different.

The boss of the first floor will be a Cryo hypostasis. To step in, concentrate on the attack when his defenses are on the ground. The boss is extremely prone to reactions, so use this to cause as much harm as possible as soon as possible. As soon as the enemy loses most of his health, he enters a phase in which they have to throw their projectiles (3 of them) to do it.

Labyrinth Warriors Stage 2: Floor 2 – Complete map and more

On the second floor it will stay similar. Apart from that, the plane has 2 rooms outside the main path. You can view the full map of the second floor of the second level below.

In the second boss fight, two Cryo Abyss likes and a Frost arm Lawachurl will occur. Concentrate in the fight first on dealing with the magicians and then on the Lawachurl. To do this, make sure your shield stays upright all the time during the fight while you cause as much harm as possible.

Genshin Impact is currently available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, mobile devices and PC.