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Botw: Zelda player uncovers new information after 5 years-fans are flabbergasted

Also after 5 years, the Zelda players in Breath of the Wild will find new points. A dedicated follower noticed a tiny information during a cut scene: the sequence is available in 2 different versions.

Zelda player finds impressive detail

Outdoors video game world there is the possibility in some places that Connect will remember its past. The corresponding moment is accompanied with a tiny cutscene. Youtuber Bigotilyou has currently seen that there are 2 various cutscenes for the last memory **.

With Breath of the Wild, Nintendo has actually released among the very best open world video games for many gamers. Since the Change struck not just supplies a damn big video game world, however is also packed with information as well as tiny keys that additionally not all discovered 5 years after the main beginning of sales. A Zelda player recently located an additional instance that shows just how much focus to detail Nintendo put into play.

Since if the player has previously taken an image of a picture in Kakariko that portrays this scene, Link will certainly draw out his Shiekah-Stein during the cutscene and also take an appearance at his photo for a short minute . On the various other hand, if you haven’t taken a photo before, you get a clip without seeing the Shiekah-Stein-a small, but still brilliant information:

fans celebrate Nintendo’s detailed love

Practically all followers agree: You like the scene without a picture .

_ Im successor to Breath of the Wild have to get some points even better-at least you can see it: _.

In either case: The fans of Breath of the Wild still seem to locate brand-new little information as well as tricks in the game.

This shows exactly how much time Nintendo placed in the game.- Rollcake.

This is wonderful! No issue how irrelevant or unimportant the activity is, the game identifies it.


The followers concur in the remarks of the YouTube video clips: Even if the distinction between both scenes is quite low, Nintendo’s developers are very raising that you have taken the time to see to it to this small information .

However, nearly all fans concur: You like the scene without a photo . Since thus the gamer provides the feeling that Web link remembers his past all on its own. In the sequence with the picture, on the various other hand, shocked response appears much more like he is only finding that it remains in the exact same location that is photographed aware.

Even after 5 years, the Zelda gamers in Breath of the Wild will certainly discover brand-new points. Due to the fact that the Change struck not only uses a damn large video game world, however is also full of information as well as small secrets that also not all discovered 5 years after the main start of sales. Youtuber Bigotilyou has currently discovered that there are two various cutscenes for the last memory .

Nintendo Switch – DESTAGES Over 1000 games up to 75 cheaper ad

Outer Wilds is a spatial exploration simulation computer game, released in May 2019 on Microsoft Windows, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as well as arranged for completion 2021 on Nintendo Switch. Modified by Annapurna Interactive, it is first established by Group Outer Wilds, then by Möbius Digital. The gamer embodies an extra-terrestrial visiting his worldly system. A DLC, Mirrors of the Eye, came out in September 2021.

Until the 30th of December, the Nintendo shop runs the festival offers with more than 1000 reduced games for Nintendo Switch. Already at the start of the action last week we had presented you in a first article ten highlights. Today we remember not only to the SALE, but also present you ten more top offers. The overview of all deals of action can be found here:

RESTAGES IN Nintendo shop: reduced over 1000 switch games

The Outer Worlds

The Science Fiction game The Outer Worlds comes from Obsidian Entertainment Role playing professionals (Fallout: New Vegas, Pillars of Eternity). The Action RPG puts us in a dystopic future, in which corporations have taken the power and people are little count. The macabre humor, the sloping characters and the colorful planets take the gloomy scenario but much of his seriousness. It is fought as in a first-person shooter from the prospective, many missions can also be solved by sneaking or diplomatic path. In addition, explore the game world and getting to know her residents play a major role.

The Outer Worlds instead of €59.99 for €23.99 in the Nintendo shop


You probably do not have to say much about the game principle of Monopoly. The board game in which we buy whole streets, build houses and ruin our counterparties financially, enthusiastically and frustrated players around the world for decades. The Switch version from Ubisoft offers three pretty and equipped with a lot of optical details 3D play fields and can be played online as well as offline with up to six players. For those who lack the necessary free time, there are also new modes that accelerate the classic game a little. On request, you can also set your own rules or record new action cards into the game.

Monopoly instead of €39,99 for €9,99 in the Nintendo shop

Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil 4 is considered to be the best part of the Horror series by many series of series until today. It is the first Resident Evil, which puts on a shoulder perspective instead of a rigid viewing angle, but it does not change that typical survival horror is offered with many enemies and little ammunition. We play the already known from Part 2 Leon S. Kennedy, who is sent to a Spanish village as a special agent in order to free the abducted daughter of the president from the catches of a strange sect. The villagers are not well-tuned. However, they are not our biggest problem, because in the sinister forests and old-fashioned buildings, far more terror await us.

Resident Evil 4 instead of €19.99 for €14,99 in the Nintendo shop

Final Fantasy VII

The switch version of the roleplaying classic Final Fantasy 7 considers essentially to the original from 1997 with rendered backgrounds and cockchafer 3D figures, but brings a few improvements. For example, annoying random fighters can now be avoided and there is a new turbomodus. Nothing changed at the classic RPG gameplay with the Active Time Battles, in which a timeline next to every character in our party, when we can use it next time. Even the exciting story about the mercenary cloud Strife, which follows a resistance group and draws into the fight against an unscrupulous large corporation, is still the same.

Final Fantasy VII instead €15,99 for €7,99 in the Nintendo shop

No more heroes

No More Heroes is a hack & slash action game in which we take control of the order skill Travis Touchdown. This has set itself the goal of becoming the best assassin’s in the world by wringing down the best ten assassins so far. In addition to its sloping humor, no More Heroes is characterized by the combat system, in which both spectacular wrestling moves and the faithful laser cabana of the protagonist are used. In between, we can freely explore the city with the most servant name Santa Destroy using our motorcycle and take various part-time jobs to make money for other weapons to earn equipment.

No More Heroes instead of €19.99 for €9,99 in the Nintendo shop

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Nintendo Switch — GESTATION OFFERS: secure up to 75% off many games [advert]

Fast RMS

The switch-exclusive racing game almost RMS is the continuation of the almost Racing Neo published for Wii U. It offers all 24 routes of the predecessor and its LCS as well as 12 new courses. We re-graze again in futuristic anti-gravity vehicles through varied and pretty scene science fiction landscapes. We can achieve breathtaking speeds, as long as we create it to catch the boost zones on the track. If we are successful, we switch new speed classes and even faster vehicles free. In multiplayer, eight or locally via split screen four players can compete against each other, the almost RMS always runs in liquid 60 fps.

Fast RMS instead of €19.99 for €9,99 in the Nintendo shop

Rayman Legends

Rayman Legends caught up his name, because Ubisoft’s Jump & Run can actually be expected to be the legends of the genre. It is characterized mainly by its varied gameplay, which contains many creative to bizarre ideas. A highlight is still the music levels in which we have to move in the right rhythm. Visually, Rayman Legends still convinces with its pretty, colorful style design and the loving animations. In the definite edition for Nintendo Switch, the popular football mini-game King Foot was expanded to a mode with single player and tournament variants. There are now local co-op, for which two consoles are linked together.

Rayman Legends definitions edition instead of €39,99 for €9,99 in the Nintendo shop

Little Nightmares II

Little Nightmares 2 is about two children escaping from a city full of monsters and need to achieve a mysterious tower through which reality is distorted nightmare. Like the predecessor, the horror game is characterized by its unique graphic style, which fluctuates between cute and scary. This time, the levels are much more varied: Our path leads us about a hospital populated hospital and a dark forest. The gameplay consists as usual from sneaking, small riddles and Jump & Run passages, but also offers something more action compared to the first part, as we can at least locate with weapons violence against our enemies.

Little Nightmares II instead €29,99 for €20.09 in the Nintendo shop

Bios hock Remastered

That the first-person shooter Bios hock is one of the big classics of the genre, is mainly due to his game world: After a plane crash over the sea, we save ourselves into the underwater town of Rapture, which was planned as a Utopia, but at the time of our arrival has already turned into a nightmare. As it could come, we find out when exploring the metropolis. In addition to the exciting story, the dense atmosphere also contributes the excellent style design. Against the numerous dangers that lurk on us, we not only put ourselves with firearms, but also with the help of superhuman skills to weir, which we acquire gradually.

Bios hock Remastered instead of €19.99 for €7,99 in the Nintendo shop

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The 2D action game Blasphemous falls at at first glance through its gloomy look. The style design was inspired by the Spanish Inquisition and accordingly contains not only much religious symbolism, but also abundant blood and torture instruments. But not only the desolate game world, but also the high degree of difficulty reminiscent of Dark Souls: If we let ourselves be distracted by the grotesque exterior of the monsters with whom we get to do it too long, we are dead quickly. We have against the huge boss opponents In addition, just a chance if we master the combos well. Blasphemous is therefore above all a game for all those looking for a challenge.

Blasphemous instead of €24,99 for €6.24 in the Nintendo shop

Elden Ring Release Beta Gameplay All information at a glance

Computer Role Play (Computer System) Parlor Game, (C) RPG) describes a style of computer system video games, whose roots are primarily in the pen & paper role games, of which basic processes as well as To be taken over video game auto mechanics. The main distinction in between pen & — paper role-playing as well as computer role-playing game is that the tasks of the game master will be embraced by the computer system. This moves the activity of computer role games in significantly narrower trains defined by the video game programmers.

2022 get Dark Souls fans with the open world RPG Elder ring some fresh food. We have all the information on the release, Beta (network test), gameplay, multiplayer, and more of the world together for you.

network test
Elder ring game time: As long is the adventure
game world: Such is the intermediate country
Mechanics: To play, fight, we die
Multi Payer: Loop and mutually
comparison with Dark Souls: Similarities
comparison with Dark Souls: Differences
Story: This is what we know about the dark fantasy story

Disclaimer This article, we will update upon receipt of new information. So you are always up-to-date.

Extended Article with the latest information just before the network test: Last update on 09 November. We also could have been playing 15 hours, and we want to know your questions.

Release — When will Elder ring?

Elder ring appears on 25 February 2022, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S. Originally the game was announced in 2019 and then there were two years nothing more to see. Finally, the game of 28 January 2022 has been postponed to the current date.

Here you can look at you the latest trailer for Elder Ring:

network test starts to ring Elder — The in the beta there!

Concurrent with the announcement, located Elder that ring is slightly late, have Banzai NAMC and From Software, the fans calmed by the announcement of the network test. This is but playable only by prior registration and with any luck. Meanwhile, it is no longer possible to register for the test. The lucky player inside, who are invited should receive this week an email from Banzai NAMC.

When does the test take?

12 . November: 12:00 hours until 15:00
13 . November: 4:00 am until 7:00
13 . November: 20:00 o clock to 23:00
14 . November: 12:00 hours until 15:00
15 . November: 4:00 am until 7:00

Also, the first information obtained from the network test, such as classes, are now known. For this you read more here:

9 0

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Elder ring unveiled last five classes that are playable in engineering test

Elden Ring: 30 Minutes of Gameplay Reveal! Network Test start, middle and end footage!

Elder ring season — as long is the adventure

We expected the usual season: At least GIL the inside, the only complete for all players the compulsory portion. In that case we should stop us about 30 to 40 hours in the intermediate country.

Have roughly corresponds to the average time the fans for Blood-borne, Dark Souls 3 and the Demon s Souls remake needed (via: However, the world of Elder ring hides apparently many additional secrets that we can freely explore as desired.

game world: Such is the intermediate country

We wander through a seamlessly connected open world: For Elder ring for the first time creates an open world From Software that works very spread in the first trailer and a substantially non-linear experience allowed. It shall not all areas to be accessible from the start. Nonetheless, us is probably in the course of the journey is always many possible paths open.

We travel six very different regions: The map is divided into six large main regions of our landscape and expect cultural variety. So we roam dense forests, breathing mountain air or beat us by oppressive swamps.

But of course we do not take the trip to the various areas to enjoy the natural experience, but to look for a ring fragment of each. We have to face each with a semi-divine boss.

We expect one-night cycle and dynamic weather changes day: the first time will receive these typical open-world elements moving into a From Software game. In addition, it is already known that the new features also affect the story and gameplay will have. Night is well, for example, limited our sight — but also our enemies. As the day change affects close attention to the story, is not yet known.

We can ask ourselves optional bosses and dungeons: In addition to the main story and the mostly very large game world, From Software offers the hardcore fans more challenges. In each region expect dungeons in the form of caves, catacombs, but also castles, which should return the usual oppressive narrowness of earlier games.

Elder ring also provide us with many bosses to choose whether we want to face them or not. Mandatory for the story progress this time are less than half of all bosses.

Tuners: To play, fight and die we:

We can swing ourselves in the saddle of a jump worthy animal: In order to get forward faster in the Open World, a horned riding is a side that has some tricks in stock. With different cracks it can overcome clefts and catapult with us in the saddle vertically up on high rock cliffs. In addition, we can even deny fights on his back.

There is only a degree of difficulty, but alternatives to Easy Mode: FROM software will go the usual way with only a degree of difficulty. However, according to the team, the open game world reduces the risk of opening with a place because we can choose our way relatively freely. In addition, many challenges are optional. That is, we can sometimes deal with difficult end opponents and areas.

In addition, it becomes easier in Elder Ring to get help in the form of other players. In order to call Loop Partners in our world, no resources are needed.

And even if you prefer to do without the multiplayer function, you do not have to make all the dangers all alone. We can also subdue the Astral body fallen enemies and commands them to stand by their side in different ways.

Ten starter classes are available and delegated with experience points: At the beginning of the journey, we choose our basic character and have about ten different classes to choose from. Leveling then works like the SoulS borne Games: We collect experience points and can freely distribute them to different attributes to increase the level and customize our strengths.

The weapon arsenal is big: In addition to the different classes, a different combat device is given to us. Among other things, classical swords and shields, large hammers, double dies, whips, spears, magicians, a special claw weapon and bows were seen. In addition, it should be possible to personalize weapons and armor more strongly than before.

Meaningful extensions of the combat system: The stained has apparently had more tricks in stock than the Aachen from Dark Souls 3. We can now hide from opponents, pendant to them and surprise them with creeping attacks. In addition, we can jump and thus avoid attacks as well as executing jump attacks.

Multiplayer: Loop and against each other?

In co-op mode with known or strangers stained by the world strip: FROMSOFTWARE I want to make it easier for us to deny the journey in the team in Elder Ring. We can call up to three players in our world and need no resources — in contrast to the Dark Souls series.

In addition, we can use the world as usual with messages for other stained planting. However, if you do not feel like watching the legacies of foreign players inside and just want to play with a solid team, you can set a password.

Invasions are possible again: The Souls series has a popular PVP feature where players can come to the worlds of other travelers to demand them duel. Meanwhile, from Software has confirmed that the ELDER ring will also be possible

Even more to the multiplayer you read here:

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Elder Ring in comparison with Dark Souls

Dennis has already performed in its column: Elder Ring looks like Dark Souls 4 and that s nothing bad.

From Software obviously invokes with the next action role-play from the ground up new, but therefore comes with a few fresh elements. Here you can see the most important differences and similarities again at a glance:

The most important similarities:

We travel a gloomy, mysterious and somewhat crazy fantasy world.
We play a banished person between death and life.
Environmental Storytelling plays a central role.
We have different starting classes to choose from.
We revel attributes using experience points and rise in steps.
We are available to us a great weapon arsenal.
The focus is on close combat, but there are also bows and spells.
We can personalize weapons and armor.
We can call other players in our world to help us.
We can deny the main story in 30 to 40 hours.

The biggest differences:

We travel through an open and seamlessly connected game world.
There is a day-night cycle and dynamic weather.
We have a jump-efficient device available.
Much more end opponents and areas are optional.
We can jump in the fight for myself and use slaughter mechanics.
We can call the Astral body fallen spirit to help.
No resources are needed for the coop.

Story: We know that about the gloomy fantasy story

A mysterious setting, creates two major worlds creators: In Elder Ring, the product expects us a very special collaboration. Dark Souls-creator Hideetaka Miyazaki has received creative support from no lesser than G. R. R. Martin, the author of the song of ice and fire.

As expected by the parties, the resulting world, the intermediate country, is anything but peaceful terrain. The Endearing, the source of the earth tree, is broken and the golden order thus destroyed. Hungry semi-gods have torn the ring fragments per se and thus brought war and chaos over the intermediate country.

This time we are as a stained on the way: In Elder Ring, we play stained, which are dead and yet alive, which is strongly reminiscent of the achenes and undead from the Dark Souls games. Our ancestors were banished out of the intermediate country, and we return to bind the power of the Elder Ring to us and to rise to an Eldenkursten.

NPCs become more important and influence the exit of history: In Elder Ring, the interactions with NPCs should be much stronger in the foreground than the previous titles of the team. Among other things, it should be crucial when we meet which persons and how we face it. Both will even influence the end of our history.

At every interaction, caution is announced: the characters that meet us do not necessarily always show their true face, but pursue their own goals. Interline and betrayal seems to lurk at every corner. Patches greetings!

Environmental Storytelling comes back and will even be expanded: Fans of earlier from software titles are fascinated by the use of indirect storytelling. Much one learns in these games only if you are carefully studying item descriptions or looks closely at viewers. This should also be the case in Elder Ring — and this time the team wants to leave even more traces of previous events in the world.

Elder Ring appears on 25 February 2022 for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S and the PC.

And now is the Gamer Community asked: Which well-known facts to Elder Ring can you find the most exciting, and what are your hopes for the game?

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