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GameStop announces the next replenishment of PS5 in the store

GameStop has announced his next PS5 refueling at the store. The PlayStation 5 has been a tremendously difficult console to get since its launch in November 2020. Although Sony is doing everything possible to produce more PlayStation 5 units, demand is difficult to satisfy due to the shortage of supplies and intense resale. Although the latter is not as serious as it was when the console was launched, many are struggling to have the new Sony console in their hands. With games like dios of the war: Ragnarok Scheduled to leave this year, many want to make sure you have the most optimal way to play the new Sony box office successes.

Virtually all in the United States will have the opportunity to try and get a PlayStation 5 tomorrow, since Gamestop will resort the console at all the stores of the United States. The console will only be available in packages for PowerUp Rewards Pro members, which you can register online. There will be four different packages, three of which come with Horizonte: West forbidden. It is unlikely that they are cheap, since these packages are usually used so that people buy more than just the console, but at least you will get some good games and gift cards with them. Gamestop stores tend to open between 10 a. m. and 11 a.m. m., But you should check the schedule of your local retailer to know when to get to the store.


It is not exactly clear how many units each store will have, but with luck there will be many for every1. Earlier this year, it was reported that Sony is increasing the supply of its PS4 to compensate for the PS5 scarcity. Since Sony can supply all GameStop stores in the US. UU It seems to suggest that it will be easier for you to manufacture and supply the console. Ideally, the supply will be reasonable enough for this Christmas season, so it can be a good gift and easily accessible for new releases.

Are you going to try to get a PS5? Let me know in the comments below or contact me on Twitter @Cade_ONDER.

WWE 2K22 experiences shortage of anticipated orders of GameStop, Walmart and more

WWE 2K22 will be launched on March 11, but anticipated access begins today, so you can imagine that many fans who booked the game for anticipated access are excited to start up and participate in wrestling. Unfortunately, it seems that there is a shortage of physical copies of WWE 2K22 in stores, mainly GameStops, and users are told that their copies will not be available until later. That would be frustrating for anyone, but it is especially frustrating for those who have booked the game specifically to obtain anticipated access, and even more for those who have bought some of the most expensive versions of the game.

You can find some fans tweets that try to resume the game then, and some say they could ask for the game in advance to another person since the version they ordered in advance of Gamestop said it would not be available up to a week later.

Others confirmed this problem and added that they went to buy the game for ps5 (the copy they ordered in advance) only to be told they did not have that in stock but they had the version of Xbox. As for the PS5 version, they did not know when it would come.

Some also said that they only hoped to get the digital version of the game after their physicist did not arrive on time, but Gamestop so far has not offered that option.

Some also say that their copies in Steam also show a March 11 date instead of March 8, and someone else added that their early order was delayed and that went through Walmart, so it does not seem to be relegated only to Advance orders from GameStop.

2K, GameStop or Walmart have not shared any confirmation of this or solutions, so we will keep it informed.

I Played WWE 2K22 And...

Now, while some have problems, others are already testing the game, as you can see a lot of games that are shared in social networks.

If you have a similar problem with the early order, tell us in the comments, and for those who are already playing, let us know what you think about the comments too!

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