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1. FC Düren brings talent with Chelsea

“I will honor my parents when I can head for Düren for the first time.” Thonthan Chim-Ong, nickname “UEFA”, it can hardly expect to spend the leader of the Mittelrheinliga, which has recently recommended himself in trial training.

Thomas Tuchel & Andreas Christensen React To Late Win | Crystal Palace 0-1 Chelsea

Even though the 18-year-old Dribbelkünsteller is to be careful about the U 23, the enthusiasm is due to reciprocity, the FCD can eventually demonstrate its diversity with the “first Thai of the Middle Rhine League”. President Wolfgang Spelthahn says, “We are an international club in which nearly 40 nationalities are home to. After we have already integrated a powerful US American with Sterling Seyedin, we look forward to the next hopeful talent.” Because, so SPELThahn continues, “football connects people of any origin. The love of sports combines them.”

This Love Chim-Ong was last in the U-19 Elite team of Brooke House College Football Academy, about 75 kilometers east of the English metropolis Birmingham. In the even larger metropolis of London, the offensive player 2013 and 2015 was invited by FC Chelsea to one training week. The ambitions of the 18-year-old are great, on his homepage is prominently placed: “My goal is to become professional footballers in Europe and to represent my home country there. I want to be successful in football, to make for my family, making them proud and make them proud They support. Football is my life. “

FC Bayern: Nagelsmann demands control change

Julian Nagelsmann calls for changes in football. The head coach of Bayern is committed to spending, as you know it from basketball. He finds support from trainer colleague Andrea Trinchieri, who looks after the Munich basketball player.

The two coaches of Bayern are agree: Football matches could be further enhanced in the future for coaches. “It would be great, I set myself up for almost ten years,” said Julian Nagelsmann towards club media, but pushed behind: “But it is not so easy football to bring about changes.”

Nagelsmann was convinced that “the quality of the games would rise again because the coaches could cause more influence in such time outs by the greater influence in such time outs.” Best example is his colleague Andrea Trinchieri, who has steered the feasts of the BBL team of the Munich since 2020. For Trinchieri, according to the 34-year-old, the influence in the game is easier: “The players are closer to you in a hall, and you also have the opportunity to take more short tactical breaks.”

Trinchieri: Nagelsmann is “always one step ahead”

The native Milan, who coaches between 2014 and 2018 Brose Bamberg, agrees to the football teacher: “I do not understand anyway, why that was not introduced in football. It would be better for the players, for the coaches, for the fans, for all “

Trinchieri also assumed that in his work, he is well oriented to his club colleagues. “I’ll hear what Julian says, I’ll watch how he behaves. You have to pretend the direction, you must have compassion. The biggest lie, which we can claim as a trainer, is that every player is the same. That’s not the same true.”

Nagelsmann is a “Supermoderner” coach, “because he brings everything professionally and human. He is always one step ahead.”

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