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Electronic Arts: Project Cars 4, F1 23 and four other racing games should be in the works

At Electronic Arts you get full throttle when it comes to racing games. According to a report by Tom Henderson on Executer, there are six games from the genre through the publisher in development.

Racing in the FORMULA E Championship on PROJECT CARS 3!

Codemasters Cheshire and Criterion Games have come together to work on the next Need for Speed and the franchise in general. This also includes a Need for Speed for mobile devices, which is supposed to be an open world racing game.

The studio of Codemasters Birmingham, on the other hand, takes care of Formula 1. However, Codemasters should not only develop the recently announced F1 22, but also the successor F1 23 has been in the works for a long time. The latter is said to be a true next-gen game with an upgrade of the engine. In F1 23, this year’s “F1 Life” is supposed to add an introduction of “F1 World”, possibly even with private jets.

Slightly Mad Studios is currently working on Project Cars 4. With this part you want to go back to your hardcore roots as a racing simulation. The development should go well.

According to the report, another part of WRC racing is also in the Mach. The next World Rallye Championship is expected to appear annually for consoles and PC between 2023. The unreal engine is now said to be used. Preparations for a mobile offshoot should also run.

Battlefield 2042 announces everything that will bring their upcoming PC, PlayStation and Xbox updates

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Since its launch in November 2021, Battlefield 2042 has suffered numerous problems that have been being solved with the passage of the weeks. The general state of the game did not satisfy the players very satisfied, and their own responsible ones have admitted that it is taking too long to solve some conflicts with which they have been found, but little by little they progress.

Proof of this is that they have detailed up to two updates that will come soon to the Game of Say and Electronic Arts. Through a thread shared in the Battlefield official Twitter account, they have announced that the patch 3.2 will be available tomorrow . This brings a handful of small corrections and improvements focused on the stability that will be specified one to one soon, even if it will open more servers and adjust the Battlefield Portal experience.

Other settings are still on the radar but this is not the last thing that is about to come, since Update 3.3 is scheduled for February , specifically for the second half of the month, no concrete day indicated in the calendar. This presents numerous changes in which the developers have been working after returning from the holidays. One of the most outstanding is renewed marker , which will now be shown in another way to facilitate reading and interpretation. Likewise, pairing preferences are still on the radar to receive adjustments, although no changes will be made in any of the two announced patches.

We will see how you feel these updates to a delivery that has divided the fans from its premiere. A few weeks ago we saw a curious fact, with Battlefield V surpassing 2042 in number of players, although it seems that everything could unify themselves in the future with a interconnected universe of Battlefield that seems to plan Electronic Arts in the face of the treatment of the franchise in the next years.

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