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How to quickly increase the level in Diablo Immortal

Diablo Immortal is a mobile game in a series from Blizzard. It contains many of the same functions and a mechanic as the main games. This includes increasing the level and preparation for the final. This can make you ask how to quickly increase the level in Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Immortal pumping manual

You will receive experience points in most aspects of Diablo Immortal. But you will want to aim on specific to quickly increase the level. Here are a few ways The level is quickly in Diablo immortal.

Main plot quests

The main quests of the campaign are a great way to speed up your experience. Usually they give the largest number of experience points after performing the main quests or victory over the bosses. As you pass the campaign, you can quickly increase your level by accelerating the main plot.

combat glasses

We recommend that you keep your combat glasses until you reach a higher level. The reason for this is that you can spend combat glasses in order to unlock the levels in your combat pass, giving a large amount of experience. But these scalate with your level , that is, you get more experience than your level is higher. So, although it is immediately tempting to spend them, save them for later.

Complete events, dungeons, etc.

dungeons , bounty and also ancient faults all these are great ways to get many experience points. You must beat them as often as possible to get experience and equipment that they give. Awards have a daily limit, so perform them every day.

tips and recommendations for a quick increase in level

Pass the side quests

While the main quests will give the most experience, you can first of all miss most side quests and actually improve the speed of pumping. This is due to the fact that side quests basically do not give as much experience as the quests of the main plot. But there are some that should be done because they are associated with research or other quests.

Equip the best equipment


The equipment of your best equipment will allow you progress through the game more quickly . The presence of better equipment increases your damage and survival, which means that you can quickly kill mobs and not worry about the restart, because you died.


While mobs will be given experience, you can usually get more from the performance of quests. Avoid single mobs or groups with several, since you should not stop to kill them. Nevertheless, large crowds that can be destroyed using AOE capabilities should usually be killed.

To obtain additional information about Diablo Immortal, read the sections “The Best Classes for Launch Diablo Immortal” and “How to download and install Diablo Immortal” in the game manuals for professionals.

Ghostwire: Toyko – find all 25 Tanuki

In our Tanuki Guide to Ghostwire: Toyko you will learn:

  • The locations of all 25 hidden in Shibuya Tanuki and how you get there the fastest way
  • Which rewards expect you to find the individual Tanuki
  • How to unlock the extremely rare TANUKI suit

Shibuya, the open game world of Ghostwire: Tokyo, is plump filled with collective tasks. One of them is to find 25 Tanuki. Before you start your TANUKI search, however, you must first speak with the leader of Tanuki , which is located at Shiroyama shrine in the southwest of the card. As it continues, our guide shows.

Ghostwire Tokyo Jagd auf Tanuki - Alle 25 Fundorte | All Tanuki Locations
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Shiroya Shrine: Tanuki Office (3)

TANUKI with yellow leaf on the head (# 1)

Reward :

  • 100 experience points
  • Emote: karate 1

After the conversation with the Tanuki leader, down the stairs, run on the bamboo wall and looks to the right. Right next to the start of a small staircase, you spawn a pot with lid , under which a wedding raccoon throw can be seen. Examines the object and you have found the first TANUKI.

TANUKI with yellow scarf (No. 2)

Reward :

  • 100 experience points
  • Emote: gangster hatch

Southeast of Shiroyama shrine is a huge, 4-lane motorway overpass. Go there and seek the fog wall in the south of the card. Then run under the road in northeastern direction until you come to the second major concrete pillar. The Tanuki is located in a vending machine on the way to the next concrete pillar. For better orientation: not far away is a big white truck.

TANUKI with yellow purse (No. 3)

Reward :

  • 100 experience points,
  • Emote: Shrome

Travel to Shiroyoma Shrine, the map opens and looks like a mini market on the edge of the edge of the edge of the edge of the edge of the edge of the carpentation. Mark the Tengu right next to the mini market and uses it to get to the roof of the building. Once there, you can see a huge red billboard with white Japanese font. The Tanuki has hidden in the small Torii goal before.

Namita shrine: TANUKI site (1)

TANUKI with green Furoshiki (No. 4)

Reward :

  • 100 experience points
  • Emote: on the floor 3

West of the Namita shrine, which is located on a roof, you can see a huge blue billboard with beverage cans of the fictitious brand “Precarious” on it. Uses the house roofs and your jump and sliding talent to get there. Read around the billboard and you discover a Tanuki in a raccoon statue .

Yashin shrine: TANUKI site (1)

Armored Tanuki (No. 5)

Reward :

  • 100 experience points
  • Emote: run like the wind

Southeast of Yashin-Schrein is a parking lot, on the three white and a yellow excavator parking. Large parts of the parking lot are closed with a wall. Behind a construction site sign , which shows a male with blue uniform and a shield on the upper body, a Tanuki hides with a yellow helmet.

Morite shrine: TANUKI site (1)

TANUKI with red flower (No. 6)

Reward :

  • 100 experience points
  • Emote: Sweet Fratz

East from the Morite shrine is the world famous Shibuya street crossing. Southeast of it you can see a great place on which a small truck parking in front of a patched building. On the roof of the building (under which the subway input is located) you discover a satellite dish . This is the searched Tanuki.

Akisawa shrine: TANUKI locations (2)

TANUKI with red Furoshiki (No. 7)

Reward :

  • 100 experience points
  • Emote: karate 2

Northeast of the Akisawa shrine is a hospital. On the roof sits a Tanuki dressed like an orange-white striped traffic c1. To get to the roof of the hospital , first introduce you to the main entrance of the building. Behind you hear a Tengu. It looks at it, draws to the adjoining building and activates the ghost view. Shortly thereafter, you discover two floating doll spirits, also called Sun’s dancers.

Runs to the roof of the dolls, but does not fight against them, but glides from there on the roofs of the buildings, which are right next to the hospital. Arrived there, hide briefly, wait until the ghosts have disappeared and then continue on the hospital roof to the traffic cone tanuki .

TANUKI with white flower (# 8)


  • 100 experience points
  • Emote: caress cat

About a block west of the Akisawa shrine is the Hotel Silent-Nya. Imagine the entrance, turn 180 degrees and you can see a rather Triste’s building with a promotional label for the hotel. Directly below is several vending machines. On the right of these, you come to an alley with a little red Torii Goal . The Tanuki has hidden in the upper beam of the gate.

Shopping district of Utagawa: Tanuki Fundorte (3)

TANUKI with pink flower (No. 9)

Reward :

  • 100 experience points
  • Emote: elegant landing

Eastern by the Torii Gate in Utagawa’s shopping area, you bums on the starting point of the Nest of Baden “Nest of Evils”. Imagine frontal in front of the quest sensor spirit and then looks to the top right. On the building you discover a huge advertising bill with raccoons . It hides the Tanuki.

To get to the building, run from the side-quail in the northeastern direction once across the street. There you discover a fire staircase that runs between two 5-storey buildings . Go to the roof over the stairs, glides over to the advertising board of the above-mentioned building and another Tanuki belongs to you.

TANUKI with frosted sheet (No. 10)

Reward :

  • 100 experience points
  • Emote: prayer

Starting from the Torii Shrine in Utagawa, her south marches south – initially a huge staircase, then along a road running upwards. Arrived up, you see the billboard in the background for the “Furo-to Bathshop” . Below is a mini market and a green taxi.

Compared to the mini market on the other street side, the clothing store is Larout. On the left there is a dark alley with numerous air conditioning and vending machines. The Tanuki hides in the third beverage machine on the left side.

TANUKI with red scarf (No. 11)


  • 100 experiences
  • Emote: love and peace

In the northeast of this carpentry area, a huge water canal runs with a highway about it. Go to the canal, headed to the north shore and lands on the narrow path that runs at the height of the water. Run it so far to the east until you see a wooden door together with grille right next to it. In the door the Tanuki hides.

Hitani Shrine: Tanuki Office (2)

TANUKI with oval leaf (# 12)

Reward :

  • 100 experience points
  • Emote: seat 3

Uses the speed to get to the Hitani Shrine. Run through the red gate (branch south) and then right on the shrine until you see a parking lot and a white delivery cart . Arrived at the delivery van, sharply turns to the right west. Then always straight, past a silver car, a green taxi, a white delivery cart and a black car.

Before you see a 2-storey concrete building with lattice fence. At the top of a power box is the Tanuki, hidden in a Daruma figure . To achieve the position, keep right until you see a staircase with blue trash can. Rotate at the trash can by 180 degrees and you see the staircase of a building. There in, from on the roof and then with a jump over to Tanuki.

TANICU with green chain (No. 13)


  • 100 experience points
  • Emote: carate slopes

Run from the Hutani shrine to the south, crosses the bridge, which leads across the water channel and continue straight ahead until it reaches the quoter of the secondary mission “Rokurokubi” .

Continue in Western direction, past an orange transporter and up the street until you reach the entrance to a tiny park and bench. Directly behind it is another bench with two vending machines before. The Tanuki has turned on opposite corner as a pack of instant noodles .

Namihara shrine: TANUKI site (1)

TANUKI with gray scarf (No. 14)

Reward :

  • 100 Experience point
  • Emote: relocated

Imagine the vapor’s box of the Namihara shrine and climbs on its roof. Then jump to the roof of the shrine and goes to the highest point of the building. Makes another sentence on the adjoining, approximately equal building in the southeast. The Tanuki hides on the roof in a shield next to the satellite dish .

Toyoi shrine: TANUKI site (1)

TANUKI with pink purse (No. 15)

Reward :

  • 100 experience points
  • Emote: Cut dog

Run from the Toyoi shrine into the adjacent road that leads to southwestern direction. Follow this and turns on the right after the second cross road. Hold a smaller, fenced parking lot with an orange parking ticket machine and three drinks vending machines . One of them (red-white and floral symbols) is not on the right spot – this is the requested Tanuki.

Chishima shrine: TANUKI site (1)

TANUKI with yellow flower on the head (No. 16)

Reward :

  • 100 experience points
  • Emote: lean

Run from the Chishima shrine four blocks north, until you reach the northeastern end of the park. Seek there after a telephone booth. Behind it you see many parked bicycles in front of a steep concrete wall, just about it a fence. Behind the fence, the Tanuki was camouflaged as a telephone booth .

Hatsuike shrine: TANUKI site (1)

TANUKI with blue purse (No. 17)

Reward :

  • 100 Experience point
  • Emote: sumo attitude

This raccoon did not hide well. Run from the Hatsuike shrine to the adjacent park in eastern direction and is looking for a staircase that leads directly to the park. Run up the stairs and you can see a as a office chair. Tanuki .

Tatsu-shrine: TANUKI site (1)

TANUKI with dotted Furoshiki (No. 18)


  • 100 experience points
  • Emote: seat 1

First leaving the area of ​​the Tatsui shrine towards the west. Run on the left at the charted with hat construction site with great excavator over, crosses the zebra strip and then looks to the right. In front of you is a parking lot with two vending machines on the left before the entrance.

Go to the end of the parking lot until you reach the foot of a huge concrete column, which supports the bridge over it. A few meters left of the concrete pillar has hid a Tanuki in a red Daruma figure .

Saihama shrine: Tanuki site (1)

TANUKI with red maple (No. 19)

Reward :

  • 100 experience points
  • Emote: on the ground 2

Go to the Saihama Shrine by speed trip. Then turn 180 degrees, runs to the roof edge of the building and looks down. Between two buildings you see a bushes overgrown alley . Jump down, runs until the end of the alley and her troubles to a Tanuki figure.

Onten Shrine: TANUKI site (1)

TANUKI with green wallet around the neck (No. 20)


  • 100 experience points
  • Emote: Cute factor 1000

Go to the go-shrine and looks at the sacrificial box. Then turn left (say gen north), run straight and look down. There you can see a white delivery van and oblique to the right of it a narrow alley. Go into the alley and turn right at the first intersection. On a park bench lit by a lantern is the Tanuki in a cardboard box .

Kuo Shrine: TANUKI Office (2)

TANUKI with yellow chain (No. 21)

Reward :

  • 100 experience points
  • Emote: umbrella

Teleports to the Kuo Shrine, then open the card, east of the shrine the quest transmitter of the Side Mission “Full House” and goes to him. On the sidewalk left of him you can see in the distance a yellow luminous blackboard, which indicates the name “Incident Homes” upon closer inspection. In addition, the step is to a fire staircase.

Going up, all the opponents do on the roof and then stick to the right of the staircase after a shield looks out , which looks similar to the bottom of the fire staircase. Underneath, the Tanuki hides.

TANUKI with green maple leaf on the head (# 22)

Reward :

  • 100 experience points
  • Emote: control loss

Starts this challenge overlooking the Kuo Shrine. Run on the right past this until you come to a glass railing. Look down and keep in the southward direction after a skyscraper with green advertising log. Opens the map and sets a marker on the small park ( Shibaura Park ) south of the building.

Go to Shibaura Park and do the Kuchisake lady that attacks you with your giant scissors. Then you will find the Tanuiki camouflaged in the park as the middle of three panda rocking animals .

Mikubo shrine: Tanuki site (1)

TANUKI with red chain (No. 23)


  • 100 experience points
  • Emote: on the floor 1

Run from Mikubo shrine a few steps to the south and then looks up to the roof of the building to peek a Tengu. Sights the Tengu with a pressed L2 button, picks up the roof by gripper hook and you’ll look at a huge skyscraper with a red moon behind it.

Climb on the next lead and slides to the opposite building at TANUKI statue . Additional tip for all trophy collectors in Ghoswire: Tokyo (Guide): Look at the moon for 30 seconds and you collect the bronze trophy “Lonely Tsukimi”.

Kamio shrine: TANUKI site (1)

TANUKI with pink Furoshiki (No. 24)


  • 100 experience points
  • Emote: seat 2

Southeast of the Kamio Shrine, the NetSuke collector Nekomata has opened a shop – on the map to recognize on a yellow cat symbol. Directly on the opposite street side is a leaving acting shrine. On the grounds of the shrine you see a red statue with two faces – it is the searched Tanuki.

Shimokusa shrine: TANUKI site (1)

TANUKI with triangular leaf on the head (No. 25)


  • 100 experience points
  • Emote: water-kunai?

Go to Shimokusa Shrine and opens the card. Two blocks west is the area of ​​ancient Nekomatas. Flashing there is there there and turn 180 degrees. Then over the street, past the covered bike rack and turn right onto the cemetery. The Tanuki is hidden in a tombstone .

How do I get the Tanuki suit?

As soon as you have collected all 25 Tanuki, you tell you to Kirigaoka Shrine in the north of the map. There still briefly chatted with the leader of the raccoon and this hand over a pretty cool Tanuki suit. The suit will be found in the inventory at the bottom of the list under “Complete Outfits”. Congratulations on the successful search and have fun wearing the TANUKI suit!

For reward, she also receives the bronze trophy “moved on the fur” .

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Numerous studios commemorate Horizon: Forbidden West with creative pictures: thus traveling Aloy to various other worlds

The day has come . Horizon Forbidden West, one of one of the most anticipated games of 2022, has actually been formally introduced on PS4 as well as PS5. Behind this massive experience there are a great deal of hrs of job, something that has been referenced Michelle Jenner , who places Aloy’s voice in Spanish, in a talk with 3D video games concentrated on her experience. And currently the players can enjoy this journey for the forbidden West.

The references to the launch of Horizon: Forbidden West do not occur just amongst the PlayStation studies, since the experience is also commemorated by external programmers. This is the situation of ubisoft , which has actually caught its most humorous creatures to ensure that Aloy is kicking back from fights with equipments.

Beyond this, the launch is also celebrated by numerous developers that applaud guerrilla job. And, to honor such a moment, they have actually prepared some innovative photos they take Street to various worlds in the computer game market. A mix of suggestions that puts the jacket in various and also amazing situations.

If we talk regarding Aloy, it is impossible not to bear in mind her’s capacity with the bow. From Naughty Canine have highlighted this experience alongside that of ELLIE , who likewise stars a legendary photo that combines deep space of The Last of United States with Perspective: Forbidden West.

Yet this distribution also brings brand-new maneuvers for her lead character, a detail she intended to refer from Fool Strike . The writers of Ghost of Tsushima have actually recouped the character of it to share an area with Aloy in a scene that could well settle as the overture to a fantastic fight.

Horizon Forbidden West - State of Play Gameplay Reveal | PS5

What do these recommendations appear to Perspective: Forbidden West? It is extremely likely that there are a lot more pictures as well as tributes to Aloy for all Net, so do not think twice to share the work that have actually been captured for the most. This is a moment of celebration for all gamers.

Behind this enormous experience there are a lot of hours of work, something that has actually been referenced Michelle Jenner , who places Aloy’s voice in Spanish, in a talk with 3D video games concentrated on her experience. Past this, the launch is also commemorated by a number of designers that praise guerrilla work. And also, to commemorate such a moment, they have prepared some creative pictures they take Street to different universes in the video game sector.

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