In 2020, Love Japan MX announced a symphonic concert of _ the knights of the zodiac _. However, due to the Covid-19, this event was postponed indefinitely. After almost two years without information, today has been confirmed that this event is finally on the way.

The Pegasus Fantasy Orchestra Concert to Symphonic Experience will be responsible for offering reimaginations of the most iconic songs, accompanied by anime scenes that captivated a whole generation in the 80s and 90. Unfortunately, at the moment there is no information related With the exact date of this presentation.

Saint Seiya Symphonic Adventure (2022) Official Trailer
Next to this, is unknown if the people who bought their ticket for the original September 2020 concert, they will be able to continue using their entry for this new edition. We hope to soon have more information about it, as many cemes to return to the concerts.

On related topics, the knights of the zodiac will have a new movie Live Action.