NEW Dallas Mavericks Trade Rumors: Buddy Hield Trade? ALMOST Got Caris LeVert? Landing Goran Dragic?
The Dallas Mavericks apparently have no interest in making the Duo Jalen Brunson and Dorian Finney-Smith before the Trade Deadline on February 10th. Instead, both role players should be kept in the long term.

This comes from a report by Marc Stein. Accordingly, Dallas has rejected calls of competition with potential trades of Brunson and Finney-Smith. In the past few weeks, both part of speculation on the trade market – among other things, the New York Knicks should have brunson in sight – but most likely a whereabout in Dallas beyond the Trade Deadline.

Both the 25-year-old Point Guard and the 28-year-old wing players play important roles in the rotation of the Mavericks, however, their respective contracts run after the current season. The responsible persons in Dallas reigned optimism that both want to stay in Texas. An ESPN report lasted most recently that a Brunson finish was a realistic threat.

Already now the MAVs can offer premature contract extension over a maximum of four years and 55.6 million dollars, but Brunson and Finney Smith will probably get more in Free Agency. Accordingly, Brunson is said to be at least $ 18 million a year, Finney-Smith hope, according to a report by bleach Report to $ 15 million.

Since Brunson and Finney Smith are to be kept, but is probably not a big throw for Dallas on the trade market. According to Stein, the interest in other MAVs players such as Maxi Kleber or Dwight Powell is “flawed”. Nevertheless, Pile Dallas an upgrade for the open.

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This could come, for example, in the person of Goran Dragic, which is probably only an option when available on the buyout market. At Dennis Schröder, the MAVs meanwhile have no interest.

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The same applies to Myles Turner, who helped as a shot blocker of the defense, but in the eyes of those responsible would probably not represent the hoped for the attack. For this reason, Dallas had taken a distance from a potential Turner trade, which is also currently injured.