MMO Strategy Game Professional Development and Publisher War Gaming (Representative: Victor Keisley, said that it donates millions of dollars to Ukrainian Red Cross. In Ukraine Kiyu (Kyiv), more than 550 Wedogiming staff is working, and it is an important location in Woogiming.

Woogiming stopped advertisements from the world since the Ukrainian dispute. In addition, we decided to eliminate advanced trams and other war-related images. War gaming announces the following statement for the Million dollars on the Ukrainian Red Cross for the delivery of humanitarian support.

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Dear industry fellow,

We received a number of requests from players and partners in relation to Wogiming Kiyu staff. The answer is as follows.

Wogiming is the top priority of staff’s safety and security. Woogiming uses all the resources of the currently available company to help and support more than 550 colleagues. – Alternative houses, early payment, additional funds for transfer.

We are helping employees to go to neighboring countries and to establish accommodation. And today I donate a million dollars on the Ukrainian Red Cross. This fund will be used to support other important activities of Ukrainian hospitals, doctors, office, and humanitarian organizations as needed.

We will be able to conduct additional humanitarian assistance depending on the situation.